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Happy Halloween everyone!  This year I am working, so regrettably I don’t have any Halloween parties to go to :P  Halloween is a special holiday because it’s also my first nephew’s birthday!  I thought that was cool, but I’m wondering when he will get tired about halloween themed birthday parties! He’s such a cool kid!  Anyway…!  I don’t know about you, but if I were to dress up for Halloween, I want to look PRETTY while still fitting the theme and the spirit of the holiday.  I also don’t want to have any costumes that might be offensive, or targeting and making fun of someone’s identity… whether it be their ethnicity, nationality, race, sexual orientation, gender, religious belief, political belief, or their weight.

Last Fall, I saw a submission call for a magazine I liked, but the deadline was the following week.  I immediately thought about my long-time collaborator & beauty photographer extraordinaire Laura Tillinghast, and we whipped this story up within days and scrambled to get it together.  Major props to Laura for also styling & accessorizing the shoot!! Our editorial was picked up by Ellements Magazine and published in the November Beauty issue of Elléments Magazine!  This remains one of my favorite beauty editorials!  Laura & I both love our vampire stories, supernatural romance, dark beauty.  My idea was to present her as the Queen of the Vampires or a succubus (Elléments decided on the title, Dark Queen, which is also very appropriate).  I incorporated a few elements from the runways, including the ombré lip and the silver highlight on the cupid’s bow. It didn’t show up as strongly on the film with the beauty lighting as I would have liked, but I love it anyways!   I wanted to create a look that appears like she JUST FED on you! Eating Men for a Snack, that type of thing.  I also loved the fact that Micah was only 14 at the time of the shoot.  The character is that she became a the Queen and she is forever 14, beautiful, and deadly!  We did 4 looks, with subtle changes with the lips and eyes, but for one of them she’s wearing that sexy eye mask thing!  It’s all good – because the story flows together.  I couldn’t have done it with out the help of my talented stylist Teresa, who was my 2nd/ assistant for the day.  We had a lot to do in a short amount of time – hair/makeup/nails~ changing the looks, hair extensions, blowing the fan, helping with the fog machine.  It was all hands on deck!

Holding the glossy pages in my hand (I know I’ve mentioned this before) was suuuch a natural high.  :P  Sorry to sound like such an addict – but admittedly, I love seeing my work in Print – something about holding it in my hand and looking at it, it prevents me to overly scrutinize any little flaws it may have or what I could have done better, and it helps me enjoy the moment!

If you own something like the MUFE Flash Palette, or a similar product from Theater Makeup Brands (Ben Nye, Kroyolan) you can recreate this look at home.  I had custom blended all of the lip colors with the Flash Palette.  The highlighting I did in the inner corners, bridge of the nose, and the cupids’ bow of the lip can be done using the shimmer colors (silver and gold) for a more dramatic effect, or you can use your favorite highlighter of choice.  I think you should just have fun with it!!

Here is a photo for laughs!  I am on the left (COUGH COUGH~ almost a decade ago ~ Cough cough!!! lol) as a vampire preying on my friend Phoebe the witch on Halloween!!  That was a good day~~~! I also did vampire makeup on my roommate Kirin~ Fake blood fangs and all!

liz and phoebe

LOL!  I dug this photo out from my facebook gallery long long ago.  How’s that for a throwback :P  Happy Halloween + please enjoy one of my favorite beauty editorials to date!

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Makeup & Hair :  Liz / Elizabeth Chang
Makeup & Hair Assistant :  Teresa Reynolds
Photography :  Laura Tillinghast
Photography Assistant :  Rebecca Herem
Elléments Magazine :  Elléments Magazine