March, 2014 Archive


I would love to be posting about the following posts that I am excited about:

– My publication in WeddingChicks!
– My beauty editorial (this image is from!) “La Flor” at Denovo Magazine
– My hair & makeup work in a cover and fashion spread in Marin Magazine, March 2014 issue
– Skyla Arts’ 2 spreads in the current print issue of Today’s Bride
– An upcoming spread tomorrow in Green Wedding Shoes
– photos I received from my 2012/2013 clients that I have not had a chance to blog or add to my gallery page
– What I’ve been up to lately on my artist journey and my exciting discoveries about myself + the industry
– My EXCITING finds and investment in my kit on my Tokyo trip!

But…I am in my own version of March Madness, that I experience pretty much every year in the Spring time.  In the Bay Area, at least in my experience, pretty much weddings happen and concentrate between March-November, but that doesn’t mean events do not happen Nov-Feb!  And if events are not happening then, it means clients in the Summer/Fall/Next Spring are looking and booking.  Every year I get into March Madness, and until I’m ‘in’ the middle of it all, it didn’t occur to me March Madness is here!  Outside of the wedding industry, Jan-Dec is fair game, and freelancers like myself often get into the ‘feast or famine’ scenario.

Personally, my March Madness has to do more with Paperwork & emails.  I feel that during the Spring time in general, there are more emails & inquiries!  Which is a great thing!!! But this means I need to prioritize my clients + the paperwork, and therefore…updating galleries + blogging will have to wait even longer, until I can work out how I can squeeze in time in between being on-set or at an event, being fully present while talking to my clients & vendors via email or phone, and – being ‘present’ on all kinds of social media!  I am always looking for ways to be more efficient with paperwork! If you have any suggestions, I am all ears!!!

This also means I may need more time to complete the emails/paperwork, due to sheer volume!  I am certain that I am not the only vendor or vendor-category experiencing this – so I hope that you and potential clients who read this will forgive us all for slight delays in responding to emails or phone calls!  :)

No blog post is complete without a photo! <3 This photo is from an outtake of the publication of the beauty story that came out! I am loving this image – I like how her freckles are showing, her skin is glowing, and a pop of the red colors that is in for Spring 2014!  I choose a custom-blend blue-red because I did not want the color and the flower to be too matchy matchy.  The lighting used for the actual spread would blow out the ‘fly aways’ and you won’t even see them in the film, but since this is an outtake, the ‘frizzies’ showing is what made this image very charming for me. I am loving how sculptural and bird-nesty it looks, to go with our spring theme.  It may not be everyone’s taste, nor my own necessarily, but it happens to ‘work’ in this image.  A take away from this experience is that it doesn’t matter what you are doing with your beauty choices – it just has to work together.  For example, if you are going for an organic theme for your wedding, and it is carried throughout your decor, your attire and your hair & makeup – then it will work and fit together.  If today we were not going for organic, and you look at that ‘messy’ hair, then a) I failed to do my job and b) the whole image would not have worked!  What looks good, that your eye intuitively picks up, is still up to your personal taste and preference!  No matter what you are doing at the moment, no matter what decisions you are currently making, my advice to you is to stick to your personal taste, and think about the overall picture!  Until next time! ;) Happy Wednesday!!!