May, 2010 Archive

Model: Khrystyna Ukushu (Look Model Agency)
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Photography & Post-processing: Laura Tillinghast

I’m so so proud to post these new photos from a photo shoot earlier this month! It is my first time buying/using hair extensions and thankfully the hair color was a perfect match (as it was none-refundable!) and it looked just so much like Khrystyna’s natural hair color.  This is probably the most challenging shoot to date due to the weather conditions (very hot, and then very cold and windy! we were blown all over the place on the hills!) and also time-pressure.  I clipped on the hair extensions in a moving car on a sinuous freeway (the 280!) oh nausea – I definitely pushed myself to reach new heights. We raced against the sunset, battled for light!  So some of the hair changes had to be finished while on the car, driving on a sinuous road up and down the hills!  And of course, makeup on location! Despite the freezing windy conditions, we were still able to succeed! I was stressed to come up with 4 summer & airy makeup looks, but I’m super happy it all worked out! The laced tops and some of the flower hair accessories were provided by Laura, and I provided the cute beaded pink ring & the white headband! :)

Look 1: “Airy Fairy Look” – Coral&Gold eyeshadow/Romantic Curls

Look 2: Pink & Brown Eyeshadow/ Side romantic braid & accessories

Look 3: Soft Lavender eyeshadow / Middle part, twisted side-do, teased curls

Look 4: Soft, smokey purple with liner / Hair completely down.

Extra Fashion shots for Khrystyna – very GUESS ad! :)

Another favorite of mine:

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