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make a splash-4_Yay!  I am doing a happy dance!  I am so happy and honored to be featured in the September Beauty Issue of Tantalum Magazine!  I have a few tear sheets (publications) coming up in September and October, and the whole experience has been overwhelming in the best possible way.  I do think it has a lot to do with coinciding with my 27th birthday (earlier this month I turned 27!) because it finally hit me that I am living my dream and (still) living & working as an artist.  It’s a combination of things….working with really great bridal & commercial clients (Yes yes! I am talking about you!) these recent months, and seeing your hard work sprawled on a page, that feeling is something I can’t really describe with words.

Please click here to read the interview that accompanied the story!  It’s only my 2nd time being interviewed by a magazine, the first time being the “Siren” editorial I shot and did hair & makeup for…which was all the way in 2011!  I was very excited answering all the questions for Tantalum Mag, so I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  :)

I want to take the opportunity to say Thank You to the amazing team. Laura Tillinghast (photographer), Alanna Anderson (stylist), Caina Summers (model from Scout Models SF) and my friend & colleague Julie Dy who was my 2nd in command for makeup.  I knew that we had 6 looks to do, and I had planned the looks as best as I could, but I knew I pretty much had to remove the entire eye makeup and re-do the false lashes, as some of the looks we tried it both with just the regular texture of the product, and also with the “Gloss” effect.  The downside of the beautiful Gloss effect is that it transfers, and if you can imagine the gloss texture itself, it’s heavy, and will travel down to the lash line eventually, which means, re-do the eyelashes.  I think for 6 looks I went through 3-4 sets of false lash re-dos!  We were very very ambitious with the time schedule that we were given, and also, trying the water effects etc.  Either way, I made the right decision in bringing on Julie!  It wouldn’t have been possible without her by my side. For the readers who may not be familiar with the terminology of makeup/hair artists titles on the job, here is a brief explanation based on my understanding of the roles.  The Lead or Key Artist, is responsible for everything…designs the looks, makes the schedule, and leads the team to execute it, and everyone follows their direction. The Key can be the Key all by himself/herself if they feel they can handle the work by themselves. The Second artist is someone who has as much skill as the Lead/Key, but does not design the looks.  The Assistant is similar to Second, but may or may not have as much skill as the Key/Lead or Second, and their roles on set will depend largely on their skills – they may be doing anything from set up, clean up, cleaning brushes, handing items to the Key, so on and so forth.  Interns, on the other hand, are there to watch and learn. When appropriate, they will be given opportunities to work on clients/models, but usually acts as a role of helping out!  I have done all of these roles – and am always happy to assist or second for my colleagues/peers & mentors.  The most important thing is to always do your best in your given domain, and take it as a valuable learning experience!   There’s always something new to learn on set.  Sometimes Seconds and Assistants are used interchangeably, and I feel one of the reasons is the word “Second” is more foreign.  But I would say that it’s not fair to lump them together! Just my opinion of course!  I am just honored that I can work with a wonderful and talented teammate like Julie!

The other reason why I am sharing these seemingly random factoids is that these days I generally work with Seconds, and not Assistants.  Whether it’s on commerical/print jobs, or weddings/bridal.  The folks I bring in have strong skills, and I never need to worry about what they are doing with the clients/models/talent.  Even so, if I am the Key, the buck stops at me and ultimately it is my responsibility that everything looks great & all the clients are happy.  I have complete faith and trust in the Associates/Seconds I bring on!

My husband says I write too much and I should write less! :P  So I hope you enjoyed the editorial, and…! I announced on facebook that I will be a part of SPARKLE! A Rengstorff House Bridal Faire + Open House!  I am very excited – Rengstorff House is a hidden gem of Mountain View, CA – it’s only a little over 1 mile away from my studio!  I have events there every year (since I am based in Mountain View, the heart of Silicon Valley, Google-town, lol etc etc) and this year I am excited to be a part of their Open House!  If you are stopping by, please be sure to say Hi!!!  I shall go prepare for my editorial shoot later today & the exciting SPARKLE! event tomorrow! Until next time!! :)

Photography :  Laura Tillinghast
Stylist :  Alanna Anderson