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I have to admit it’s a pretty great feeling to see your makeup & hair work fill up an entire catalog! woohoo! Even though these images have been out for a while now (since I’m lagging on my blogging), I am still thrilled to share the work I did for Mixedbagdesigns for their Spring catalog! For 2 of the days we shot, I was lucky to have my friend Melissa Hoffmann as my 2nd in command to help me get the kiddos ready! I remember distinctly that we had a lot of adventures with the CalTrain….because it coincided with another Giants Parade….! At 5:30am Melissa was trying to catch the CalTrain and almost missed it because the line to get the tickets was so long!! I had no idea fans woke up so early to get into the city for the parade!! Luckily she made it and we were on the train together! So much excitement (or rather anxiety!!!) to get to a job ….! If we drove, we might have missed the job with all the traffic!!!
Wardrobe stylist Peggi Jeung and I had a lot of fun on this job! And I was thrilled to work on the Fall catalog again with the same team last week!  We also got to work with great models – Men & Women, kids and teens from Stars, Look and JE Models!I’m looking forward to sharing the Fall catalog when it comes out!! :) Until next time!!!

I seem to find my work through Instagram a lot!  Karyta, the beautiful model on the left (from Brazil & represented by Scout SF) had posted the photo of her for the Sleepover sale on her Instagram account! Eventually, with her assistance, I was able to locate where the full size image was through the PB Teen website (I clicked on the product, and this photo was the last ‘view’ of the product!), and I also the spread of the catalogue!  The other beauty on the right, is Alina at Cast Images!
I’m always excited to see my work, whether it is bridal or the commercial/print stuff! I love my job! ;)

It finally feels like Winter here in the Bay Area! I am excited to share these images that I did the makeup & hair – I worked on the on-location ones and not the in-studio photos of the look book.  It took place in a beautiful historical home for Tart Collections Winter/Holiday 2012 look book.  I was pleasantly surprised that the above image from our shoot also ran as an advertisement, first in September’s Collector’s edition of Harper’s Bazaar, then again in the 40th Anniversary Edition of W Magazine! I found out about Harper’s Bazaar in August through Tart Collection’s facebook/instagram page, but the W Magazine was the huge surprise for me – like a shock wave.  I was just browsing my magazine casually…and BAM it was there! I know and understand that having an ad run in the print is not the same as having the cover & cover story or a full-blown editorial featured in W or Harper’s Bazaar, but seeing it in print was still an emotional experience for me, particularly because I actually subscribe to these two magazines and of course, aspire to be featured in it! It is particularly surreal because I am so used to seeing the glossy ads, and I was admiring the perfect ad for Dolce & Gabbana makeup ad featuring Scarlett Johansson and showing my husband how perfect it looks…It really is shocking to be in the same magazine, printed really really big!  The gorgeous model is Larisa from Stars Model Management SF.  
You can see the entire lookbook here – and also found on the website is a little behind the scenes video of the on-location day. If you look closely you will find me combing her hair and watching the set.  I’m truly grateful for the people who are willing to give me a chance and do work that I love doing….! Hopefully I will get to do more soon…! ;) 

I have 2 weddings left for 2012, and I’m excited to take it easy (well, easier…!) and prepare for an exciting 2013 ahead.  I do plan to catch-up on everything I missed blogging in 2012…! We’ll see how well I do! 

In the mean time, if you follow me on Instagram, you can find out what I’ve been up to! Some behind the scenes, snapshots of recent brides, cat photos and other funny captures.  
Photography: Laura Tillinghast
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (me me me!)
Jewelry: Yael Designs
Model: Khrystyna @ Look SF
Woohooo!!!  This is my 3rd magazine cover – but actually, it is the first time the magazine printed my name!  The previous times, they did submit the info, but it was unfortunately omitted, and it felt really bad to be honest…a few tears later, I just thought that eventually it will happen – and it DID happen!!! 3rd times the charm I guess???  
You can view the E-magazine here but also, the image is also seen on !  Liz=Happy! ! ! ! 
Yay! Finally name credit~~ *tear*

Hair & Makeup for

I had the pleasure to work with model Jana (left) twice, and Nicole (right) last time for the catalogue shoot! I was half-way done with Jana’s hair here in the little behind the scenes shot I took with my phone! It’s nice to see the end product on the website all together.  I’ve been suffering from a cold – it’s hard not to get sick after traveling and having been in contact with a lot of people who had a cold!  :( I’ve been doing everything I can to recover, because I’ve got a busy work weekend! Today is like my ‘weekend’~ errands, etc! I gave my cat Skyla a surprise bath after clipping her nails! She did not appreciate it at all, but after a while, she was happy to dry up by lounging in front of the space heater! 
I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! Thanks for stopping by!