October, 2010 Archive

Photography: Chad Riley (Chad Riley Photography)
Makeup : Liz Chang (Skyla Arts)
Styling : Katie Quinn (Q the Stylist)
Model: Allie @ Look Models
Photography Assistant: Antonio Fernando

Super excited to blog about this! This was certainly one of the harder shoots I’ve worked on – because of it being under water and all! =P  Even though the makeup items I used are ‘waterproof’ but it doesn’t mean the force of the water will not wash the makeup out! Plus being in the water, everything looks ‘blue/green’ and pale in the water so I had to adjust accordingly.  The first look is the beige/sequins outfit~ I couldn’t believe the waxy lipstick washed off!  I was super stressed because I wanted to fix it ASAP! My star makeup brands for this shoot that saved the day are: Yaby Cosmetics, Makeup Forever, and Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics! Woot ! The other challenge I had was doing the makeup while she was still in the water because it will take too much effort to come in and out of the water, and the model needs to conserve her energy and be as comfortable as she can be for such a physically demanding photo shoot!  If I knew how to swim, I might have been of better help, but unfortunately being in the water is one of my phobias, so it was very inspirational to me to see Allie move in the water with challenging outfits!!!!

If you think Allie looks very familiar, you’re not hallucinating (j/k)! She is the beautiful face you see at every Sephora right now at the Skincare section!! Front and Center of every sephora!  Her face, features, and the way she moves her body under water – it was VERY amazing to watch! Katie (the stylist) and I were just above water admiring her movements from and I was in awe at what I was witnessing.  Allie was also one of the models for the Tommy Hilfiger show that I worked on! It was so nice to see her again there!

 Some Behind the Scenes Fun:

My set up right by the pool!  It was kind of cool because I get to work in natural light! My director’s chair, my kit.
My little SMA (sanitary maintenance area)! Hand sanitizer(with Lavender essential oil! love!), visine, saline solution (for the bleach in the pool), MUFE eye seal, brushes in the black tube (covered before the model arrives), makeup remover, MUFE Mist & Fix. Remains covered before model arrives.
Everything that will touch the model – disposables, sponges, palettes. lash curlers
Chad: “Allie! Dive! It’ll be cool”
Allie: “Do I have to???!!”
*Allie preparing to dive with that huge dress!*
Dived! She looks so pretty! ^^
Look at her go! :)
And last but not least! An iphone capture of the epic dive! :)

More images to come!  All in all I was super thrilled to be a part of this shoot, and meeting Chad, Allie, Katie and Antonio!  Katie and I even ate the SAME breakfast! (Oatmeal and a banana!) Freaky~ ! haha~ I hope to work with all of them again!