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Happy 2015 folks!  Can’t believe it’s 2015 already!  I wanted to start with a “2014 highlights” post and outline a few memorable events, but when Today’s Bride arrived at my door step, there’s no way to not start the new year with this beautiful shoot!  I am going to ask for the high-res photos of the other spread, and share it when I receive it! :)  Just as a note, I will add the PDF of the spread later – but for now, you can check these out – and check out the spreads inside the latest copy of Today’s Bride SF!!!

For this one, having worked with Sandra Fazzino on the last Today’s Bride editorial, when Sandra contacted me for this project, I was jumping to say yes before knowing any other details!   This photo shoot was one of the biggest highlights of 2014 for me. I am so grateful to be on a dream team with folks who are so open and supportive of each other, which creates a safe and sacred creative space for us to do our best work!  On the personal level, I took some risks/exited my comfort zone for the hair and makeup, and it paid off and it was only possible thanks to y’all :)  When we had our dress fittings + meetings, what inspired me is when Sandra said we should be Bold and Audacious (paraphrased here) and those words propelled me to do something more editorial.  Lupita Nyong’o was on the pinboards for our editorial inspiration, and I was very excited. The center part for the hair was a trend I noticed in Spring/Summer 2015, and I was personally into the braided centered chignons.  I wanted to keep the makeup pretty soft.  When I was packing for this gig, I realized the hair extensions I had may not be the right shade….so just in case, I rushed to the store and bought another set, and it turns out the ones I bought was actually the better match!  I’m glad I trusted my gut for that one, as it would have been a little difficult to remedy that problem on the hills of Calistoga! :)

This was the perfect project to end 2014, and to start 2015 inspired and excited! I was lucky that Treja was available to assist me on this shoot, helping me with the body makeup + men’s grooming while I worked on Vee’s hair & makeup.  Treja is actually one of Skyla Arts Lead Hair & Makeup artists, booking for 2015!  (More on that later as well!) The gorgeous Rosa Clará gown is styled by Chantal & Saida from Nouvelle Vogue, but because of the potential transfer of body makeup, we were using alcohol based.  Often for editorials we are racing with the clock, and it can feel like 2 women doing a 4-person job, but we did it! :) Venita, or Vee, was very patient with us while we worked on her!  And survived the chilly weather like a champ!

The details + styling was gorgeous! But you can enjoy those shots on Sandra’s blog and see more details in Today’s Bride!!

I hope you enjoy the photos! And I hope your 2015 is off to a Bold and Audacious start!

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Dress/Accessories :  Nouvelle Vogue {Rosa Clara}
Floral Designer :  Soulflower
Stationary :  Paper Monkey Press
Stationary (Design) :  Lisa Solomon
Desserts :  Crisp Bakeshop
Rentals (Chairs) :  Blueprint Studios
Jewelry :  Ben Shemano
Gifts/Candle Holders :  GlassyBaby