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Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

There is nothing quite like the THRILL of seeing your work in print.  Let me tell you!  Something about the glossy pages, the smell of a magazine, and holding it in your hand…!  Knowing that it is YOUR work on the page!  Usually after an event, I come home and I can privately share the joy of being a part of a couple’s important day, and I would wait until their wedding photos come out to experience the rest of the day vicariously through the lens and camera of the photographer & videographer.  Maybe it’s the digitalization of almost everything – but when a magazine comes out, along with the photos and video, it helps to reify the event.  This beautiful 6-page spread is featured in C Weddings Fall 2014 came out end of July (if I recall correctly!)!

Anyway….Back to the main feature, Christina & Evan!  September is my favorite time of the year, and as we’re rolling into the Fall 2014 season, I thought it’d be a great time to share this beautiful fall wedding!  A brief introduction to this talented & creative couple: Evan is the co-founder of Pinterest, and is the company’s Chief Creative Office, and Christina is the head of digital global business marketing at Facebook.  You can read more by clicking through the magazine spread!   Of course, while writing this I had to re-watch their wedding video by Ed from Belvedere Stories, and the part where the vow comes around always makes me teary.  It’s super touching!  :) I loved the way they had edited the video – and how nice to include the dress fitting at Amy Kuschel’s + their trip to Pescadero in the scenes!

Christina’s PERFECT double french twist was done by her regular stylist at Revamp Salon!  Christina brought me a few makeup inspiration photos, and requested a natural look but with a ‘graphic eye’ and so our focus was the winged liner.  Don’t laugh at my squinty face below!!  I was making sure to get that perfect symmetry! I always squint 1 eye and measure.  :P  I loved having my teammate Treja with me!  When we arrived to the city, it was pouring!  The rain had delayed the bridal party, but miraculously, Treja & I caught up on the time and completed all the services right on schedule!   I loved the hair Treja did for the sister of the bride, a half-up with a french-twist to kind of complement Christina’s hair-do.  I then followed Christina to the Swedenborgian Church for touch-ups & was delighted to discover that the clouds have parted!  I love it when that happens!  Smiles all around!

Enjoy the beautiful wedding film by Belvedere Stories!  There’s about 2 seconds where you see me apply Christina’s blush :) with my favorite Hakuhodo brush :P :P :P Enjoy the photos by Ben Blood!  The images shared here were published in C Magazine online, and Refiner29 with permission from the couple.  The publications have more of the lovely decor reflecting their taste, but the photos I selected below were chosen as it showcases the makeup and beauty aspect :)

021_benblood_0991   028_benblood_1030  015_benblood_0976  092_benblood_1296   096_benblood_1302  109_benblood_1359  125_benblood_1408  196_benblood_1709  228_benblood_1772  230_benblood_1840  311_benblood_2160  332_benblood_2254  christina-evan-sharp-29  christina-evan-sharp-31  Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.19.09 AM  064_benblood_1003

Photographer :  Ben Blood Photography
Videographer :  Belvedere Stories
Bridal Makeup & Bridal Party Makeup & Hair :  Liz & Treja of Skyla Arts
Bridal Hair :  Revamp Salon
Wedding Dress :  Amy Kuschel
Stationary :  Jessica Hische
Floral Design :  Cherries
Guestbook Photographer :  Steve Maller
Publication (print & web) :  C Weddings Fall 2014
Publication (web) :  Refinery29