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What what! Another blog post just a week apart?!  I am trying to push through – I tell myself: “One blog at a time!!!” I’m skipping around the order…last September, Natalie & David’s feature and Meg & Michael’s on Style Me Pretty were 8 days apart, so after posting Natalie & David’s photos, the logical choice was to share Meg & Michaels’ elegant fall wedding in Napa Valley!  :) This beautiful couple lives in Texas, and I did not get to meet her until the day before her wedding!  We did her consultation right before her rehearsal dinner, and the next day, I also got to also glam up her family/bridal party.  They were such a joy to work with!  I love the style…  Simple, elegant, and an understated glamour element.  Meg wanted to keep the hair very loose, and what got me pretty excited is because it’s rare for me when the bride comes to me and says: “I want to try a red lip” and I go: “YES!!!” (inside, quietly of course!)

Red is a more high maintenance color, but if it works with your skin & hair coloring, the style of your dress and your styling choices for your wedding – that subtle pop can make all the difference!  When you go with one element (red lip) that is strong, it’s great to keep the hair simple.  I mixed a matte red lip color with another with more moisture to create a custom blend blue-red for Meg.  This dress seemed like it was made for Meg!  Not a thing out of place!

I forgot who I was having this conversation with – (Sorry!! My memory is just not as it used to be!!!) and we were discussing how – if you are noticing the hair & makeup in a photograph upon first glance, that may not be the best thing, because the goal is for the viewer to like everything about the photograph, and everything working together synergistically ! Nothing stands out, but everything is working together!  Go team! :) :) And props to Keana and the onelove photography  for capturing a beautiful event!

















Photography :  onelove photography
Floral Design :  Fleurs de France
Catering & Cake :  Oak Avenue Catering
Makeup & Hair :  Skyla Arts {Liz}

Natalie Hui & David Ma
When it’s been a while (since blogging, that is!) I feel like I need to ease into it with a gorgeous post-wedding photo shoot!  Natalie & David’s gorgeous wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty last September {Click through for more photos there!} and I featured the photos from the ceremony in my post in January before I left for a my Japan trip! I’m going to try something different today – I’m going to keep my text short and sweet!  (Is that even possible?! haha)

This gorgeous post-wedding photo shoot was done the day after their big day, and they drove up the coast from Half-Moon Bay for these enchanting images with the redwoods!  I love Natalie’s energy in all of these photos! The hair-swooshing – I mean, what a dream! :) My sister saw these photos and told me that Natalie must be an expert at posing because in every photo she looks stunning, really workin’ her dress, the hair I did, and the makeup Kamen did!  The big day is complete, the pressure is off! What better way to celebrate than frolic in the redwoods (like sleeping beauty!) and dance & laugh on the beach?  Seeing these photos, I feel really grateful to call Northern California my home. It seems to be filled with an infinite amount of beautiful nooks and crannies.  Just a few minutes away where I live is where I scouted the scenes to do the last editorial I shot (cough cough…almost 3 years ago)! I digress…! Weddings & other jobs always help me learn about new places and if I don’t always get to go, I can see the beauty vicariously through my client’s gorgeous photos!

Until next time…! Enjoy!

Natalie Hui & David Ma





Natalie Hui & David Ma

Natalie Hui & David Ma

Venue :  Muir Woods
Hair for the Bride :  Elizabeth Chang, Skyla Arts
Makeup for the Bride :  Kamen Leung (Hong Kong)