July, 2013 Archive

Inbal & Toby

A big warm welcome to my new website! As you read this I am just here wiping away my happy tears.  The rebranding has been a long journey! Special thanks to Ryan from Second Street Creative for his design insights & help throughout the journey to make it happen!! I highly recommend his services!

If you met me and worked with me before, you are probably not surprised by my choices for this new branding!  A big ‘surprise’ (not!) that I picked my favorite pastel theme & colors!   I mean,  I should stay as true to myself as possible, right? ;)  For those meeting me (or e-meeting me) through my website for the first time, I hope that the website gives you a sense of my style & aesthetic, and helpful information about hiring me.  I am fairly happy with the gallery and excited that you can organize the bridal galleries by three general styles: Loose & Romantic, Glamorous & Modern, Classic & Elegant!  Some styles are a mix of both – but I hope that this way it will also help you navigate to the styles that you are interested in!

My attention has been split between dedicated to getting the website ready and working on set and on weddings, so I haven’t spent a lot of time working on the blog!  I came to realize that it is probably unlikely for me to blog about every wedding or client I have worked on as I am so behind, so I sincerely hope that my former clients would take offense that I did not get around to it!

No post is complete or acceptable without a photo! This one of Toby & Inbal is shot by Silvana di Franco, from an intimate wedding Oct 2012!  More on that adorable wedding later!

Now with this project released into the public…..I can finally get back to focusing on my work, and fun projects like making more tutorials – and blogging of course!  What a relief! Now I can go celebrate!!!!