June, 2010 Archive
I’ll be traveling to Los Angeles/Pasadena to attend IMATS 2010 in Los Angeles/Pasadena! I’m thrilled and excited to be helping out at the Yaby Cosmetics booth. Those who worked with me know that I love my World of Pearl Paints eye shadow palette religiously.  The models also love that palette and look at it with “ooooohhs” and “aaaaahhhs” and love the results! But of course I hope that it’s also due to my amazing artistry as well and not just because of a great product! (lol~~~) I am excited for the opportunity to buy new things for my kit and meet some new people!
Last Sunday I worked on a photo shoot for Yael Designs with 2 gorgeous Russian models, Svetlana and Khrystyna (whom you might recognize from my previous work!) and amazing photographer Laura Tillinghast!  :D All behind the scenes photos are taken by Yael Designs! Without these photos, I won’t be able to see what I did other than in memory for at least a couple of weeks so I was super excited to see them! I know I look really really scary from working hard below, but I’m holding and using my favorite World of Pearl Paints on Svetlana below!
I was transitioning from look 2 to look 3 for Svetlana~ I changed the makeup first and then the hair~ and below is Svetlana on set! 
This is Khrystyna’s 2nd look~ Also using Yaby eyeshadow~! 
And finally, Khrystyna’s 3rd and final makeup and hair look! Also using Yaby!
I’ll have another behind the scenes post soon when I return from IMATS!  If you’re there and spot me, please say hello! I’d love to meet you!  :) Have a great weekend!!