March, 2015 Archive

Starting tomorrow March 4th-March 8th, I will be out of the country to attend my friend’s wedding in Antígua, Guatemala!  All emails, inquiries and phone calls will be returned during the week of March 9th.  I will have no phone access and limited email access, as I want to spend quality time with my long-lost dear friends. Thanks for your understanding :)

It’s been way over a decade since I’ve been back to Central America, where I’ve spent a total of 9 years of my life….!   We would visit Antígua around 4 times a year for events or relaxation.  Cobble stones, Spanish/Morrocan remnants, mixed with Mayan flavors, and not to mention 925 Silvers and Jade…Oh the Jade.  Hey, what girl doesn’t like to shop or window shop for bling!

porta antigua

I’m staying at Porta Hotel Angitua, also the venue of the wedding :) So excited to chillax with my friend, the VIP & bride in the afternoon over a margarita.  We met in middle school, and her mom happened to be my Spanish teacher in school!  This is the weather forecast in Celsius! Yes, I still use Celsius as that’s what I grew up with, and F just doesn’t ‘register’ the same in temperature for my mind.  I can ‘guesstimate’ but if you tell me 24 C, I know exactly what to expect.  I’m not gonna lie, Guatemala and Costa Rica weather basically helped me decide that The Bay Area/NorCal should be my forever home.  How can you not look forward to this perfect temperate weather?  It does get cool indoors as there’s no need for heaters, so what do we do?  As teens, we would eat lunch outdoors.  Like a reptile, we would come out and soak up the rays…!  I was so tanned not trying to tan.  It was just our thing – skipping the indoor cafeteria, and sitting on the grass – and rolling down the hills when no one else was around.

Below photos are taken from per a google search!  I’m excited to return to my ‘family’ there!  I’ll try to take my own iphone-tography photos!  Until then, hásta luego! And hope I remember some of my Spanish :) :) :)