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Check out their wedding video by ZoMei Film Stories

Must I wait for all of my client’s one-year anniversary to finally blog about their beautiful wedding?  I figured I’m so close to it, I may as well post it and wish them HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  I think this wedding is a perfect way to round-up the summer wedding season of 2014!  I am so ready for Fall myself – I love summer weddings! The colors, the energy!  But – it can be HOT!  OK – now I sound like your typical spoiled California-dweller.  I am admittedly spoiled by the temperate climes of Costa Rica & Guatemala of my youth, and prefer a nice 75-85F , or 25C :) :) :) This is why I live in NorCal!

This gorgeous wedding was featured on Weddingchicks earlier this spring! Meet Molly & Patrick from Chicago!  They decided to have a destination wedding in Beltane Ranch, and did most of their wedding planning remotely.  I did not get to meet them until the day before the wedding when we did our consultation appointment!  Molly & Patrick were an absolute pleasure to work with – Molly is a beauty, inside & out!  I also enjoyed meeting Molly’s family + styling her sister & cousin’s hair for the big day!  We also had some great stimulating conversations and I thoroughly enjoyed my time!  With Kaella from  Kaella Lynn Events designing/planning & Keana from onelove photography as the photographer, I had no doubt we would get some stunning images!  I think it’s appropriate to say, pretty as a peach! :D

Molly went for a classic look with a little glam around the eyes!  It was conversations with Molly that inspired my hair extension tutorial :) (Thank you Molly!!) All brides are allowed to have 2 secrets in the hair & makeup department: hair extensions & faux lashes.  Shhh! No one else has to know!  Depending on the style, sometimes I opt to not put all of the tracks in for the natural look.  It always depends!  I used to be hesitant about recommending hair extensions because it’s an extra cost (I direct the client to find the right hair extension retailers), but also, I never want to make clients feel bad about their own hair or worried about not having enough hair or worst, that they have ‘challenging hair.’ Probably the latter concerned me the most, as that goes against my personal philosophy about beauty!  I had to shift my perspective, and embrace that in this modern day & age, we live in the Pinterest and social media world.  With all these beautiful inspiration photos, celebrity-dos, and DIY videos, most people understand that hair extensions are fairly commonly used to achieve those looks!  I choose to approach it in a practical way – if that is a look you really want, it can be easily achieved with the assistance of hair extensions.  Fortunately majority of the time, my clients already know they want more volume and more hair, and take the initiative to ask me where to get the extensions! :)

All righty – I will be wishing everyone a fabulous conclusion to an awesome summer!  I hope you enjoy these images, and don’t forget to check out more photos on Weddingchicks!  Now that summer is wrapping up, I’m feeling pretty excited about Fall and Fall weddings!  Bring it on September!

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Wedding Planner & Designer :  Kaella Lynn Events
Venue :  Beltane Ranch
Makeup & Hair :  Liz of Skyla Arts
Wedding Gown :  Rosa Clará
Bridesmaids Dresses :  Ann Taylor
Shoes :  Prada
Floral Design :  Daisy Rose Floral Design
Stationary :  Lucky Penny Paperie
Videography :  Zomei Film Stories
Prop & Furniture Rentals :  One True Love Vintage Rentals
Linens :  La Tavola
Changing it up this time on the blog! :)  This video idea came about when I get asked by my bridal clients: “What do I do with my hair extensions? Is it 1x use only, or reusable? If it’s reusable, how do I use it?” Lara from Sealed with a Kiss Events is our model here, but she was also one of my bridal clients last year! She left her hair in the original box after herwedding, and it’s the first time we’re taking it out!  (Ps: Check out her wedding hair in my bridal gallery here!)

I usually direct my clients to purchase real hair, which means you can treat it like real hair: you can wash it, comb it, and apply heat as if you would your own hair! As long as you don’t change your hair color, you can re-use it. It would be a pity for it to just sit in your closet!

If you can use a donut to create a sock bun, I am 100% confident with some practice, this look will be a breeze to recreate yourself! This look is meant to be organic, textured, and beautifully messy – so you don’t have to worry about messing up & have fun with it! I hope this video inspires you to be creative with what you can do with your wedding hair extensions! This is one way to get you started.

For this D.I.Y. video, you will need the following equipment:

1) Your Clip-in Hair Extensions
2) Bobby Pins
3) Hair Pins
4) Elastic Bands
5) Sectioning clips
6) Combs for teasing and smoothing (use whichever is comfortable)
7) Detangling comb
8) A curling iron of your choice to curl your hair to create texture
9) Hair Spray/Heat Protectant Spray/Emollient Spray

Watch the video for step by step instructions, but for easy review, it’s listed here for reference:
1) Use Emollient Spray to detangle & comb through to prepare hair extensions
2) Clip the extensions together and on to each other. The goal is to create 1 bigger braid fishtail braid with 2 smaller/skinnier regular braids.
3) Curl your hair however you like to create texture
4) Braid the hair (fishtail, or 3-strand braids) & secure with elastic. You may want to enlist a buddy to hold the other end for you. One of the challenges I face myself while doing my own hair is braiding it. I start to lose patience if it doesn’t look right and I have to start over! Pre-braiding the hair and preparing it makes the process of attaching it to your head so much easier.
5) Loosen the braid with your fingers
6) Section your hair into 4 sections as shown in the video.
7) Tease the hair on the crown if you desire volume; secure with bobby pins by crossing the bobby pins. If you don’t want volume, just secure it with bobby pins.
8) Use an elastic to create a pony tail; the height of your pony tail depends on how low or high you would like your bun.
9) Tease your ponytail, but leave the top layer smooth! If your hair is super healthy and slippery, use a texturizing powder or spray to help you create texture
10) Clip the fishtail braid, the widest braid, on the top of your pony tail; secure with a bobby pin
11) Now take your real hair, and twist to the right and wrap around the elastic, secure with a bobby pin. It doesn’t have to be perfect – we will adjust the shape with hair pins later. Be sure to tuck-in the ends, and make sure the elastics are not showing!
12) Next, take your fishtail braid, and twist to the left (or opposite direction) in a circular motion. Again, don’t worry about it looking perfect as we can adjust any wonky looking pieces towards the end!
13) Now it’s time to add in the braids on the side. Place the clips in the direction of the section. The front sections are meant to help us hide the clips, so before moving forward, make sure to see if your hair will hide the clips! If it shows, simply readjust the clips
14) I am loving the braid the goes on the top of your head, so for one of the sections, I am going to wrap it over the top, and for the other braid on the other side, I am using it to wrap over the bun. Secure the braids with bobby pins and hair pins.
15) Now it’s time to see if any pieces are sticking out or need adjusting / perfecting. If you want to use hair spray to tame some fly-aways, it’s up to you! I love having the wispies and texture. Any stray hair, simply use hair pins, and tuck any strands into the bun. Preferably, the hair pins should lock with the ridges of the bobby pins for optimal security. But do not stress! One way to know whether or not the strands are secure is to gently shake your head, jump up and down. If nothing is moving, then it’s secure!
16) And Voila! A great looking up-do that you can wear to parties, attend other people’s weddings, and get great mileage and usage out of your investment on your hair extensions!

I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know how it goes, and leave me any comments or questions! Good luck!!!

Makeup & Hair :  Liz @ Skyla Arts
Videography :  Low Tek Studios