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Argentina + Brazil was a dream trip indeed…! I can’t wait to tell you more about it – but right now I am eager to share with you this Cover + Cover story of Magnolia Rouge, Issue 4!!!  Yay!!!! So excited!!!!  We worked on this in the Spring time, so it was a long wait for its release, but I cannot be more thrilled!!!!! (exclamation points x 1000!)  While I have no experience or desire to explore the effects of drugs, I can only imagine that there is no other HIGH you can feel that compares to how I feel when I see my work in Print! It’s exhilarating – you are excited, you are proud, you are humbled by it, you are happy!

We had 2 hair looks that we discussed, but after setting Fallon’s hair, and taking out my Japanese hot rollers, I just thought it looked so pretty down!  Fallon, who is our beautiful model, also is the floral designer, was giving me a Lana Del Rey vibe!  I am in love with the garden images as well; the second to last one in the spread where she is sitting kind of in the greenery; the touch of warmth from her lips to her tattoo, I just love it.  The other thing I absolutely love is their piercings and Fallon’s tattoos.  And I want to give Jen props for the amazing styling choices – from the rentals, to the wardrobe, to the location scouting – I really loved Jen’s vision for the shoot, and when I arrived, I felt very comfortable going for it and executing and sharing my portion of this equation with the hair + makeup!  I really love Plums for the fall – not only for the lips, but on the eyes as well.  Purple can be a great neutral color that goes with many colors in a wedding – it could be Warm or Cool, and it’s a great subtle accent.  I especially love it in the Fall, because it tends to complement the foliage and provide contrast!

I really love the layout that Magnolia Rouge put together here!  I have a few more faves from the set that I want to share when I finally put it in a gallery actually!  I have lots of photos to share – but I am taking things one day at a time, trying to do everything/run a business, and lead a balanced lifestyle.  I’ve been putting off a lot of things – like going to the optometrist (making an appointment ASAP!), starting a 401K account (meeting with the reps tomorrow finally to discuss a plan that works), and joining a gym with my husband (my husband and I are signing up for it TONIGHT!)!  These seemingly mundane and uncomplicated things somehow become like…teeth pulling or something!   I’m trying to check those things off one at a time, and be more like a ‘normal’ person and not a workaholic. My friend/colleague from College (Yes! they are colleagues if you work together on a paid job! I would argue that those are ‘real’ jobs and not just a college job!!) told me that back in the day, I was so adamant about dividing WORK life and PERSONAL life – so much that I make sure to become a hermit during those hours, even if I wanted to connect with other people, because that will magically turn into work sometimes!  She asked me how I am handling having little to no clear boundaries as to when is work, and when is personal time!  The truth is – I am still learning to set boundaries for myself as a business owner.  While in Argentina/Brazil, I was proud to only write 3 emails!  :) The limited Wi-Fi access definitely helped, but it was a big step for me, to let go for almost 2 weeks and not be glued to my phone/email/social media the whole time.  My friend Rona, who was traveling with me, told me that I need to learn to respect my own time off – if I don’t respect my own time off, I am teaching other people not to respect my time!

All in all, since this issue is the Romance issue, and actually, watching this couple interact, pose, and cuddle, I was thinking about Romance while on set, and thinking how my husband and I can incorporate more time together, more romance together!  The conclusion for that is To Be Determined (I can update you on that…!) – but the truth is my husband and I almost live parallel lives, and we can go days without seeing each other, and neither of us are on a business trip!

For now, I hope you can find some inspiration + romance from these beautiful images by Jen Huang! If the kissing in the air, and swept up pose by a beautiful, private beach, during sunset – doesn’t inspire the ‘romantic’ in you, I would love to know what does! ;) All star vendor list listed as usual, on the bottom of the blog! <3  Until next time!! (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)

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Photography :  Jen Huang
Floral Design :  Fleurs de Fallon
Tabletop Rentals :  Borrowed Blu
Makeup & Hair :  Skyla Arts {Liz}
Invitations :  Paloma's Nest
Calligraphy :  Jen Huang
Film Processing :  Richard Photo Lab