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Happy Fall everyone! I’m so blessed to be swamped the majority of October! :) Thank you to all my clients for the support and patronage!  For my new friends reading my blog for the first time, welcome to my monthly/sporadic-at-best/haphazard blog!  I love blogging, but I feel so guilty about not getting to it.  Fortunately, I am not alone on this, and I can commiserate with other fellow wedding vendors! We want to share our work and what we are up to, but we also want to concentrate on providing all of our clients the best service!

I am working on a wedding + a photo shoots this weekend, and then I start getting ready for my trip to Buenos Aires Argentina, and Iguazu National Park from both the Argentina side, and on the Brazil side, and then Sao Paolo!  I apologize for the inconvenience, but I will be heading to a much needed, and well-deserved dream trip from Oct 24 to Nov 5th!  I can barely wait to get there!

Currently what I am most looking forward to is horse back riding with the cowboys on the Pampas and BBQ-ing under the stars. I am going with one of my best friends, and we plan to have a blast!  In 1st/2nd grade, I was lucky to have that experience in Costa Rica (don’t remember what city…) at a large ranch, and yes, we rode with the cowboys in the open fields, and it was one of the best experiences I had in my life.  The feeling of the wind in your hair as your horse follows the herd into a gallop, you feel free, and connected to the earth.  I spent 9 years of my childhood+teenage years in Central America (Costa Rica + Guatemala) and 2 months down in Asuncion, Paraguay but for the last decade, visiting Buenos Aires was on the top of my list.  I didn’t get to go while in Paraguay because my dad was being a dad (overprotective) and so I had to work really hard and squirrel away the funds for it…Oh there are so many places I want to go and haven’t been to…like France or Spain, London, Tokyo, and I would love to revisit Italy as first and only time in Europe/Italy, I had the FLU. But hey, one goal/dream at a time!  All I can think about right now is Argentinian Steak.  The Best Steak in the World. . . . .!

Anyway – I will have limited internet access, and 0 phone access, so I will thank you in advanced for your patience!  I return to the Bay Area 11/05 but have a full-day photo shoot on 11/06, so I will return to office on 11/07! :) :) :)

These photos are a sneak peak from Styled. The Workshop!  These 2 images are provided courtesy of Chung Li Photography!  This is Kennedy and Landon from JE models – of course they are already almost perfect and didn’t really need makeup, but alas, this is my makeup/hair and men’s grooming work for the photo shoot!  It was a blast meeting and working with all the vendors, and getting to know the participants of the workshop!  More on that workshop will come later! For now, please enjoy the sneak peak!  I am loving the mauve matte lips I used on Kennedy (Custom blended color…always..!) I think it’s perfect for a fall wedding with all the foliage! Something to think about for Fall 2014 brides! :)

I will sign off – wish everyone a lovely weekend – and when I return, I will be even more excited and refreshed for my fall/winter weddings!!!

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Creative Direction :  Amanda O'Shannessy Creative
Photography :  Chung Li Photography
Vintage Rentals :  One True Love Vintage
Paper Goods :  Mae Mae Paperie
Wardrobe Styling :  Head Over Heels with Melanie
Hair & Makeup :  Skyla Arts {Liz}
Bride's Attire :  Lovely Bride
Vintage Table Top Decor :  Frances Lane Event Studio