July, 2011 Archive
I am way too behind on my blog…May through July is just one big blur of bridal, commercial, portfolio upgrades…!  So…instead of a text heavy post, let’s have an image heavy one! These are screen shots of recent online features or works!  I am also very thrilled to see more of my hair and makeup work on Georgiou Studio’s website!  Lots of excitement, I guess..a lot of early mornings, packing/unpacking kit, and going to bed to fall asleep between 10-11pm due to exhaustion!  Ok ok enough rabbling~! :) Will have a meatier blog soon! <3


Photography: Laura Tillinghast
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (me me me!)
Jewelry: Yael Designs
Model: Khrystyna @ Look SF
Woohooo!!!  This is my 3rd magazine cover – but actually, it is the first time the magazine printed my name!  The previous times, they did submit the info, but it was unfortunately omitted, and it felt really bad to be honest…a few tears later, I just thought that eventually it will happen – and it DID happen!!! 3rd times the charm I guess???  
You can view the E-magazine here but also, the image is also seen on http://www.instoremag.com/ !  Liz=Happy! ! ! ! 
Yay! Finally name credit~~ *tear*

Makeup Artist: Liz
Hair Stylist: Glam-up
Photographer: Junshien International Photographers

Congratulations to Vivian & Richard, who tied the knot June 18th, 2011! These are from their engagement photo shoot, which happened in May – rescheduled due to the rain!  Thanks again to Junshien for the referral!

I also wanted to thank Vivian, for putting up with my runny nose on the engagement shoot makeup day! :( I had caught a cold from the traveling I did, and definitely wasn’t at 100% that day…! And…I felt super embarrassed when I was doing her makeup and my nose would be running, and I had to RUN to the bathroom, wash my hands, and then continue! :( I felt really bad…but I was relieved that everything turned out OK in the end!!!

On their day-of, I arrived in SF, at the Glam-Up salon to get Vivian ready, and usually I ask where they are getting ready instead of where they are getting married/having reception…and it turned out…Vivian knew my cousin’s bride, Jen, who happened to have their reception on the same day at the same venue, AND they knew each other because they went to the same graduate school!! What a small world!!!!!!  Vivian told me they were going to take a photo together – I can’t wait to see it – as well as the beautiful photos of Vivian & Richard’s big day in Sharon Heights!!! ^o^ For now, please enjoy the beautiful photos of their engagement session, taken by Junshien International Photographers!  I loved both of their outfits! These are some of my favs, but Junshien also made a slideshow of their photos from e-session in HD on their blog! Check it out!!!


This is my busiest summer yet…! I am not complaining and grateful to be blessed with wonderful bridal/commercial clients! The sun has been waking me up EARLY and then work work work, collapse=sleep deprivation!  Finally a day off this Sunday, I collapsed at 9:00pm last night and slept till 8:33am!  Intense deep sleep and I think I am caught up because I feel great!! :) :) :) I really need to update my portfolios/blogs/facebook, etc…!  <3  I need to charge up for my busy week ahead and 'destination wedding' in Monterey, CA! woohoo~  I am excited.  Have a great 4th everyone...!