September, 2009 Archive

Yesterday I did Xixi’s makeup (and hair) for her shoot with my admired photographer, Tony Yang! I just straightened her hair a bit (nothing fancy!) ^^ She had a smiling ‘before’ photo but unfortunately it was a little blurry! Sorry! I didn’t mean for it to me smiling in one and not smiling in the other~! She left me a note:

Hey Liz!

You rock!!! The photos turned out great!!! I’d love to work with you in the future!…Have a good day!! :)

Your Fan,
Xixi Yang

I hope Xixi picks me again for her next shoot~ ^___^v Stay tuned for her photos from the awesome shoot when she gets them~ :) For now, you’ll have to enjoy a photo I took of her slightly arched eyebrow! haha this was for the after pic but I didn’t want you to think I did her eyebrows uneven!

I also would love to photograph pet and their owners – (especially photographing my pet – Skyla – yes I did name my business after her!) I adopted her from the Pasadena Humane Society, and a vet that I took her to told me that she is most likely a Bengal Cat mix from the markings on her belly. The only thing is she’s not a HUGE fan of water like some other Bengal Cats, diving into the shower. These days, she doesn’t like to cuddle much anymore :( – but I still love her lots! She really grew a lot~!
Enjoy some photos of my kitten Skyla and her high fashion poses =P

Before and After

This morning I worked on Jocelin’s makeup for a photo shoot with photographer, Mandy. I was really happy Mandy picked purple for the eyeshadow color because I’m a purple monster! Hairstylist Michelle did an amazing job braiding/styling her hair! I didn’t carry my “camera” with me – but my little Canon Powershot S80 for the before & after photo so it looks a little different! She also changed seats to get her hair done~ ^__^||

I took the after photo when Michelle was still in the process of styling her hair~ The final result looked similar to the photo below~ I can’t wait to see the photos from this shoot soon! Until then – stay tuned!

Michelle working