November, 2009 Archive

I’ve never had a pet until June of 2009, and my friends are probably tired of me sending them photos of Skyla, the naughty kitten. So I’ve been practicing my pet photography skill on this bad girl! It requires timing, patience, and fast shutters! I took the one above just 20 minutes ago~! That photo requires no post-processing. I was playing fetch with her – the stuffy, Leeloo, is the only thing Skyla would fetch these days, because it suits her mouth shape perfectly and it’s fun to bounce around! I just thought she looked too cute hugging Leeloo possessively! Below is Skyla posing with a souvenir we bought in Korea – a hanbok for animals! I tried using some flash since it was night time, although it’s hard to get one with the eyes open since the flash makes her blink and wink her eyes! I used a bit of photo shop (for the first time…) on Skyla, to bring her out from the messy background! You gotta forgive my mess! We are moving!! :) I think Skyla is such a great model! Now, would anyone please just hire me to photograph their pet??

You might remember Jeah from here and here. She is the bride whom I was working on for her engagement photo shoot during the fire! But as the photographers from dK Weddings mentioned during the wedding, you couldn’t tell that Jeah and I were running for our lives just an hour before the shoot took place! The images posted here are a courtesy from dK Weddings! I know this wasn’t their intention, but they showcased my work on pretty Jeah very well! :) Jay and Jeah also do a lot of photography, so I bet they were very selective of their photographer – and the results came out great! Enjoy the images, and you can see a few more at theMakeup for Photoshoots gallery! :) Enjoy!