April, 2012 Archive

I apologize for these crappy iPhone photos and not a proper scan, but…it will do for now!  I still remember my first publication and how I felt – this one felt almost like the first one!  It is my first national magazine that you can get in any store!  As I arrived to do Chelsie’s makeup & hair, she said to me: “Yay! I’m your FIRST!” (First national publication) And I was like: “Yes! I am so excited!”  :)  
The magazine is out today (April 17th), and as I rushed to my nearest Safeway, and opened the magazine in anticipation, I definitely had to hold back on my happy tears.  lol!  
Chelsie’s story is really inspiring…! You can check it out in the magazine! :) We were shooting at the accident site, so Ivy (Christa’s studio manager) and I had to make sure to spot the on-coming traffic!  It was quite an adventurous/action-packed morning near Monterey, CA! I was so inspired by Chelsie’s strength and her positive energy.  It was also a great pleasure to work with Christa!!!  
I feel very grateful for this opportunity! :) :) :) 
Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth Chang for MAKE UP FOR EVER