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Happy Valentines Day!  I personally love this holiday mainly because of Chocolate (yes yes, sweet tooth is my weakness… I don’t ever need any encouragement to eat more sugar…! I need encouragement to stop myself for my own good), but whether you are spending it with your significant other, family, friends, or your dear pets, it’s a great excuse to celebrate people and things you love.

There used to be a ton of ideas I had about promoting my business relating to the Holidays and time of year.  For example…Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Breast Cancer Awareness, Black History Month, Asian American Heritage History Month – other holidays and festivals like Lunar New Year, Dia de los Muertos – So on and so forth.

The reality of being a small business owner and prioritizing clients quickly squashed the excitement I had felt over doing cute marketing promos or projects.  On top of that, as an Artist, and as a functional human being, there needs to be time dedicated to nurturing the Artist and The Person.  The person requires things like…chores, and you know, useful activities like Sleeping and Eating!  I joke, but it’s so true ;) Most importantly, during my “personal time” I try to squeeze in at least one Artist Date with myself or my creative peers a week.  Like a Play Date. You might have read or heard of Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way, and may have heard of the term,  what an Artist Date means to me is activities that access my creativity {p.s. Here are 101 suggestions here for an artist date for your reading pleasure}

“Serious art is born from serious play.” – Julia Cameron

If one is making a living out of their artistry, it’s always Art x Commerce…the commerce is running a business (you know, paper work, taxes, emails, phone calls), but the in order to tap into new ideas, find inspiration & rejuvenation of one’s passion, it really does comes through SERIOUS play.  We artist work hard, but we must play very hard.  I get fearful to use the word “play” because I don’t like the stereotype that Creative Professionals undoubtedly have to combat is that work is not work because it’s creative, so it must be fun and stress-free all the time! It’s a deep-rooted, systemic stereotype engrained in our brains as schemas via society accumulated over the centuries – people who use their Creativity are less productive, less disciplined and have inferior work ethic – because it’s creative. You know, when compared to a ‘regular job’…I’m totally scoffing at this here because creativity is required for most jobs I can think of…I mean, a CFO and CEO needs to be creative and innovative with their strategy and leadership…! A scientists needs to tap into their creativity to come up with new theorems or new ways to test out their current hypothesis.  A great server at a restaurant needs to use their creativity to find ways to solve problems for customer and cater to the needs of demanding and hungry guests!!  I’ve done grooming/hair and makeup for many CEOs/CFOs/Presidents/VIPs, and while I only spend at most 20-30 minutes from start to finish  (CEOs are busy…I pretty much need to finish in 5-10 minutes tops if I am lucky, and then they take their portrait for the remaining 20 minutes) and sometimes they ask me a few questions, other times I get to ask them a few questions.  This is a fact…these successful VIPs all have their own place to Play.  Golf, skiing, wind-surfing, cooking, doing homework with their children.  Over the years, I began to learn effective ways to play and arranging various types of Artist Dates for myself.

A few years ago, I was helping out my colleague’s wedding with the bridal party, and as I rolled in with all my equipment, the bride said hello, and then proceeded to asked me if I do this for fun or part time.  Honestly I was caught off guard, as before then it has been a while since anyone had asked me if this was not my full-time profession.  It’s a legitimate question, as some artist do it part time, but for me the part that jumped out was “Is this for fun…?” and the subtext behind that was this must be my hobby and not my ‘real job.’  I just politely said I do this full-time, but in my heart I was thinking: Hey…just because I have fun at my job doesn’t mean this is not a real job or it’s hard work!

For the above reasons, this is why I personally reject the binary or dichotomy when describing work and play:

Work <——–|——–> Play

Or like when one is ‘off duty’ for clients or jobs, the rest of the time is simply personal time.  The binary suggests that creative work is simply ‘work’ and other times if it’s my personal project, it’s simply play…!  That doesn’t feel applicable to me.  It looks more like a random squiggly, with circles and loops, like when you are doodling when you are really really bored.  I play when I work, but I also work when I’m playing.  It’s not Work/Play, it’s Work & Play or Play & Work.

All this is to preface how excited I felt when Sandra of Sandra Fazzino Photography asked me on a “Play Date that’s valentines day themed.”  I didn’t have to think twice – I’m like PLAY DATE!!! How do I sign up for this??  Sandra and I bounced a few ideas, and I was really excited that we were on the same page.  Sandra hand-painted the backdrop, and made the hearts you see Taylor and Alyssa was holding below.  Photo shoots where the goal is to play is one way I really LOVE to play.  Taylor is holding a heart-shaped makeup sponge that came with my Japanese Beauty Magazine that my husband bought me from his last Japan trip – the February issue, of course.  It wasn’t part of our original discussion, but Sandra said: Sure! I’ll take the photo for you! :) :) :) I love them !!!  Even if I don’t think this is my strongest makeup/hair work.   My friend tells me I need to calm down on this self-criticism, but I cannot help myself.  My eyes immediately goes to the things that are slightly out of place or could have been done better for the hair and makeup.   Sometimes when I meet new people, and they find out I do what I do for a living, they told me they felt self-conscious about their makeup that day.  Please believe me…I reassured them that I can turn my profession ‘off’ – I don’t look at someone’s makeup unless it’s my own work….!  But when it’s my work, every lash, every hair, every knuckle I comb through, with a finest tooth comb, under my pretend magnifying lens.  But while I’m in the process of creating, I try to do my best given the time constraints or challenges, but at the same time be fully present, and most importantly, ENJOY the moment, whether it’s bridal, special events, ads, catalog, corporate grooming, film.  For this photo shoot, I try to remind myself how happy I am at the amazing opportunity to give myself one full day of having the freedom to do what I “feel” like doing, not what I’m supposed to do, just for the day!  No amount of money can buy that gratification and happiness of an artist’s ‘flow’ when they are accessing that sacred creative space.  Is it spiritual to me? Yes.  Sacred? To me – absolutely.





My leaf blower arrived in time, so it was perfect that I got to ‘play’ with it as well.  I am no stranger to a leaf blower…trust me, it’s why I get wrist pains and swollen tendons.  (Ok, that and the Marcel Iron together…but I digress)








I am simply grateful that a) I *finally* managed a blog post right on the actual holiday, and b) I’m at a place were I am sharing these images with the world just like that.  As in…I am not fussing over the imperfections in my hair & makeup work; by hitting “publish” (of this blog), I am committing to not going back and ‘deleting/editing’ what simply ‘is.’  It was my artist date for myself, a gift I gave to myself made only possible with Sandra’s invitation and making everything happen! Thank you Sandra!

This Valentines Day, I hope you have an amazing day celebrating with your loved ones, and giving yourself an artist date!


Happy Halloween everyone!  This year I am working, so regrettably I don’t have any Halloween parties to go to :P  Halloween is a special holiday because it’s also my first nephew’s birthday!  I thought that was cool, but I’m wondering when he will get tired about halloween themed birthday parties! He’s such a cool kid!  Anyway…!  I don’t know about you, but if I were to dress up for Halloween, I want to look PRETTY while still fitting the theme and the spirit of the holiday.  I also don’t want to have any costumes that might be offensive, or targeting and making fun of someone’s identity… whether it be their ethnicity, nationality, race, sexual orientation, gender, religious belief, political belief, or their weight.

Last Fall, I saw a submission call for a magazine I liked, but the deadline was the following week.  I immediately thought about my long-time collaborator & beauty photographer extraordinaire Laura Tillinghast, and we whipped this story up within days and scrambled to get it together.  Major props to Laura for also styling & accessorizing the shoot!! Our editorial was picked up by Ellements Magazine and published in the November Beauty issue of Elléments Magazine!  This remains one of my favorite beauty editorials!  Laura & I both love our vampire stories, supernatural romance, dark beauty.  My idea was to present her as the Queen of the Vampires or a succubus (Elléments decided on the title, Dark Queen, which is also very appropriate).  I incorporated a few elements from the runways, including the ombré lip and the silver highlight on the cupid’s bow. It didn’t show up as strongly on the film with the beauty lighting as I would have liked, but I love it anyways!   I wanted to create a look that appears like she JUST FED on you! Eating Men for a Snack, that type of thing.  I also loved the fact that Micah was only 14 at the time of the shoot.  The character is that she became a the Queen and she is forever 14, beautiful, and deadly!  We did 4 looks, with subtle changes with the lips and eyes, but for one of them she’s wearing that sexy eye mask thing!  It’s all good – because the story flows together.  I couldn’t have done it with out the help of my talented stylist Teresa, who was my 2nd/ assistant for the day.  We had a lot to do in a short amount of time – hair/makeup/nails~ changing the looks, hair extensions, blowing the fan, helping with the fog machine.  It was all hands on deck!

Holding the glossy pages in my hand (I know I’ve mentioned this before) was suuuch a natural high.  :P  Sorry to sound like such an addict – but admittedly, I love seeing my work in Print – something about holding it in my hand and looking at it, it prevents me to overly scrutinize any little flaws it may have or what I could have done better, and it helps me enjoy the moment!

If you own something like the MUFE Flash Palette, or a similar product from Theater Makeup Brands (Ben Nye, Kroyolan) you can recreate this look at home.  I had custom blended all of the lip colors with the Flash Palette.  The highlighting I did in the inner corners, bridge of the nose, and the cupids’ bow of the lip can be done using the shimmer colors (silver and gold) for a more dramatic effect, or you can use your favorite highlighter of choice.  I think you should just have fun with it!!

Here is a photo for laughs!  I am on the left (COUGH COUGH~ almost a decade ago ~ Cough cough!!! lol) as a vampire preying on my friend Phoebe the witch on Halloween!!  That was a good day~~~! I also did vampire makeup on my roommate Kirin~ Fake blood fangs and all!

liz and phoebe

LOL!  I dug this photo out from my facebook gallery long long ago.  How’s that for a throwback :P  Happy Halloween + please enjoy one of my favorite beauty editorials to date!

highres102highres3-4_MG_1435 _MG_1492

Makeup & Hair :  Liz / Elizabeth Chang
Makeup & Hair Assistant :  Teresa Reynolds
Photography :  Laura Tillinghast
Photography Assistant :  Rebecca Herem
Elléments Magazine :  Elléments Magazine


I would love to be posting about the following posts that I am excited about:

– My publication in WeddingChicks!
– My beauty editorial (this image is from!) “La Flor” at Denovo Magazine
– My hair & makeup work in a cover and fashion spread in Marin Magazine, March 2014 issue
– Skyla Arts’ 2 spreads in the current print issue of Today’s Bride
– An upcoming spread tomorrow in Green Wedding Shoes
– photos I received from my 2012/2013 clients that I have not had a chance to blog or add to my gallery page
– What I’ve been up to lately on my artist journey and my exciting discoveries about myself + the industry
– My EXCITING finds and investment in my kit on my Tokyo trip!

But…I am in my own version of March Madness, that I experience pretty much every year in the Spring time.  In the Bay Area, at least in my experience, pretty much weddings happen and concentrate between March-November, but that doesn’t mean events do not happen Nov-Feb!  And if events are not happening then, it means clients in the Summer/Fall/Next Spring are looking and booking.  Every year I get into March Madness, and until I’m ‘in’ the middle of it all, it didn’t occur to me March Madness is here!  Outside of the wedding industry, Jan-Dec is fair game, and freelancers like myself often get into the ‘feast or famine’ scenario.

Personally, my March Madness has to do more with Paperwork & emails.  I feel that during the Spring time in general, there are more emails & inquiries!  Which is a great thing!!! But this means I need to prioritize my clients + the paperwork, and therefore…updating galleries + blogging will have to wait even longer, until I can work out how I can squeeze in time in between being on-set or at an event, being fully present while talking to my clients & vendors via email or phone, and – being ‘present’ on all kinds of social media!  I am always looking for ways to be more efficient with paperwork! If you have any suggestions, I am all ears!!!

This also means I may need more time to complete the emails/paperwork, due to sheer volume!  I am certain that I am not the only vendor or vendor-category experiencing this – so I hope that you and potential clients who read this will forgive us all for slight delays in responding to emails or phone calls!  :)

No blog post is complete without a photo! <3 This photo is from an outtake of the publication of the beauty story that came out! I am loving this image – I like how her freckles are showing, her skin is glowing, and a pop of the red colors that is in for Spring 2014!  I choose a custom-blend blue-red because I did not want the color and the flower to be too matchy matchy.  The lighting used for the actual spread would blow out the ‘fly aways’ and you won’t even see them in the film, but since this is an outtake, the ‘frizzies’ showing is what made this image very charming for me. I am loving how sculptural and bird-nesty it looks, to go with our spring theme.  It may not be everyone’s taste, nor my own necessarily, but it happens to ‘work’ in this image.  A take away from this experience is that it doesn’t matter what you are doing with your beauty choices – it just has to work together.  For example, if you are going for an organic theme for your wedding, and it is carried throughout your decor, your attire and your hair & makeup – then it will work and fit together.  If today we were not going for organic, and you look at that ‘messy’ hair, then a) I failed to do my job and b) the whole image would not have worked!  What looks good, that your eye intuitively picks up, is still up to your personal taste and preference!  No matter what you are doing at the moment, no matter what decisions you are currently making, my advice to you is to stick to your personal taste, and think about the overall picture!  Until next time! ;) Happy Wednesday!!!



Woa! Where did 2013 go and half of January???!!!  First and foremost, I want to thank all of my clients & vendors for making 2013 wonderful!  At the end of the day, it’s the great folks & clients that I’ve had the pleasure to work with that made me feel immense amounts of gratitude!

From being a Snippet & Ink Select vendor, to Style Me Pretty publications, and the quantity of publications of fashion & beauty stories, I am truly thankful to the great teams I’ve had the pleasure to work with!!!

2013 was a year of dramatic transitions for me and my business.  I’ve re-done & rebranded both my bridal & my commercial website…that was intense – not going to lie!  It was a big investment of both my time & money (I had saved up for it since 2011), but!! It finally looks the way I want it to!  I feel like finally I have something that represents me and my work the way I see it!  It’s like a huge stone has lifted!  There is still a lot of updating to do, and it’s challenging because my clients always comes first.  Whatever it is I’m doing, I drop everything when I have a client call or a client email.  To me, since the beginning of my business, I’ve aimed to be a ‘high-end service provider’ – and by that I don’t mean just a price tag; being high-end means a) providing high-end customer service b) treating ALL your clients as if they are your V.I.Ps.  If you are my client, you get the best from me.  Whether you are a performing artist, actor, bride or bridal party, or a clothing company – it’s really a service attitude.

I am not going to fluff it any other way…because I strive to provide my best for my clients, I do have fairly high standards for myself and my teammates who I bring with me on jobs. They know this – and they also know that I compensate them most generously because if they also do their best and provide the high-end customer service that I expect, they also deserve to get paid the most!  It makes so much sense to me, and I am grateful that my past clients also understand this.  If I take good care of my team, they will also take great care of my clients. A freelancer who works full-time in the industry cannot afford to make $25-$35 per service for a bridal party hair or makeup in the SF/Bay Area.  People who had this discussion with me will know that I make sure to let them know that an artist who charges $25-$35 vs. someone who charges $125-$150 per 1 service is simply not the same type of service provider.  They are all fruit, but it’s simply…apples to oranges!  It’s kind of like this – if you were apartment hunting, and all of the studio apartments are priced at $1500 in the area you are looking at, but suddenly you see a listing for a studio for $800 – what do you expect to see when you tour the $800 studio apartment? What inspired me to start this paragraph is that yesterday I had a 1-on-1 training session with one of my team members, and as I’m going through the step by step, watching her techniques like a hawk and identifying a few technical things I’d like her to work on, it occurred to me that when it comes to the quality of work and providing the clients the best, I really do have high standards!  I make sure my team is on the same page as I am – as people say, you are only as strong as the weakest link in your team.  Please don’t read this as I perceive my teammate as the weakest link, but rather if we are not all on the same page as a team, rocking all of the services, and god forbid, she makes a mistake, it will certainly reflect in the overall quality of our work as a team.  It’s simple – the buck stops at me – and it is ultimately my responsibility. And how I learned to lead, is by assisting great leads!

I have to continue growing, of course, but I can finally say I feel pretty good about my progress! Being an Asian Woman, 1st generation American (among many other things…) in this country has its set of challenges, as the intersectionality of identities can really challenge me in my workplace. I often feel misunderstood. Honestly, it’s really hard, growing up in a culture where dismissing a compliment is expected of you to show humility, and accepting one means you are being vain, and prideful. I often gets misinterpreted as having low confidence or low self-esteem! The thing is, I don’t have low self-esteem – I just cannot accept a compliment.  It also doesn’t mean I can’t be firm in communication, I am just not as assertive, when compared to others. Both those situations are 2 different things, again, another apples to oranges situation, and it can be often misinterpreted to my disadvantage.  But I have to remember and feel grateful to all the great folks I met and worked with, who tell me that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, who are there to encourage me when I feel doubts about whether or not I belong in this industry, and tell me I should pat myself on the shoulder!!

Now I’m going to discuss a special bridal client in 2013 & her cool mama (the names have been omitted to protect the innocent)  It was a very special wedding to me in many different ways – but I was so pleasantly surprised how similar our parents were while raising us despite our cultural and geographical differences. The take home message I got from having an enlightening conversation with my client is that both of us had parents with extremely high standards, and we worked really hard to obtain their approval.  As children, we worked extra extra hard to be the best in everything, but after being the best, our parents may not pay us a single compliment and say that’s something we ‘should’ do and is part of our responsibility of being children, but may pay compliments freely to others.  It’s tough – but our parents really wanted the best for us and push us to the max. We know they love us deeply, but it’s still hard to be pushed!!  At the end of the day, I feel we’ve learnt to accept ourselves, as our own seal of approval ultimately matters the most in life – that we do things with integrity, with passion, with good intentions.   The most interesting thing to me was that her mama asked me how I developed such great hand-eye-coordination and dexterity with my hands, and I shared that my own mama wanted me to be a concert harpist, so she pressured me to practice (even though I really had zero intention of becoming a concert harpist or concert pianist) – in hindsight, I should really thank my mother for pushing me to obtain a skill at a young age, that could be applied to work that I DO enjoy doing.  It’s a shift in perspective, really!  I told my big sister about that lately, and she was very puzzled as to why our mom wanted me to be a concert harpist.  I think it’s because my mama sees that as a very elegant job and high paying job…although both my sister and I know otherwise.  We discussed the realities of being a concert harpist, lugging an expensive and bulky instrument around for performances, hustling to be the best harpist in the area in order to be a part of the most prestigious symphony in the area (think about it – each symphony only has 1 harpist.  How competitive is THAT!), and then hustling to obtain the most dedicated students who take harp practicing very seriously!  Does that sound like a stress-free job to you? Certainly not to my sister and I!  Hahaha I just have to laugh because I can’t imagine that life being any easier!  I know what my mom means is that maybe if I were a harpist I wouldn’t have to ‘work so hard.’  Oh the irony!

In conclusion…! I’d love to share a set of beauty images I am very proud of that I worked on with Jenna Alcala!  Amanda from Wilhelmina LA was a great pleasure to work with! “Beauty” means close-up.  Way close.  You see everything!  Every pore, every lash.  If you make a single mistake, there is no hiding.  There is no soft focus for this type of work. If you ask me, I think Beauty is the hardest and most precise work to do, and you are always racing with the clock!  I did hair makeup & nails.  In hind sight, I probably should have brought on an assistant or a 2nd artist to keep the day rolling more smoothly, but I am giving myself my own seal of approval here!  :)  Bridal is basically beauty work, except I make sure to give myself the time I need to execute it in the flawless way.  About the photos – I am so pleased with the 2 lipsticks I picked up at the Duty Free store in Sao Paolo, en route back to SFO – Shiseido!  It was a great eye-opening and learning experience in Brazil + Argentina, and I’m so happy that I was able to custom blend the lipsticks to work with this Holiday-Themed beauty story!  I love the images, and the most important thing I really want to say in this blog post is that without the awesome team & clients that I work with who creates a safe and productive environment for me to do my best work, there is no way I could do any of it without it!!!  I am beyond excited to start 2014!!!

Because I worked throughout the holidays, I am taking my personal time from Jan 22-Jan 30th, traveling to the Makeup Mecca of the world – TOKYO.  Trust me, I’ll be back with a lot of cutting edge goodies.  The next post will be an out-of-town notice!  ;)

Until next time! :) :) :)



make a splash-1

make a splash-2

make a splash-3

make a splash-4_Yay!  I am doing a happy dance!  I am so happy and honored to be featured in the September Beauty Issue of Tantalum Magazine!  I have a few tear sheets (publications) coming up in September and October, and the whole experience has been overwhelming in the best possible way.  I do think it has a lot to do with coinciding with my 27th birthday (earlier this month I turned 27!) because it finally hit me that I am living my dream and (still) living & working as an artist.  It’s a combination of things….working with really great bridal & commercial clients (Yes yes! I am talking about you!) these recent months, and seeing your hard work sprawled on a page, that feeling is something I can’t really describe with words.

Please click here to read the interview that accompanied the story!  It’s only my 2nd time being interviewed by a magazine, the first time being the “Siren” editorial I shot and did hair & makeup for…which was all the way in 2011!  I was very excited answering all the questions for Tantalum Mag, so I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  :)

I want to take the opportunity to say Thank You to the amazing team. Laura Tillinghast (photographer), Alanna Anderson (stylist), Caina Summers (model from Scout Models SF) and my friend & colleague Julie Dy who was my 2nd in command for makeup.  I knew that we had 6 looks to do, and I had planned the looks as best as I could, but I knew I pretty much had to remove the entire eye makeup and re-do the false lashes, as some of the looks we tried it both with just the regular texture of the product, and also with the “Gloss” effect.  The downside of the beautiful Gloss effect is that it transfers, and if you can imagine the gloss texture itself, it’s heavy, and will travel down to the lash line eventually, which means, re-do the eyelashes.  I think for 6 looks I went through 3-4 sets of false lash re-dos!  We were very very ambitious with the time schedule that we were given, and also, trying the water effects etc.  Either way, I made the right decision in bringing on Julie!  It wouldn’t have been possible without her by my side. For the readers who may not be familiar with the terminology of makeup/hair artists titles on the job, here is a brief explanation based on my understanding of the roles.  The Lead or Key Artist, is responsible for everything…designs the looks, makes the schedule, and leads the team to execute it, and everyone follows their direction. The Key can be the Key all by himself/herself if they feel they can handle the work by themselves. The Second artist is someone who has as much skill as the Lead/Key, but does not design the looks.  The Assistant is similar to Second, but may or may not have as much skill as the Key/Lead or Second, and their roles on set will depend largely on their skills – they may be doing anything from set up, clean up, cleaning brushes, handing items to the Key, so on and so forth.  Interns, on the other hand, are there to watch and learn. When appropriate, they will be given opportunities to work on clients/models, but usually acts as a role of helping out!  I have done all of these roles – and am always happy to assist or second for my colleagues/peers & mentors.  The most important thing is to always do your best in your given domain, and take it as a valuable learning experience!   There’s always something new to learn on set.  Sometimes Seconds and Assistants are used interchangeably, and I feel one of the reasons is the word “Second” is more foreign.  But I would say that it’s not fair to lump them together! Just my opinion of course!  I am just honored that I can work with a wonderful and talented teammate like Julie!

The other reason why I am sharing these seemingly random factoids is that these days I generally work with Seconds, and not Assistants.  Whether it’s on commerical/print jobs, or weddings/bridal.  The folks I bring in have strong skills, and I never need to worry about what they are doing with the clients/models/talent.  Even so, if I am the Key, the buck stops at me and ultimately it is my responsibility that everything looks great & all the clients are happy.  I have complete faith and trust in the Associates/Seconds I bring on!

My husband says I write too much and I should write less! :P  So I hope you enjoyed the editorial, and…! I announced on facebook that I will be a part of SPARKLE! A Rengstorff House Bridal Faire + Open House!  I am very excited – Rengstorff House is a hidden gem of Mountain View, CA – it’s only a little over 1 mile away from my studio!  I have events there every year (since I am based in Mountain View, the heart of Silicon Valley, Google-town, lol etc etc) and this year I am excited to be a part of their Open House!  If you are stopping by, please be sure to say Hi!!!  I shall go prepare for my editorial shoot later today & the exciting SPARKLE! event tomorrow! Until next time!! :)

Photography :  Laura Tillinghast
Stylist :  Alanna Anderson

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Photographer: Laura Tillinghast
Model: Ashley Ying @ Look Model SF
After planning out this beauty story, our original model had a last-minute emergency and couldn’t make it. We still had all of the lighting equipment, so we decided to do the shoot anyway. I posted on my Facebook asking if any models were free at short notice. Thankfully, Ashley rescued the day and could come instead! We changed the concept a bit to fit Ashley’s skin and the lighting, and got some beautiful photos! Ashley is a really good beauty model to work with and really knows how to pose well for the camera. Since September is here…I guess it’s time to post some Fall Colors? 
We went to Michael’s to get the materials for the various hair accessories. I used lip tars from Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics for the lip looks. I really like the braided look on Ashley. Considering the last-minute changes, we were really happy to come out with some good images from this shoot! Check out the other photos!

This week = swamped! And Tomorrow is the Trudys Bridal Show!! I’m looking forward to it, and also looking forward to next week! 
Hope everyone is having a great weekend!!!!

Super super cute!

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Photography: Sasha Gulish
Styling: Peggi Jeung
Model: Sarina @ Stars Model Management

I was super excited to work with the Sasha & Peggi again!  This shoot starred Kelsie’s baby pug dog, Jewel.  
At each photo shoot, something fun usually happens, but this one I enjoyed in particular! Jewel (the adorable pug) was a bit of a diva because Jewel’s loyalties are with Kelsie and Kelsie only! The whole scene was super hilarious because Jewel’s eyes will follow Kelsie wherever she went, and her face screamed: “Help me help me! This girl I don’t know is kissing me!!!!” – That was the face the whole time!! Scroll down to the bottom to see an outtake shot – the GOLDEN moment that Jewel let go of her reservations, and gave Sarina a KISS – from afar! Sasha caught it all on camera! :) :) I laughed so so hard when I saw the film!  Jewel did it unwillingly – you see, her eyes were even closed to block out the emotions – like a kid’s first kiss or something!  So adorable! 
Another “lol” moment is the look with the heart-shaped sunglasses…! Sasha turned around to the three of us {Peggi the stylist, Kelsie the studio manager, and myself} and said: “I can see your reflection…you look like the 3 mean girls with your arms crossed.”

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang 
Photography: Novi Angelomio
Model: Jordan @ Scout SF

Woohooo!!! A reel!!! This one I recorded myself with my little CanonS95 and used CS5 After Effects for the first time~~~ It was really intimidating opening that program, so I had to watch a few youtube tutorials and ask Erika for her advice!  Anyhow…the indoor lighting during the shoot was very warm, so I applied a cooling filter to color adjust the video!  Again it’s my first time fiddling around with that stuff, so nothing fancy, not effects or anything. 
We did a clean look before this, and I wanted to keep the look very ‘classic.’  Jordan’s face looks a bit like Rachel McAdams/Kristen Bell/Rachel Evan Woods combined in some of the angles, but she is stunning!  A lot of my work features really clean makeup, and I find that perhaps people might think that’s the only look I know how to do…so I really wanted to do the classic smokey eye look and add some variety – I also want to do different colors smokey eyes later, but I  wanted to start off with the “classic” one!  I’m looking forward to see the images! :) 
Because Jordan’s skin was a little dry that day, the foundation had a bit of trouble adhering in the nose area…which is why I decided to pull out my airbrush. Now if I didn’t tell you that, could you have known and noticed the difference? :)  Like I say..the airbrush is just another brush, another tool in my tool box (Albeit a slightly more expensive one).
The whole shoot had a bit more of a New York vibe to me than the Bay Area…but I feel like it’s good to change it up, keep it loose and interesting! 

Model: Morgan @ Stars SF

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)

Photography: Rummy Makmur
Makeup & Hair Assistant: Erika Taniguchi

For Bridal makeup, it is trendy to enhance lashes (false lash application) or use an airbrush – but I love love the natural clean look.  It’s my style (and it’s apparent) but that doesn’t mean I cannot deliver smokey eyes for bridal as well! It all depends on what the client wants, and what would look good on them.  I give a lot of options, but sometimes my clients prefer if I just do it on them! ;) 
I am excited to announce that as part of my bridal and special occasion service, I will be providing accessory rentals! Instead of it being an extra expense, renting an accessory is a fraction of the cost.  The only thing I require is a security deposit that I will return to you in its entirety once the accessory is returned safely.  The one on the model is one of my favorites~ I didn’t think of myself as a feather person, but as long as it’s small and tasteful, I like it on an accessory.
Early rise tomorrow for a wedding gig tomorrow! I knew this was going to happen – spring/summer/early fall months are always the busiest in my industry, but the pace of life went from relatively balanced to woaahhh it’s been over a week since my last ‘day off’!  Hope everyone is having a lovely memorial day weekend!  :) 

Models: Brittany Ward @ Look
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)

      Makeup & Hair Assistant: Melissa Yue

Photography: Novi Angelomio

One word: HOT!  Novi & Brittany escaped the rain and storm that came to SF Bay Area last week! It’s been raining all week…I had to reschedule a photo shoot that was scheduled for Today – so I don’t feel so bad because it was actually raining! :D If it was sunny I’d be banging my head against the wall in frustration lol…You can’t control the weather!  These photos really captivate the weather~ kind of gloomy mood~! Brittany shared that she is really into Cereal  – after the shoot…I was at Costco and I saw Chocolate Cheerios and I bought a whole box! nomnomnom! Since the weather is “sort of” warming up, I’m excited to stop eating oatmeal, and eat cereal for a change!

I did a soft smokey dropped-eye shadow on Brittany~ It was my pleasure to have Melissa assist me. She is very interested in shifting gears in her career~! Normally for 1 model I really don’t have much assignments for my assistant, but it’s good preparation to establish rapport for future larger gigs. I’m excited to have assistance for future gigs ;)  I’m happy with how the hair and makeup turned out! Love her beautiful brows!

You can view a larger version on my Commercial Portfolio ! And if you haven’t been there yet, you should check it out! ;D Stay tuned for my next post: “Demystifying Airbrush”