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What to expect during a Consultation Appointment & How to Prepare

Liz working on bride J. Photo Credit Chard Photo

We’re winding down 2017 season, and we are really grateful for all the wonderful clients we’ve had this year so far. As 2018 is about to roll around, I’m realizing the last time I wrote a blog was February. My husband gave me such a hard time about it all throughout Spring/Summer/Fall (you know, the busiest times for us) and here I am finally here to write about an urgent topic that may be beneficial for anyone who may come across it, even if you don’t plan to hire us (although we hope you would consider us!), I hope you would still find this blog helpful in your wedding planning process!  I’ve gathered a few FAQs about the consultation appointment.

Why is it called a Consultation?
Other vendors may refer to it as a trial run or preview, but I personally don’t feel it accurately describes what happens and the nature of the appointment. Firstly, nobody is on trial! Secondly, it’s not a preview because changes will inevitably be made, and we’re not doing a part of the service (like watching the movie preview), we’re going over the entire enchilada. Most importantly, it’s a collaborative process, and while you are coming to a professional – essentially consulting us for our expertise in makeup & hair – the output depends on your input. What we create and construct depends heavily on your feedback. In other words, without both parties collaborating at the fullest, exchanging maximum amount of information and ideas, both visual and verbal, it may be more challenging process than expected. Communication is key for a successful consultation appointment.  The consultation is truly a collaboration and team effort between artist & client and so receiving visual and verbal direction from you is essential. The appointment is also about building trust and rapport (more on this below!). I want to emphasize that each artist and client has their own way of processing and analyzing information. I know that sounds like common sense, but I found this to be crucial for all parties to think about and take into account when approaching this appointment. For example, I will tell my clients immediately if I’m noticing steps I can do differently for better results. It not only helps me remember, but confirms with my client what we are seeing now and what we want to see are the same and that we are on the same page. I know some artist will sit down and think about it later, and write it all down in their notes as soon as the client leaves their studio.  Similarly, some clients will tell us immediately something they would like to change, while others need some time to think about it, and would write/call us with notes and feedback. Either way, just know that we as artists are always happy to make changes to make sure to best execute your vision! We have our own aesthetic and our own vision of what may look great on you, but this is not our wedding day, it’s yours! It’s your face and image, and we’re here for you.

Bridal party getting touched up by artist Jerilyn. Photo Edyta Szyszlo

What happens during the Consultation?
The first 15 minutes we discuss details about your event, go over the questionnaire, and discuss any concerns you may have. Then we look at your inspiration hair & makeup photos and get started on the look. We make as many edits and tweaks as time permits, and during this process, we take the opportunity to get to know you and your fiancé a little bit!  It’s usually just the artist and the bride; here at Skyla Arts we welcome 1 guest of your choice. It’s often the Best Friend/Maid of Honor, Sister of the Bride, or Mother of the Bride. This is so that we maintain an intimate experience. While the guest may participate, our main focus is getting information and direction from the bride directly. At the end, we take a few photos to help document the process, and we collect feedback, either in person, or afterwards via phone or email.

Artists Victoria, Treja and Angela getting bridal party ready. Photo by Jerry Yoon Photographers

How can I best prepare for the appointment?
The Logistics: I recommend seeing the artist 3-6 months before your event, after you’ve selected the main decor details for your wedding, as well as your dress. Sometimes brides have not selected their accessories and wanted to discuss that with us, and so having that time cushion also helps finalize last minute purchases. Ideally, you may want to schedule it on a day you are free the rest of your day so you can sit with the look, see how it wears, and process what you’ve done together at the appointment.  It’s also nice if you can go to your engagement photos or save the date photos after, so you can be photographed and then look at the results together with your makeup/hair artist.  We have a questionnaire we ask clients to fill out to find out about any allergies and sensitivities, and any concerns they may have about their skin/hair. But the more important piece of logistics is figuring out what you like and don’t like and bring it to your artist – ideally emailed before your appointment. Pinterest and blogs made the visual research process easier than 10 years ago. A tip I would give folks when they are looking around is to look for inspiration photos with people that has similar hair & skin color, and even bone structure. It is really challenging to have a session without any visual communication/research!  Then, consider your venue and the time of year the event is happening and the weather conditions. Discuss with your artist how that may impact your hair & makeup choices. I also advice thinking about your habits. For example, if you never worn red lipstick and don’t have experience maintaining it throughout the day, then unless you can hire us to follow you the whole day or have one of your bridal party members can help you out, it may be a challenge to wear red lips. Or if you know that hair near your face gets on your nerves throughout the day, most likely it’s a good idea to pin it back. They sound like little things, but they can impact the look you may be going for. Then, I suggest preparing a few questions you may want to ask your artist about your skin care regimen, any treatments you were considering, or about your makeup/hair like hair cut schedule, hair color, hair extensions etc. that may be relevant to helping you achieve the look you want.

The Practical: We request that our clients arrive with a fresh face (with no traces of makeup), and clean & completely dry hair (not wet nor damp!) for their appointment.  We would love a photo of your dress, and if you like to send us a candid photo of yourself to help us get a sense of your style, we’d love to see it!  I recommend wearing a solid color top (preferable), and a shirt with the neckline that mimics the cut of your gown to give you a better idea of how the hair & makeup will work with your dress. Well-groomed brows are definitely recommended! At home exfoliation the night before is always appreciated/recommended. Please bring any accessories you may plan to wear as well that you wish to try on (veil, headpiece, jewelry etc).  If you will be changing into another outfit afterwards, a button-down shirt will be ideal as it prevents hair from messing up during changing.

The Mental: This part is about setting the stage and ambiance, and about your expectations for the session. We try to create a space where clients can feel comfortable telling us what they think and how they feel about what we are working on. It’s an -ing, a process, and subject to being changed and perfected. Some artists and clients would expect that they walk out looking perfect and exactly how they expect. Sometimes that happens (Hurrah!) but for most people, there are decisions that need to be made, and details that need to be improved or edited out.  I recommend everyone coming into the session with an open mind, and make sure to ask your artists any concerns you may have about the appointment before coming in. I wouldn’t be worried about hurting your artists’ feelings if you don’t like something, or being worried about sounding too particular.  Here’s the secret – everybody is particular!  Everybody. Even the person who never wears makeup, or previously thought that their makeup and hair for their wedding day is not a huge priority.  If you ask us what we think, we can tell you what we like, but that doesn’t mean that’s the vision you should go with. We are going with your vision!  The other thing about managing expectations is also being flexible and open to your artists expertise when they describe the limits of what makeup/hair styling can do for the look, and being open to collaborating in finding the best solution. A straight forward example I have is if you have an inspiration photo where the person has voluminous hair (either naturally or achieved through 2 sets of hair extensions), in order to achieve that we would need hair extensions. If the thought of wearing (fake) hair extensions would not sit well with yourself or your fiance, we have to go with a different hair style and solution. The final part about the mental preparation is knowing yourself.  Are you set on one particular look? Perhaps you are super indecisive and always have a hard time narrowing things down and that’s stressful. Some clients need more time to process the session before voicing their thoughts, some clients need to know exactly how it will turn out and want to see the edit precisely how it is, some clients need a separate session to try out three  more hair styles to confirm their choice.  Anticipating how you may respond can prevent a lot of stress. Being self-aware also allows you to communicate what your needs are to your artist and will definitely contribute to a productive session, and then you got one more thing checked off your list! Yaaass!

Artist Camille styling K on her wedding day. Photo by Birds of a Feather

What happens if I don’t like the results?
It takes two to tango, and the initial reaction on both parties is naturally disappointment. As artists and the service providers, we put a lot of ourselves and energy into that appointment, and we become invested in doing a great job, trying to make the client happy and meeting all their expectations. As the client, your expectations may be different than the results, despite both parties best efforts, and that can be frustrating as it was a time and financial investment. Maybe it’s chemistry, or maybe different communication styles. I would suggest to consider the following: Do you think the artist understands what you are going for, or was there a miscommunication or misunderstanding that happened along the way that can be cahnged? Can you give the artist specific feedback to remedy this? Is the artist open to making edits, and can you trust the artist to execute the changes? If the answer is yes, there’s nothing to worry about. We can work it out! If the answer is no, it’s unfortunate, but it happens and it’s for the best.  Unless you are an actress/musician/reality TV star and have years of experiences working with professional makeup/hair artists, it’s hard to select one unless you go through the consultation process and it is necessary to go through. The bottom line: Do you feel you have a rapport and trust with your artist? We’re this close to your face and eyes, we are touching your hair working with hot tools millimeters away fromyour scalp that could burn you but more often than not a huge risk of burning us. Trust is definitely involved there! We are IN your bubble. We are sharing the space with your most loved ones on this most special occasion. We are there laughing and crying (from happiness that is!) with you. Recently the mother of the bride told me (paraphrased here): “I think you make people beautiful also because you give them a moment they can just sit and relax.” The person in our chair is still, oftentimes eyes closed, and it’s a moment to be still and present, to prepare for the busy and exciting day ahead. It is a very intimate moment, a privilege for us artists to be invited into that intimate space. If you don’t feel we are the right fit, absolutely no hard feelings. If you need another session to work things out, we are happy to schedule one and follow-up with the notes we exchanged and make the edits. I have gotten phone calls from brides who have gone to 2-3 other artists and were disappointed with the results and wanted to come in. I usually try to find out which areas they are more concerned about, and then I ask them if there was one of them that they felt more comfortable with, and encourage them to communicate with the artist and return to them because I feel it may have been a communication breakdown if that makes sense. Ultimately, follow your gut feelings. Most of the time, it works out for the best!

Liz finishing up R’s makeup. Photo by Abi Q Photography

In Conclusion
We occupy a special place in your wedding day timeline, and join you in your personal space and we respect that. In return we hope our clients who chooses us can trust and respect our expertise, our creative process and our techniques. Mutual trust and respect enables us and empowers us to best service our special clients. There are many other ways, perhaps easier ways, we could make a living, but this is what we choose because when our clients tell us they are happy with the results and we can see how they light up, we also light up and feel joy. This is our vocation of choice, and we are so happy to be doing this for a living, even though it’s not an easy job. I hope this was helpful / informative / thought-provoking (maybe? maybe?) :) We look forward to meeting our clients for 2018 :) :) :) 

Camille making final touches on M. Photo by Sandra Fazzino

Berman_Meyer_This_Love_of_Yours_Photography_ThisLoveofYoursSloaneandRobWedding077I am thrilled to share that Sloan & Rob’s wedding at the Charles Krug Winery in St. Helena was published on The Knot Northern California Real Weddings yesterday!  Click through to see the full feature!  I have so much to say about this beautiful couple and wedding – which is why this blog post is just a ‘teaser’ at this point!  I’ve done my best to tag all of the vendors on instagram and facebook, but for now I’m tagging a few vendors in the post that are related to the 4 teaser images I’m posting here that I am really loving!

I selected the photos to continue our discussion about the FAQ that I get about makeup for wedding day is “Will it show up on photos?” – from my previous blog post with the red carpet makeup & hair for Carice van Houten.  During the consultation with Sloan, we did a natural look, but later on Sloan’s feedback for me was she would like it more natural with less eyeshadow and blush. I fully supported it, because I knew that it will go well with the overall look of the wedding, and I had full confidence that it will still show up in the photos!  Even in the really soft/rainy light, you can still see the blush, eyeshadow and contour.  If you want a really natural and subtle look, it’s important to consider the weather factor and the photographer’s shooting style.  It will look very subtle in certain lighting situations, but I have to say that I am a huge supporter that brides and bridal party members should go with the look that makes you look and feel most comfortable!   Contrasting with a red carpet event and the lighting used, this event is outdoors and shot in Natural Light. With flash/strobes, this subtle makeup may make the client appear more ‘flat’ and ‘washed out.’  Lighting/style is something we need to keep in mind, but at the same time, going natural vs. more smokey/glamorous  is ultimately a personal preference, and we as artist can help you adjust it for the lighting on our end, but ultimately we’re all for it if you love it!!!

It was the first time in a LONG time California experienced any rain, and while it was a Plan B for the event, Sloan kept positive and said: “Hey, we’ll be the couple that broke the drought in California” :) And I was telling her in Chinese culture, we have a saying “遇水則發” meaning if it rains on your big event, it means you will be extra lucky/wealthy/good fortune will shine on you!  Major props to Erika & Michael of This Love of Yours for working with the rain and documenting this beautiful event!  I also loved working with Sharon from Napa Valley Custom Events and I’m in love with the florals from Fleurs de France!

To end this quick teaser post, I did want to mention that starting tomorrow April 19th-April 27th, I will be out of office working in Los Angeles + then returning for wedding events Friday-Sunday!   All emails, inquiries and phone calls will be returned during the week of April 28th.  We’re very excited – Team Skyla Arts have 5 events this coming weekend, and we can’t wait to work with our brides!

Usually if I’m working on set or weddings I don’t put up the out-of-office responders as I still try to get back to everyone as soon as possible and squeeze in some office time during the evenings, but since I’ll be commuting/out-of-town, it is harder to respond via mobile devices!  Last announcement…! I have been getting phone inquiries about Prom & special events anywhere from 12-48 hours before the event and I have to share here that it’s almost mission impossible! Not only because the dates frequently coincide with weddings that are pre-booked 6 months+, but most importantly, I would have to return your phone call during regular hours (ie: When I return home from set at 6:00-7:00pm, I don’t feel it’s an appropriate time to phone back and would have to wait to the next day if I am not working).  Furthermore, if I were to try to send you a referral to a trusted colleague or connect you with one of my associate stylists, I would still need time to arrange that: find out if they are available, send a referral or arrange my stylist to service you, handle payment and invoicing.  It would be difficult to do that with 12-48 hour notice!  I’m sorry I cannot help you this time, but we hope you can keep us in mind for the future with a little advanced notice! Have a great week ahead and until next time!!!



Got the Monday blues? A bright lip color may brighten up your day! :) A month later, I finally removed my out-of-office notice!  I came straight back to work right after my brief trip to Guatemala (it was wonderful!) If you follow me on instagram & facebook, you may have already seen me post photos of the makeup & hair I did for actress Carice van Houten who plays Melisandre in the hit HBO series Game of Thrones!  Because of the new HBO streaming service with Apple/AppleTV (among other techie reasons), they selected San Francisco as the big premiere event venue, and the red carpet was streamed live via the Game of Thrones Facebook Page – You could still view it on facebook if you missed it.  Myself + 2 colleagues were local artist, while majority of the artists who did the cast were from LA. I got to meet some of them and made some new friends! :)

I often get this question from brides and special occasion clients: “I like the way it looks – but will it photograph well?”  “Will it show up in the photos/video?”  The key thing to think about is what type of lighting you will be photographed in. I found these images on the internet – and if you notice carefully the colors are slightly different on each image because of the lighting, the type of strobes the photographer used, and also their camera settings.  Some cameras are ‘warmer.’  Camera technology has improved leaps and bounds, and so you no longer have to worry about it not capturing details, but it’s still good to target your look based on your environment.

Bridal Makeup & Hair is similar to Events Makeup & Hair in two main ways: your look has to match and complement your head-to-toe outfit, and how the color is applied should take into account the time of day and the type of lighting you will be photographed in.  If it’s evening or you will be photographed with flash (ie: on the Red Carpet, in doors in a dark church, or a candle lit reception and so the photographer has to use strobes to capture the action), having more definition and color will be preferred to prevent you from looking too flat or too washed out.  And the rest – you will have to trust in your artists’ hard skills, expertise and experience to execute it.

The way I prepare for Bridal vs. Events and pack my equipment is pretty similar.  Something to keep in mind that the two have a lot in common – especially the part that there’s a tight timeline to make sure the VIPs are done in time, dressed, and ready to attend the big event.  This is also a version of “beauty” work – close-up work on the face, so I make sure to bring with me my favorite detailing face brushes.  With actresses/singers, you can do visual research by using google to check out their previous looks and get a sense of their style.  With bridal/private clients, this is why I send out the questionnaire and during our session, ask a lot of questions about your head to toe look, and get a sense of your preferred beauty routine in order to meet your needs.  As an example, if normally you don’t like the feeling of lipstick and only own lip balms or tinted lip balms, if I suggested a bright red color that requires careful maintenance, it may not suit your needs/level of maintenance throughout your event, and most importantly it won’t feel like yourself.  Choosing a look that goes with everything and also reflects your personal taste is the key to looking beautiful and radiant!


On Instagram I tagged the two main brands that I used, Cle de Peau & Nars of the Shiseido companies. I had purchased the products as I didn’t have the opportunity to arrange anything with cosmetic companies in advanced! :P Nonetheless, I used my favorite products to create this look based on Carice’s outfit (amazing look from Dior) and Carice’s preferences.  A lovely actress I worked on last year shared with me that one of her favorite foundations was Cle de Peau Radiance Fluid Foundation – I was on the fence initially, but after she told me, I was sold!   Like all foundations, it’s not for all skin types.  That’s just my 0.02 on it – all products no matter how amazing doesn’t suit everybody in the world!  I carry more than one foundation in my kit, and I just have to look at the skin and see to decide!  It was just beautiful on Carice, and I was very pleased with how it held up.   I also used the Cle de peau concealer, another one of my favorites.  Towards the end of last year, I used it on one of my brides, and she loves it so much she went out and bought it and joked with me: “You should get commission on this!” :P The hero of this makeup look is one of my favorite colors, Nars’ Satin Lip Pencil Luxembourg – it’s this beautiful fuchsia color described as “vivid watermelon.”  It’s easy to apply by itself, but I would recommend still using a lip brush to get the edges really sharp.  What I love about it is you don’t need a lipliner; the texture is not too drying and it is long lasting!

I was pleased to see it all come together – afterwards my colleague and I had a cocktail and fries and watched the event stream live on Facebook.  After time has elapsed and the pressure is off, I started to get excited about Season 5!  My big sister had given me Book 1-4 to read in college, and after the first chapter I wasn’t yet hooked on it until my friend brought his friend over to hang out and she was like: “You’re reading this too??!!” and I confessed that I have not gotten very far!  She then told me I must continue and I will get hooked – even though it was close to finals, I had managed to finish book 1, and then 2-3 over the summer vacation.  And experience the long wait for Book 5 to come out, and the long wait for the TV Show to come out!  HBO and the cast did not disappoint – I look forward to watch Season 5!  You can watch the Access Hollywood interview below and check out how the look held-up on video!  :)

Until next time – have a great week!  Happy Monday!



Makeup & Hair :  Elizabeth Chang (Liz)
Changing it up this time on the blog! :)  This video idea came about when I get asked by my bridal clients: “What do I do with my hair extensions? Is it 1x use only, or reusable? If it’s reusable, how do I use it?” Lara from Sealed with a Kiss Events is our model here, but she was also one of my bridal clients last year! She left her hair in the original box after herwedding, and it’s the first time we’re taking it out!  (Ps: Check out her wedding hair in my bridal gallery here!)

I usually direct my clients to purchase real hair, which means you can treat it like real hair: you can wash it, comb it, and apply heat as if you would your own hair! As long as you don’t change your hair color, you can re-use it. It would be a pity for it to just sit in your closet!

If you can use a donut to create a sock bun, I am 100% confident with some practice, this look will be a breeze to recreate yourself! This look is meant to be organic, textured, and beautifully messy – so you don’t have to worry about messing up & have fun with it! I hope this video inspires you to be creative with what you can do with your wedding hair extensions! This is one way to get you started.

For this D.I.Y. video, you will need the following equipment:

1) Your Clip-in Hair Extensions
2) Bobby Pins
3) Hair Pins
4) Elastic Bands
5) Sectioning clips
6) Combs for teasing and smoothing (use whichever is comfortable)
7) Detangling comb
8) A curling iron of your choice to curl your hair to create texture
9) Hair Spray/Heat Protectant Spray/Emollient Spray

Watch the video for step by step instructions, but for easy review, it’s listed here for reference:
1) Use Emollient Spray to detangle & comb through to prepare hair extensions
2) Clip the extensions together and on to each other. The goal is to create 1 bigger braid fishtail braid with 2 smaller/skinnier regular braids.
3) Curl your hair however you like to create texture
4) Braid the hair (fishtail, or 3-strand braids) & secure with elastic. You may want to enlist a buddy to hold the other end for you. One of the challenges I face myself while doing my own hair is braiding it. I start to lose patience if it doesn’t look right and I have to start over! Pre-braiding the hair and preparing it makes the process of attaching it to your head so much easier.
5) Loosen the braid with your fingers
6) Section your hair into 4 sections as shown in the video.
7) Tease the hair on the crown if you desire volume; secure with bobby pins by crossing the bobby pins. If you don’t want volume, just secure it with bobby pins.
8) Use an elastic to create a pony tail; the height of your pony tail depends on how low or high you would like your bun.
9) Tease your ponytail, but leave the top layer smooth! If your hair is super healthy and slippery, use a texturizing powder or spray to help you create texture
10) Clip the fishtail braid, the widest braid, on the top of your pony tail; secure with a bobby pin
11) Now take your real hair, and twist to the right and wrap around the elastic, secure with a bobby pin. It doesn’t have to be perfect – we will adjust the shape with hair pins later. Be sure to tuck-in the ends, and make sure the elastics are not showing!
12) Next, take your fishtail braid, and twist to the left (or opposite direction) in a circular motion. Again, don’t worry about it looking perfect as we can adjust any wonky looking pieces towards the end!
13) Now it’s time to add in the braids on the side. Place the clips in the direction of the section. The front sections are meant to help us hide the clips, so before moving forward, make sure to see if your hair will hide the clips! If it shows, simply readjust the clips
14) I am loving the braid the goes on the top of your head, so for one of the sections, I am going to wrap it over the top, and for the other braid on the other side, I am using it to wrap over the bun. Secure the braids with bobby pins and hair pins.
15) Now it’s time to see if any pieces are sticking out or need adjusting / perfecting. If you want to use hair spray to tame some fly-aways, it’s up to you! I love having the wispies and texture. Any stray hair, simply use hair pins, and tuck any strands into the bun. Preferably, the hair pins should lock with the ridges of the bobby pins for optimal security. But do not stress! One way to know whether or not the strands are secure is to gently shake your head, jump up and down. If nothing is moving, then it’s secure!
16) And Voila! A great looking up-do that you can wear to parties, attend other people’s weddings, and get great mileage and usage out of your investment on your hair extensions!

I hope this tutorial was helpful! Let me know how it goes, and leave me any comments or questions! Good luck!!!

Makeup & Hair :  Liz @ Skyla Arts
Videography :  Low Tek Studios


Keeping to my minimum of one blog post per month goal, I am fairly excited for my August blog! :)  The team and I have been working on it on and off for about 1 month now, and it’s great to finally share it with the world!  I realized that the last video we did together was in 2011…that’s a long time ago!  How time flies!  Originally I had planned to do a red carpet inspired makeup, but the models we wanted to work with were not available, and I felt strongly about working with Anna, which resulted in this project targeting Anna’s features!  Doing things like this is a lot of fun (A lot of work, too! but FUN) and it’s good to mix it up.  The only NOT-SO-FUN part is the part where I have to talk to the camera.  I got so nervous that Tim’s team member, John, suggested I make a cue card for myself.  Which I think made it even worst!  Oh well! Things to work on…Please just fast forward my intro ok? My friend asked me why I feel so nervous instead of confident because I am talking about something I know.  Well..admittedly a) it’s hard to be in the same frame as a model b) I just hate it.

Here’s a funny/good story for you.  In high school, whenever our sports teams were going to another country to compete, (I completed my high school at an international high school in Taipei, Taiwan) the entire high school would have a Pep Rally to basically cheer them on.  In my junior year of high school, the art department thought the arts should also be featured and get attention when we send off our talented artists (language arts like improv, rhetoric and debate, fine arts, music, dance, drama) off to the Cultural Convention abroad, which is hosted at different schools each year.  There are only 3 spots for Artists who will represent our school with 1 of their art work, along with 20 other carefully selected works of other students to represent our school – of course I applied for the artist rep spot and was desperate to go.  After having gone through the rigorous selection process and interview, well, I didn’t make it partially because Seniors have seniority. I did get to go my senior year, but nonetheless, my artwork as a Junior made it to Jakarta. The art department decided to make a nice video for this Pep Rally with our work, which I fully supported, but I had no idea this video would also feature US, the artist and not just our artwork. I was told to show up at the rooftop where everyone was being filmed – it was a windy spring day (hair flying).  To make a long story short, I forgot all about this few seconds of video being filmed, and when other artists’ face starting showing up on the LARGE screen in front of the whole high school, my heart started pounding!  AND there it was!!!! My artwork…and then!!!!! A CLOSE UP OF MY FACE WITH FLYING HAIR FLYING AND ALL, like a Beauty Feature….!  It was the longest few seconds of my life!  Don’t get me wrong…it was filmed in the most flattering manner by Mr. Duffy.  (Thank you Mr. Duffy!) but for me, it was so embarrassing & mortifying.  I wanted to cry. Or hide. BOTH!  Some people naturally love the camera, and I, naturally, like being behind the camera.  A less known factoid about me is that I have been approached by scouts when I was 17/18 – for television.  At the time, being size 0-2 with long hair, a sharp chin (I was told makes your face smaller on TV) and good skin, I had met the prerequisites that scouts look for for television, except I had absolutely zero desire.  I don’t think even my friends & family know this because I never bothered to tell them since, in my mind, it wasn’t an important event in my life.  I think the only person who knew about it was my friend Mark, who was present with me at the time and was entertained by the whole encounter. Of course, as a kid we always fantasize what it would be like to be a “star” and “famous,” but I can’t see myself  being an entertainer/actor on TV, especially given that traumatic experience described above!  When I told the scout politely that I am not interested, she was SHOCKED.  “Don’t you know that TV show?? I can get you in…!” (it was very popular at the time….)  “Yes, I’ve seen it, but I am sorry I am not interested….” and she looked at me in shock, probably because most of the time girls would be ecstatic to go in for an audition. And thank god for that! I would have been so miserable!  I’m feeling miserable enough to sometimes be featured in behind the scenes video and doing this tutorial!  This is my #17goingon27 story – more to come in September!

Back to our video here to present day.  We’ve taken notes and made improvements on the video portion since our last project, but we are still working on perfecting it! So I hope you enjoy the video regardless of our progress with “making a perfect makeup tutorial”!  It’s challenging because Tim is a videographer and not a makeup artist, and vice versa, I am not a videographer. What we pay attention to is different, but I feel that with each video we do, we are going to nail it down and streamline it!

I also last picked up my camera in 2011…!  I had reached out to a few photographers who may want to shoot it, but unfortunately they were unavailable….! So….Had to dust off the cob webs – literally (in my backyard), and figuratively (using my camera).  But I had a lot of fun with it, especially made easier with the support of Tim & John! John, who also lent me his BEAST OF A LENS to play with.  I asked them how they don’t get tendonitis or carpal tunnel with such a big lens! Oh what fun…!

This one is my favorite shot of the bunch! I wanted to push Anna to make different facial expressions, and while I am still deciding if I should add this to my portfolio, at the moment I am just loving this image!  Sometimes we gotta do art for arts’ sake…not to please the critic or audience!  I hope you enjoy the videos + photos!  Until next time! :)







Makeup, Hair, Photography :  Elizabeth Chang
Videography :  Low Tek Studios
Greetings from Los Angeles! I am down here briefly for The Makeup Show LA that happened last weekend for education/kit investment, for work (and hustling!), and two bridal consultations! I have consultations and meetings lined up when I return home and  I cannot wait to meet my potential brides of 2013 (& 2014!)!
This morning, I am feeling particularly grateful to have great clients & great potential clients!  To potential future clients & vendors alike, I urge you to read this blog by Preston Bailey: “My Five Top Tips for (Most) Clients”!

Just in case you did not click through to the link, I will highlight – in quotes the 3/5 that stood out to me (even though ALL 5 are important!)

I. We are artists who have gone into business to make a profit. Please refrain from placing us in a position where we feel you are trying to get us to give away our services. It is disrespectful, and leads to resentment of both the client and the job itself.
II. Our main goal is to make you happy. We have the utmost respect for you and your budget, which is why we are willing to be honest about what you can and cannot afford. Please remain flexible with your budget, if you want “more” than what your budget allows.
V. Last but not least, know that we value and respect you. Without you, we do not have a chance to design, and we do not have a business. It is for this reason that we are always willing to go the extra mile, and further. Please be generous and responsive with your feedback, as it is the only way we can learn and grow.”
These are great advice, and written so concisely and nicely! I couldn’t have said it any better than Preston!  I have some thoughts that came to mind when I read them and here it goes:  Regarding #I, we are artists and service providers, but we are people too – we need to make a living doing what we do! #II. We would not be in this industry if we did not have any desire to make you happy – in fact, that is our main goal! But please understand that our rates are a reflection of our services and unique artistry, something that can’t be interchanged with another artist based on pricing, and if you like what we offer and are interested in hiring us, then please don’t forget to think about us when you are designating where to spend your budget!  #V. If you don’t provide any feedback (positive or constructive), it would be difficult for us to meet your needs. We are artists with our own vision, tastes, and personalities.  We are eager to please you (the client!) and make you happy but we cannot do that if we don’t know what you are looking for!
To end this seemingly random blog post, here is a random photo from Monday’s photo shoot! :P  You know backstage in fashion week where the photographers come in and snaps away of the makeup in progress? This was one of those images! I was in the middle of finishing up her makeup, lashes are not done, and obviously her lips are still missing! :) :) No worries, with the right products, you can reduce the appearance of dryness!
It was an absolute pleasure to work with an amazing team – this gorgeous model (Sacha from Wilhelmina LA), photographer Alvin Nguyen, and celebrity hair stylist Daven Mayeda on this shoot.  I was definitely excited and inspired again with everyone’s creative energies coursing around! Most importantly, I challenged myself with trying to do eyebrows a different way than what I’m used to (based on the class/demo taught by Sam Fine last Saturday at the Makeup Show LA)!  I’m just happy to be pushing myself harder to get to the next level!!!
Until next time! Have a happy Thursday/Friday and Weekend ahead! v^o^v


Hello ya’all! Time for an annual makeup & hair trend report.  It’s been nearly a year since my last trend report! yikes!!  I try to be more diligent but honestly…I’m kind of a Fall/Winter gal to begin with (Born in September!) so naturally I enjoy the looks that extend from summer to the fall the most.  Enough babbling and onward with the post!
It was such a pleasure to work again with L.A. based fashion photographer Matt Edge and his beautiful and talented sidekick, Allison Edge! The shoot was styled by Allison with our minimal input (my Tory Burch sunglasses made an appearance!) I snapped all of these behind the scene images with my iPhone and then used photoshop curves to portray the colors I want! I’ve been really into Instagram but in the end, the photoshop curves give you more flexibility and fun (albeit more time consuming)

Meet Sara J. from Scout SF and Conrad from Stars SF! It was so cool when Matt & I agreed on our top choice of models! I always feel invigorated and inspired to work with professionals that share a passion for the art, and then we work together towards executing the vision!

Similar to last year, I’ve gone through some of the shows, and decided to pick-up and hone into a few of the looks I’ve selected to shape the type of look that I’m going for…The huge difference is…I put the looks together and presented it, with the help of my wonderful summer intern, Anna! The ones I’ve selected will be featured after the Behind the Scenes photos! Scroll down! :) 
I selected one to two elements per look to feature:
Look 1 had the pin-curl classic waves that frames the face. The makeup is similar to the Dior/Ralph Lauren look – I incorporated the flirty but still natural looking false lashes! 

Look 2 really focused on the messy french twist.  I thought about doing the side swept thing in the front, but decided in the end to sweep it back for a more natural volume! I wish I got a photo of the back, but for now you can see it below from a side view. I loved the Vespa scene!!!! Conrad commutes around the city in his Vespa, and it was a perfect (and unexpected) prop for the scene! They looked super cute together! 

Look 3, I emphasize the wing liner slightly, but I mostly wanted to focus on the red lips.  I was inspired to leave it half down – so ended up with this look! My goal was to make Sarah elegant and polished!

We’ll see how the photos turn out in a few weeks! :) Scroll down to see the Fall looks summarized.


  • Clean semi-matte skin, full brows, lightly contoured eye shadow, a dust of peachy/pinky cheeks and a tiny bit of contouring for the cheeks, clean winged liner and naturally pinky-nude lip color {as seen in Ralph Lauren & Christian Dior – although I love that Dior added the false lashes, emphasizing the cat-eye shape} Lanvin & Anna Sui had a thicker and more dramatic winged liner, while it may be appropriate for parties, it may be harder to sport on the daily basis!
  • Bright Pop of lipstick – orange-red – even though it is also a great color for spring and summer with brighter colors, when paired with classic colors like black/gold/brown/nudes {Featured here in Dennis Basso, but also seen in Zac Posen and Marc by Marc Jacobs}  A brighter lipstick like a soft fuschia, goes really well with darker colors like black/gray and blues and purples, making it a beautiful and versatile color for fall wardrobes.

  • I am attracted to the classic shape of the pin-curl featured in Dior S/S Couture and Dennis Basso in Fall Ready-to-wear and how it frames the face.   Tuck it in for a faux bob, or let it down for a side pony.
  • Speaking of ponytails, my favorite is the Anna Sui one with a retro flair that is perfectly sleek. The volume in the ponytail for Ralph Lauren is placed low – you can make it sleek, or wear it textured and messy. The ‘key’ feature of the pony is that it’s a low pony by the occipital bone (above the nape).
  • Lastly, I noted the french twists – my favorite would be the messy ones featured in Tory Burch. I was also very drawn to the different placements – in Donna Karen, the french twist is pushed all the way to one side, giving a dramatic asymmetry! But, comparatively I’m more drawn to the ones featured in Valentino – it looks very subtle and elegant in the front, but very dramatic from the side.  

*PHEW* that was a lot of photos to post! Hope you enjoyed it! ;) ;) You can find all the images on my Pinterest as well! ;) Follow me on Pinterest! ;D Until next time!

P.S. I will give brownie points to those that recognize a familiar face in the images above runway looks! The big clue is, she is from Stars Model Management in SF! ;) 

Last month a new federal regulation about sunscreen came out. The new laws primarily influence sunscreen labeling:

  • anything less than SPF 15 that did not pass the new test that was developed must have a big warning label on it saying that it does not protect against sun burn, skin damage, skin cancer, etc. 
  • SPF labels above SPF 50 are banned (basically because above SPF 50 doesn’t make much of a difference)
  • terms like “sunblock” and “water-proof” are banned (because nothing can totally protect you from sun damage). FYI – Sunscreens labeled “water resistant” are required to maintain their SPF level after 40 minutes of water immersion. “Very water resistant” products maintain their SPF level for 80 minutes. I didn’t know this before and thought that the “very” was just a name!
  • in order to be labeled “broad spectrum,” products must protect against both UVA and UVB rays

UVA and UVB rays differ in their length. UVA rays, which are longer and penetrate deeper into the skin, are the cancer-causing and DNA/collagen-damaging rays. UVA rays cause wrinkles by damaging the dermis layer – most importantly, the fibroblasts that produce the collagen and elastin, which is the elastic tissue that gives skin its elasticity. When you pull it or push it, your skin should bounce right back.  Damages to the elastin fibers causes sagging, winkles and aging. Damage done is permanent; the fibroblasts do not regenerate, and thus will not be replacing the collagen/elastin. In contrast, UVB rays are the burning rays that cause sun burn and alter skin color. Melanin is produced by cells located in the basal layer of the epidermis (sitting above the dermis).  Genetics determine the amount of melanin activated – once skin is exposed to UV rays, melanin is produced and is pushed to the top layer of your skin to help absorb and block UV rays. Fair skinned people produces pheomelanin (red to yellow color cells, which is why fair people turn PINK or become tanned), whereas dark-colored skin produces eumelanin, which is dark brown/black pigment.  Another common misconception is that darker skin tones do not need sun screen.  Well – you will not turn that much darker because increased amounts of eumelanin is not readily visible, but it doesn’t mean that the UVA rays did not damage your DNA & collagen & elastin!!!
In esthetics, most clients come in to treat acne, hyperpigmentation, and signs of aging.  Let me tell you…the sun exacerbates all three of the above. The sun can cause redness & inflammation (erythma)  to acneic skin, and furthermore, your skin will pump melanin to protect itself as it is more vulnerable when there is a breakout, and that will leave you with a acne scar. If you are not concerned about acne, hyperpigmentation, or youthful appearances, it’s still a good idea to wear sun screen because it is good for your health!!  You would not smoke, therefore…you should wear sun screen! 

SPF refers to the Sun Protection Factor and how much longer you can stay under the sun compared to with no sun protection. An SPF 15 sunscreen protects against about 93% of UVB rays, while an SPF 30 blocks about 96.9% of UVB rays. Notice that doubling the SPF number does not double the protection. Dermatologists generally recommend SPF 30 with broad spectrum protection.

The label “SPF” only refers to protection against UVB rays. In the U.S., labels only specify SPF. In Asia, sunscreen labels also contain PA measures (PA+++ being the best protecting against UVA rays and PA+ being less protection). It’d be great if we could get this labeling system going in the U.S., in addition to the new law requiring all sunscreen to meet broad spectrum protection!

How should you go about selecting sunscreens? There are two types of active sunscreen ingredients: those that provide physical protection and chemical protection. The main difference between the two is that physical sunscreens reflect UV rays, while chemical protection chemically absorbs UV rays. Physical sunscreens work immediately upon application, whereas chemical protection needs 15 to 30 minutes to become effective (depending on the quality). 

A very important thing to do is to check the sunscreen you are currently using — check this chart from this EPA article to see if your product has both physical and chemical protection. It’s good to have at least one of each! If your current sunscreen meets the requirements, GREAT! If not, it may be time to look into investing in a great sunscreen.  

The above table is from EPA’s article about sun and skin. Check it out:

During your annual check up with your physician, ask about any abnormal growths and dark spots that you’ve noticed and ask your doctor if you should get it checked out by the dermatologists. I’ve encountered a client who was in her late 20s that had squamous cell carcinoma removed on their nose!

After initial application in the morning, you can use powder sunscreens or makeup with SPF during the day for continuous protection against sun damage. Keep in mind, though, that many of these contain light-reflective metallic SPF (like Zinc and Titanium dioxide). These metallic ingredients reflect light and might cause the skin to appear somewhat whitish or super-shiny, which may also alter your skin color in flash photography. This is totally fine for everyday, but I’d avoid products with SPF for special occasions for this reason. The metals also make sunscreen harder to spread across your face – think of the white pasty look and the stickiness you experience! The ancient Greeks used to bathe in olive oil and then dust their bodies with fine sand in order to protect themselves from the sun. That sounds uncomfortable! Fortunately, many sunscreens on the market today have been refined and grinds the metals micro-fine and manufactured with excellent spreadability and 0 stickiness! 

Even if you don’t see the sun (rainy day, cold winter day), or if you’re staying at home on your day off, you still need to wear sunscreen. Light from ambient or fluorescent lighting, and light through a window all still contain harmful rays. 

What I use myself is PCA’s Weightless Protection SPF 45 for my oily skin type. It’s incredibly light and smooth because there’s Vitamin E in it, which is a great emollient and antioxidant. It also contains caffeine, which is also an antioxidant but additionally kills damaged skin cells that may turn into skin cancer. Another one of my favorite sunscreens is Perfecting Protection SPF 30 from PCA skin. It contains Licorice Root Extract that not only reduces hyperpigmentation but also suppresses the pigment from forming after being exposed to the sun.
Even with great sun screen, if you are out in the sun for long hours (especially between 10-4:00pm), the effects of sun damage can still be very significant. My husband looked great (and younger) before he began playing golf….He aged significantly since he started. He gets a little sad when I mention this, but alas, it is true. People would not have guessed his age, but ever since his golf habits started, he actually looks his age – when I touch his face, I immediately notice the loss in elastin and the formulation of fine lines where it previously did not exist. It’s already a little late, but I’ve been bugging him to use more serums and stuff. The moral of the story is…by the time you notice the wrinkles, it’s already LATE. If you are worried about premature aging/photo damage, wearing sun screen is almost half the battle! 

For the gentlemen reading this, wearing sunscreen does not male you less manly, but enhances your attractiveness in every way. If you are 24 and look 40, it really isn’t more manly…!  

Don’t forget about your lips (don’t want to lose collagen there!), arms, tops of your feet, ears and neck! A good place to look for your sunscreen and lip balm is Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s.

To read more about the new law, check out these links:

Summer is here indeed!!

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Photography: Sasha Gulish
Styling: Ali
Model: Diana @ Stars Model Management

As usual, I am posting out of chronological order! I figured the last post was wedding related, I shall mix it up with some fun in the sun! 
It wasn’t actually that sunny that day out in Marin, but you wouldn’t have known because Diana from Stars Model Management brought it with her! 
There were some other great ones, but these are the few that I loved for the blog/website! ;) Actually…..I had SUCH a hard time deciding what photos to use.  Even now as I’m looking at the photos that Sasha (the photographer) chose, the ones that Stars (Diana’s agency) chose, and then look at the ones I chose, I’m like..Should I have picked a DIFFERENT one? Oh oh …! I cannot go through this again! lol. Diana dances a lot in school, and it certainly shows! She moves so well in front of the camera, and just bangs out the poses – click after click it’s a good shot.  I guess this has to be a good dilemma to have!!!!  Maybe next month I can post the other beach shoot I did…Actually, expect to see some great “fun in the sun” blogs (or you could take a peak at them on my website…? )

One of the challenges I had to face was doing the hair without the hot tools.  To create the stringy texture, I wanted the stickiness and stay-power, so I went with Aquage Working Spray in order to manipulate the hair without heat & work with her natural texture!

Always a pleasure to work with Team Sasha (which is Sasha and her studio manager, Kelsie) Enjoy some of the photos!

Before reading this blog, please visit US Magazine’s Oscar 2012: The Best Makeup & Hair Looks and use the hover option to ZOOM in and take a nice close look at the 17 celebrities they chose to highlight. This post is like Part III in the Part I What you should know before hiring a makeup artist, and Part II Why are Makeup Artists so expensive? 
After seeing those photos, I felt like it’s a perfect opportunity to discuss makeup in an HD world. My disclaimer here is that my intent is not to criticize the celebrities, the makeup artists, or the photographers that photographed the 17 images but to use it to discuss what I “see” (literally – with my eye sight) in the 17 photos on the link above, and discuss how it relates to my work and also, anyone who is hiring a professional makeup artist.  Feel free to scroll down to the very bottom to read my tips & observations about hiring a makeup artist! 
I recorded the show and watched the “live on the red carpet” on my 1080p/HDTV – and from the camera angles, all of the celebrities they highlighted and interviewed looked great. I fully appreciated the full length shots of their gowns, their head to toe outfit!  When we think about all things glamorous and perfect, high-end, what most people want to look like – in general, if we are thinking of an inspiration makeup & hair look to bring to an artist either via email or pinterest (yes yes Us makeup artists!) to replicate for ourselves, we would look to the red carpet!  And the images we usually see are on the web are small web sizes 300px in the size and resolution.  It’s not a very big image to base on to “see” what’s going on, and even on an HD screen, they look flawless.  
Back to the 17 photos… when you zoom in, for most of the photos, you can SEE everything!  However, not all 17 photos were similarly focused, framed or processed the same way – probably because they may also be from different photographers and their cameras.  Of course, it also reflects the bias of the person selecting the photos to place on the website (whoever the editor favors – she or he or they may choose to present more flattering photos!) 
The first photo was J-Lo.  Looking gorgeous on the red carpet as usual, but when you zoomed in, you can see her makeup, you can see texture on her skin.  You will not notice this if you were standing at a reasonable distance from her, or through the moving camera. The focus is perfect, so…yes you can see everything! (and yes..she is due for a nose wax…I wouldn’t have known this unless it was zoomed in)
I couldn’t capture a zoomed in photo with my screen capture, but in contrast, Penelope’s photo was much more flattering because it’s actually not in focus.  Which…also means that you won’t be able to pick up on the skin texture and you will not be able to see the details.  
Emma’s photo on the website was over exposed, also leaving out a lot of detail and texture on her skin.  I noticed some other things, but the only thing I wanted to mention is that her lipstick needed a touch-up at the time it was taken. I’ll follow-up on this towards the end in my conclusion segment! 
 Now…Gwyneth’s photo.  Very sharp & defined – and yes, you can notice her pores underneath the makeup. Gwyneth takes great care of her skin, but I’m pointing out that our skin has a texture to it, depending on your genes, your age, and how well you take care of it on the regular basis.  Models & Actresses are no exception! And this is what it will look like up close! Makeup certainly enhances how your skin looks, but it is not a realistic expectation to expect the makeup to cover skin texture.  

And…Natalie.  She looked glowing while presenting, but when you use the Zoom in tool, you can see that she has some congestion on her forehead and cheeks, and you can notice the concealer/make-up that was used to conceal it and from a normal distance or on the screen, you cannot see it at all! Again, this is not a critique on the makeup artist (it is a phenomenal, flawless makeup job!!!) and I’m not trying to pick at Natalie’s skin care routine – I really just want to point out that makeup, no matter how expert the artist, no matter how beautiful the celebrity, no matter if it’s airbrushed or hand-applied, the makeup itself goes over your skin, and how it will look will be largely dependent on your skin itself. More on this in the conclusion! 
I also wanted to discuss Milla’s close-up with harsher lighting, unphoto-shopped!  Again, you can definitely see everything – but mostly you can tell she has a bit of a shine on her t-zone, but the look is actually the classic dewy look – she will look radiant and glowing in person and in motion camera.  (Yes, her lipstick needs a touch-up here too!) 
And I found these photos from another source – the lighting is different, she looks soft, glowing and beautiful – but we do not know if the images below has been processed/photo shopped because of the smaller resolution.

And these below of Emma, Natalie and Gwyneth are the photos from InStyle UK – the smaller web versions, resized and color-corrected for flattering angles! 

Love the hair!!!
This photo of Natalie was either the same one as the US link, or taken by another photographer at the same time. But at this resolution, which is what we see, you will not notice anything on her skin and definitely not the congestion on her forehead! 

A much more glowing/flattering photo of Gwyeneth!

Here is my conclusion & tips (lol) inspired by the website and my experience:

  • When you are getting your makeup done by a professional makeup artist, you may become hyper-alert about every detail of your face, skin, pores and you may notice developments that may be “new” (hyper-pigmentation, fine lines) that you haven’t noticed before; on a normal day, chances are, you don’t look so closely! When you come see us makeup artists, it’s usually for a special occasion (a big event, your wedding), and you are likely nervous & excited about the way you will look. You may think that everyone is looking at you and noticing every detail the same effect like the Us website‘s  Zoom function!! But that’s simply not true! Please remember that a) Your guests will not be carrying a magnifying glass (like the zoom function) to check out your skin! b) what they will see, is really closer to the 300pixel web version – arms length away! Our eye sight is usually not better than 20/20!
  • Please also believe that your makeup artist will know and understand that if you are looking for “flawless” foundation coverage, they will most likely need to layer on foundation & concealer to achieve the look for you. Fuller coverage also means that you will notice the makeup, it will feel heavier than usual, but you will photograph beautifully.  Just remember that full coverage doesn’t always mean you will look unnatural!  Full coverage examples from above: J-Lo, Penelope Cruz, Natalie Portman & Milla Jovovich!  Medium coverage: Emma Stone & Gwyneth.  None of the above is an example of “sheer” coverage.  Wearing makeup and foundation doesn’t mean that you will be pore-less, and texture-less – makeup enhances your look, but it’s not magic.  If you are concerned about fine lines or pores, they will become less noticeable after professional makeup, but they will still be there! (Yes..even if you airbrush!)  I’m not really saying that everybody should go with Medium to Full coverage; it depends on your skin type and condition, and then also your desired look and your comfort level!  I’m just hoping to use the Us website to help us communicate what Full – Medium – Sheer coverage means when it comes to makeup application & HD! 
  • You don’t have to worry about the camera not picking up the colors. There are slight adjustments for outdoors and evenings, but even in the non-zoomed in photos, you can see the eyeshadow, the blush and lip color in the images! Just because you are doing evening, you can still go for a more natural look like Gwyneth, and have it photograph just fine! 
  • If your close-ups are very important to you, your photographer is the next most important thing as your makeup artist! A great way to decide on your event photographer is to take a close look at their close-up portrait work. How does the skin look? Generally your event photographer will not go into each and every single photo and photoshop out every little thing.  Their style and how they adjust the camera setting/what lens they use/what time of day they shoot, will decide how flattering you might look! I for one, do not want to my pores and lines to be in SHARP focus! It doesn’t mean I want to be BLURRY, but I don’t want it zoomed in at my skin! 
  • Celebrities are people too! They have small flaws as well, and they too need to touch-up their lipstick and maybe blot their t-zone with a tissue.  This doesn’t mean the artist failed by using ‘inferior’ products (FYI Emma’s artist used Chanel) but long-wear lipsticks will dry out your lips, and while lipliner prolongs the wear and the way you apply the lipstick will also help… if you talk, eat and drink, or just swallow saliva, the lipstick will go away bit by bit. a human, you do need to do those things throughout the day!! :) Even with oil-free/oil-absorbing makeup products and great primers, if you have combination or oily skin, expect it to be shinny in about 5-6 hours.  Your skin will do what it naturally should do – and there are products out there (alcohol based) that may last, but those products are typically meant for tattoo-coverups, and not recommend to be used on your face for prolonged periods of time.  
  • Which brings me to…even with the Best Artists using the Best Products applying it on the Most Beautiful People in the world – you may see pores/fine lines/texture and you may need to touch-up your lipstick and powder.  This is real life, unless you hire someone to follow you the whole day, coming in to powder and touch-up every 15 minutes! (That service is definitely available if you opt for it!!)  
  • It’s important to select your professional makeup artist carefully, but it’s also important to keep in mind that what we as do as artists is to highlight your best features, and our goal is to present a ‘dressed-up/dolled-up/slightly more glamorous’ version of yourself for your special occasion to highlight your beauty.  Just remember that you are beautiful, and you are a real person! A real person may have pores/fine lines/texture & hyper-pigmentation!  Embrace it!!!