August, 2013 Archive


Keeping to my minimum of one blog post per month goal, I am fairly excited for my August blog! :)  The team and I have been working on it on and off for about 1 month now, and it’s great to finally share it with the world!  I realized that the last video we did together was in 2011…that’s a long time ago!  How time flies!  Originally I had planned to do a red carpet inspired makeup, but the models we wanted to work with were not available, and I felt strongly about working with Anna, which resulted in this project targeting Anna’s features!  Doing things like this is a lot of fun (A lot of work, too! but FUN) and it’s good to mix it up.  The only NOT-SO-FUN part is the part where I have to talk to the camera.  I got so nervous that Tim’s team member, John, suggested I make a cue card for myself.  Which I think made it even worst!  Oh well! Things to work on…Please just fast forward my intro ok? My friend asked me why I feel so nervous instead of confident because I am talking about something I know.  Well..admittedly a) it’s hard to be in the same frame as a model b) I just hate it.

Here’s a funny/good story for you.  In high school, whenever our sports teams were going to another country to compete, (I completed my high school at an international high school in Taipei, Taiwan) the entire high school would have a Pep Rally to basically cheer them on.  In my junior year of high school, the art department thought the arts should also be featured and get attention when we send off our talented artists (language arts like improv, rhetoric and debate, fine arts, music, dance, drama) off to the Cultural Convention abroad, which is hosted at different schools each year.  There are only 3 spots for Artists who will represent our school with 1 of their art work, along with 20 other carefully selected works of other students to represent our school – of course I applied for the artist rep spot and was desperate to go.  After having gone through the rigorous selection process and interview, well, I didn’t make it partially because Seniors have seniority. I did get to go my senior year, but nonetheless, my artwork as a Junior made it to Jakarta. The art department decided to make a nice video for this Pep Rally with our work, which I fully supported, but I had no idea this video would also feature US, the artist and not just our artwork. I was told to show up at the rooftop where everyone was being filmed – it was a windy spring day (hair flying).  To make a long story short, I forgot all about this few seconds of video being filmed, and when other artists’ face starting showing up on the LARGE screen in front of the whole high school, my heart started pounding!  AND there it was!!!! My artwork…and then!!!!! A CLOSE UP OF MY FACE WITH FLYING HAIR FLYING AND ALL, like a Beauty Feature….!  It was the longest few seconds of my life!  Don’t get me wrong…it was filmed in the most flattering manner by Mr. Duffy.  (Thank you Mr. Duffy!) but for me, it was so embarrassing & mortifying.  I wanted to cry. Or hide. BOTH!  Some people naturally love the camera, and I, naturally, like being behind the camera.  A less known factoid about me is that I have been approached by scouts when I was 17/18 – for television.  At the time, being size 0-2 with long hair, a sharp chin (I was told makes your face smaller on TV) and good skin, I had met the prerequisites that scouts look for for television, except I had absolutely zero desire.  I don’t think even my friends & family know this because I never bothered to tell them since, in my mind, it wasn’t an important event in my life.  I think the only person who knew about it was my friend Mark, who was present with me at the time and was entertained by the whole encounter. Of course, as a kid we always fantasize what it would be like to be a “star” and “famous,” but I can’t see myself  being an entertainer/actor on TV, especially given that traumatic experience described above!  When I told the scout politely that I am not interested, she was SHOCKED.  “Don’t you know that TV show?? I can get you in…!” (it was very popular at the time….)  “Yes, I’ve seen it, but I am sorry I am not interested….” and she looked at me in shock, probably because most of the time girls would be ecstatic to go in for an audition. And thank god for that! I would have been so miserable!  I’m feeling miserable enough to sometimes be featured in behind the scenes video and doing this tutorial!  This is my #17goingon27 story – more to come in September!

Back to our video here to present day.  We’ve taken notes and made improvements on the video portion since our last project, but we are still working on perfecting it! So I hope you enjoy the video regardless of our progress with “making a perfect makeup tutorial”!  It’s challenging because Tim is a videographer and not a makeup artist, and vice versa, I am not a videographer. What we pay attention to is different, but I feel that with each video we do, we are going to nail it down and streamline it!

I also last picked up my camera in 2011…!  I had reached out to a few photographers who may want to shoot it, but unfortunately they were unavailable….! So….Had to dust off the cob webs – literally (in my backyard), and figuratively (using my camera).  But I had a lot of fun with it, especially made easier with the support of Tim & John! John, who also lent me his BEAST OF A LENS to play with.  I asked them how they don’t get tendonitis or carpal tunnel with such a big lens! Oh what fun…!

This one is my favorite shot of the bunch! I wanted to push Anna to make different facial expressions, and while I am still deciding if I should add this to my portfolio, at the moment I am just loving this image!  Sometimes we gotta do art for arts’ sake…not to please the critic or audience!  I hope you enjoy the videos + photos!  Until next time! :)







Makeup, Hair, Photography :  Elizabeth Chang
Videography :  Low Tek Studios