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Happy 2015 folks!  Can’t believe it’s 2015 already!  I wanted to start with a “2014 highlights” post and outline a few memorable events, but when Today’s Bride arrived at my door step, there’s no way to not start the new year with this beautiful shoot!  I am going to ask for the high-res photos of the other spread, and share it when I receive it! :)  Just as a note, I will add the PDF of the spread later – but for now, you can check these out – and check out the spreads inside the latest copy of Today’s Bride SF!!!

For this one, having worked with Sandra Fazzino on the last Today’s Bride editorial, when Sandra contacted me for this project, I was jumping to say yes before knowing any other details!   This photo shoot was one of the biggest highlights of 2014 for me. I am so grateful to be on a dream team with folks who are so open and supportive of each other, which creates a safe and sacred creative space for us to do our best work!  On the personal level, I took some risks/exited my comfort zone for the hair and makeup, and it paid off and it was only possible thanks to y’all :)  When we had our dress fittings + meetings, what inspired me is when Sandra said we should be Bold and Audacious (paraphrased here) and those words propelled me to do something more editorial.  Lupita Nyong’o was on the pinboards for our editorial inspiration, and I was very excited. The center part for the hair was a trend I noticed in Spring/Summer 2015, and I was personally into the braided centered chignons.  I wanted to keep the makeup pretty soft.  When I was packing for this gig, I realized the hair extensions I had may not be the right shade….so just in case, I rushed to the store and bought another set, and it turns out the ones I bought was actually the better match!  I’m glad I trusted my gut for that one, as it would have been a little difficult to remedy that problem on the hills of Calistoga! :)

This was the perfect project to end 2014, and to start 2015 inspired and excited! I was lucky that Treja was available to assist me on this shoot, helping me with the body makeup + men’s grooming while I worked on Vee’s hair & makeup.  Treja is actually one of Skyla Arts Lead Hair & Makeup artists, booking for 2015!  (More on that later as well!) The gorgeous Rosa Clará gown is styled by Chantal & Saida from Nouvelle Vogue, but because of the potential transfer of body makeup, we were using alcohol based.  Often for editorials we are racing with the clock, and it can feel like 2 women doing a 4-person job, but we did it! :) Venita, or Vee, was very patient with us while we worked on her!  And survived the chilly weather like a champ!

The details + styling was gorgeous! But you can enjoy those shots on Sandra’s blog and see more details in Today’s Bride!!

I hope you enjoy the photos! And I hope your 2015 is off to a Bold and Audacious start!

vee2   vee7  vee8






Dress/Accessories :  Nouvelle Vogue {Rosa Clara}
Floral Designer :  Soulflower
Stationary :  Paper Monkey Press
Stationary (Design) :  Lisa Solomon
Desserts :  Crisp Bakeshop
Rentals (Chairs) :  Blueprint Studios
Jewelry :  Ben Shemano
Gifts/Candle Holders :  GlassyBaby


Happy spring time!  Although here in the South Bay area it is feeling like summer!  I am thrilled to share a bridal editorial I worked on that I did makeup for that was featured in Today’s Bride Magazine!  Given the timeline, I thought it would be best if hair & makeup is separate and brought on my colleague Elisa Bunnell at Ws Salon to work on it together!  We also styled the ‘groom’ – it’s always a good idea to give the groom a light touch-up to match the bride’s polished look.  It was a great day at the gorgeous Kohl Mansion, and the perfect location for a 20s/Downton Abbey-inspired shoot.  The two gowns featured, Azalea & Eden from Jenny Packham, were selected & styled by Chantel & Saida at Nouvelle Vogue.  I ended up doing 2 lip colors to go with the different scenes – I loved how the mauve lip color and the unique ring color was showcased  in the closeups!

The spread featured the beautiful details, but here are a few more of my favorites from the shoot!  The last photo, we begged Sandra to take, because it really brought the Downton Abbey wedding scene, when Mary walked down the stairwell!  ;) It was a huge pleasure to work with all-star vendors & I hope you enjoyed temporarily entering a 20s-inspired inspiration shoot!

View More:

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Magazine :  Today's Bride SF
Venue :  Kohl Mansion
Florals & Event Design :  Mandy Scott Events
Makeup :  Skyla Arts
Men's Accessory :  Gene Hiller
Stationary :  Little Miss Press
Jewelry :  Dilek Sezen
Rentals :  Hartmann Studios
Models :  Exalt Agency

san francisco napa sonoma petaluma wedding photographer - 3

Happy Fall everyone! I’m so blessed to be swamped the majority of October! :) Thank you to all my clients for the support and patronage!  For my new friends reading my blog for the first time, welcome to my monthly/sporadic-at-best/haphazard blog!  I love blogging, but I feel so guilty about not getting to it.  Fortunately, I am not alone on this, and I can commiserate with other fellow wedding vendors! We want to share our work and what we are up to, but we also want to concentrate on providing all of our clients the best service!

I am working on a wedding + a photo shoots this weekend, and then I start getting ready for my trip to Buenos Aires Argentina, and Iguazu National Park from both the Argentina side, and on the Brazil side, and then Sao Paolo!  I apologize for the inconvenience, but I will be heading to a much needed, and well-deserved dream trip from Oct 24 to Nov 5th!  I can barely wait to get there!

Currently what I am most looking forward to is horse back riding with the cowboys on the Pampas and BBQ-ing under the stars. I am going with one of my best friends, and we plan to have a blast!  In 1st/2nd grade, I was lucky to have that experience in Costa Rica (don’t remember what city…) at a large ranch, and yes, we rode with the cowboys in the open fields, and it was one of the best experiences I had in my life.  The feeling of the wind in your hair as your horse follows the herd into a gallop, you feel free, and connected to the earth.  I spent 9 years of my childhood+teenage years in Central America (Costa Rica + Guatemala) and 2 months down in Asuncion, Paraguay but for the last decade, visiting Buenos Aires was on the top of my list.  I didn’t get to go while in Paraguay because my dad was being a dad (overprotective) and so I had to work really hard and squirrel away the funds for it…Oh there are so many places I want to go and haven’t been to…like France or Spain, London, Tokyo, and I would love to revisit Italy as first and only time in Europe/Italy, I had the FLU. But hey, one goal/dream at a time!  All I can think about right now is Argentinian Steak.  The Best Steak in the World. . . . .!

Anyway – I will have limited internet access, and 0 phone access, so I will thank you in advanced for your patience!  I return to the Bay Area 11/05 but have a full-day photo shoot on 11/06, so I will return to office on 11/07! :) :) :)

These photos are a sneak peak from Styled. The Workshop!  These 2 images are provided courtesy of Chung Li Photography!  This is Kennedy and Landon from JE models – of course they are already almost perfect and didn’t really need makeup, but alas, this is my makeup/hair and men’s grooming work for the photo shoot!  It was a blast meeting and working with all the vendors, and getting to know the participants of the workshop!  More on that workshop will come later! For now, please enjoy the sneak peak!  I am loving the mauve matte lips I used on Kennedy (Custom blended color…always..!) I think it’s perfect for a fall wedding with all the foliage! Something to think about for Fall 2014 brides! :)

I will sign off – wish everyone a lovely weekend – and when I return, I will be even more excited and refreshed for my fall/winter weddings!!!

san francisco napa sonoma petaluma wedding photographer - 7

Creative Direction :  Amanda O'Shannessy Creative
Photography :  Chung Li Photography
Vintage Rentals :  One True Love Vintage
Paper Goods :  Mae Mae Paperie
Wardrobe Styling :  Head Over Heels with Melanie
Hair & Makeup :  Skyla Arts {Liz}
Bride's Attire :  Lovely Bride
Vintage Table Top Decor :  Frances Lane Event Studio

make a splash-1

make a splash-2

make a splash-3

make a splash-4_Yay!  I am doing a happy dance!  I am so happy and honored to be featured in the September Beauty Issue of Tantalum Magazine!  I have a few tear sheets (publications) coming up in September and October, and the whole experience has been overwhelming in the best possible way.  I do think it has a lot to do with coinciding with my 27th birthday (earlier this month I turned 27!) because it finally hit me that I am living my dream and (still) living & working as an artist.  It’s a combination of things….working with really great bridal & commercial clients (Yes yes! I am talking about you!) these recent months, and seeing your hard work sprawled on a page, that feeling is something I can’t really describe with words.

Please click here to read the interview that accompanied the story!  It’s only my 2nd time being interviewed by a magazine, the first time being the “Siren” editorial I shot and did hair & makeup for…which was all the way in 2011!  I was very excited answering all the questions for Tantalum Mag, so I hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it!  :)

I want to take the opportunity to say Thank You to the amazing team. Laura Tillinghast (photographer), Alanna Anderson (stylist), Caina Summers (model from Scout Models SF) and my friend & colleague Julie Dy who was my 2nd in command for makeup.  I knew that we had 6 looks to do, and I had planned the looks as best as I could, but I knew I pretty much had to remove the entire eye makeup and re-do the false lashes, as some of the looks we tried it both with just the regular texture of the product, and also with the “Gloss” effect.  The downside of the beautiful Gloss effect is that it transfers, and if you can imagine the gloss texture itself, it’s heavy, and will travel down to the lash line eventually, which means, re-do the eyelashes.  I think for 6 looks I went through 3-4 sets of false lash re-dos!  We were very very ambitious with the time schedule that we were given, and also, trying the water effects etc.  Either way, I made the right decision in bringing on Julie!  It wouldn’t have been possible without her by my side. For the readers who may not be familiar with the terminology of makeup/hair artists titles on the job, here is a brief explanation based on my understanding of the roles.  The Lead or Key Artist, is responsible for everything…designs the looks, makes the schedule, and leads the team to execute it, and everyone follows their direction. The Key can be the Key all by himself/herself if they feel they can handle the work by themselves. The Second artist is someone who has as much skill as the Lead/Key, but does not design the looks.  The Assistant is similar to Second, but may or may not have as much skill as the Key/Lead or Second, and their roles on set will depend largely on their skills – they may be doing anything from set up, clean up, cleaning brushes, handing items to the Key, so on and so forth.  Interns, on the other hand, are there to watch and learn. When appropriate, they will be given opportunities to work on clients/models, but usually acts as a role of helping out!  I have done all of these roles – and am always happy to assist or second for my colleagues/peers & mentors.  The most important thing is to always do your best in your given domain, and take it as a valuable learning experience!   There’s always something new to learn on set.  Sometimes Seconds and Assistants are used interchangeably, and I feel one of the reasons is the word “Second” is more foreign.  But I would say that it’s not fair to lump them together! Just my opinion of course!  I am just honored that I can work with a wonderful and talented teammate like Julie!

The other reason why I am sharing these seemingly random factoids is that these days I generally work with Seconds, and not Assistants.  Whether it’s on commerical/print jobs, or weddings/bridal.  The folks I bring in have strong skills, and I never need to worry about what they are doing with the clients/models/talent.  Even so, if I am the Key, the buck stops at me and ultimately it is my responsibility that everything looks great & all the clients are happy.  I have complete faith and trust in the Associates/Seconds I bring on!

My husband says I write too much and I should write less! :P  So I hope you enjoyed the editorial, and…! I announced on facebook that I will be a part of SPARKLE! A Rengstorff House Bridal Faire + Open House!  I am very excited – Rengstorff House is a hidden gem of Mountain View, CA – it’s only a little over 1 mile away from my studio!  I have events there every year (since I am based in Mountain View, the heart of Silicon Valley, Google-town, lol etc etc) and this year I am excited to be a part of their Open House!  If you are stopping by, please be sure to say Hi!!!  I shall go prepare for my editorial shoot later today & the exciting SPARKLE! event tomorrow! Until next time!! :)

Photography :  Laura Tillinghast
Stylist :  Alanna Anderson


Keeping to my minimum of one blog post per month goal, I am fairly excited for my August blog! :)  The team and I have been working on it on and off for about 1 month now, and it’s great to finally share it with the world!  I realized that the last video we did together was in 2011…that’s a long time ago!  How time flies!  Originally I had planned to do a red carpet inspired makeup, but the models we wanted to work with were not available, and I felt strongly about working with Anna, which resulted in this project targeting Anna’s features!  Doing things like this is a lot of fun (A lot of work, too! but FUN) and it’s good to mix it up.  The only NOT-SO-FUN part is the part where I have to talk to the camera.  I got so nervous that Tim’s team member, John, suggested I make a cue card for myself.  Which I think made it even worst!  Oh well! Things to work on…Please just fast forward my intro ok? My friend asked me why I feel so nervous instead of confident because I am talking about something I know.  Well..admittedly a) it’s hard to be in the same frame as a model b) I just hate it.

Here’s a funny/good story for you.  In high school, whenever our sports teams were going to another country to compete, (I completed my high school at an international high school in Taipei, Taiwan) the entire high school would have a Pep Rally to basically cheer them on.  In my junior year of high school, the art department thought the arts should also be featured and get attention when we send off our talented artists (language arts like improv, rhetoric and debate, fine arts, music, dance, drama) off to the Cultural Convention abroad, which is hosted at different schools each year.  There are only 3 spots for Artists who will represent our school with 1 of their art work, along with 20 other carefully selected works of other students to represent our school – of course I applied for the artist rep spot and was desperate to go.  After having gone through the rigorous selection process and interview, well, I didn’t make it partially because Seniors have seniority. I did get to go my senior year, but nonetheless, my artwork as a Junior made it to Jakarta. The art department decided to make a nice video for this Pep Rally with our work, which I fully supported, but I had no idea this video would also feature US, the artist and not just our artwork. I was told to show up at the rooftop where everyone was being filmed – it was a windy spring day (hair flying).  To make a long story short, I forgot all about this few seconds of video being filmed, and when other artists’ face starting showing up on the LARGE screen in front of the whole high school, my heart started pounding!  AND there it was!!!! My artwork…and then!!!!! A CLOSE UP OF MY FACE WITH FLYING HAIR FLYING AND ALL, like a Beauty Feature….!  It was the longest few seconds of my life!  Don’t get me wrong…it was filmed in the most flattering manner by Mr. Duffy.  (Thank you Mr. Duffy!) but for me, it was so embarrassing & mortifying.  I wanted to cry. Or hide. BOTH!  Some people naturally love the camera, and I, naturally, like being behind the camera.  A less known factoid about me is that I have been approached by scouts when I was 17/18 – for television.  At the time, being size 0-2 with long hair, a sharp chin (I was told makes your face smaller on TV) and good skin, I had met the prerequisites that scouts look for for television, except I had absolutely zero desire.  I don’t think even my friends & family know this because I never bothered to tell them since, in my mind, it wasn’t an important event in my life.  I think the only person who knew about it was my friend Mark, who was present with me at the time and was entertained by the whole encounter. Of course, as a kid we always fantasize what it would be like to be a “star” and “famous,” but I can’t see myself  being an entertainer/actor on TV, especially given that traumatic experience described above!  When I told the scout politely that I am not interested, she was SHOCKED.  “Don’t you know that TV show?? I can get you in…!” (it was very popular at the time….)  “Yes, I’ve seen it, but I am sorry I am not interested….” and she looked at me in shock, probably because most of the time girls would be ecstatic to go in for an audition. And thank god for that! I would have been so miserable!  I’m feeling miserable enough to sometimes be featured in behind the scenes video and doing this tutorial!  This is my #17goingon27 story – more to come in September!

Back to our video here to present day.  We’ve taken notes and made improvements on the video portion since our last project, but we are still working on perfecting it! So I hope you enjoy the video regardless of our progress with “making a perfect makeup tutorial”!  It’s challenging because Tim is a videographer and not a makeup artist, and vice versa, I am not a videographer. What we pay attention to is different, but I feel that with each video we do, we are going to nail it down and streamline it!

I also last picked up my camera in 2011…!  I had reached out to a few photographers who may want to shoot it, but unfortunately they were unavailable….! So….Had to dust off the cob webs – literally (in my backyard), and figuratively (using my camera).  But I had a lot of fun with it, especially made easier with the support of Tim & John! John, who also lent me his BEAST OF A LENS to play with.  I asked them how they don’t get tendonitis or carpal tunnel with such a big lens! Oh what fun…!

This one is my favorite shot of the bunch! I wanted to push Anna to make different facial expressions, and while I am still deciding if I should add this to my portfolio, at the moment I am just loving this image!  Sometimes we gotta do art for arts’ sake…not to please the critic or audience!  I hope you enjoy the videos + photos!  Until next time! :)







Makeup, Hair, Photography :  Elizabeth Chang
Videography :  Low Tek Studios
It is my great pride & joy to share a shoot conceptualized by Christine Le and myself to highlight the various wedding vendors located in the San Francisco Bay Area – specifically the South Bay vendors and hidden gems! We were hoping to submit it at the time it was produced & shot in June of 2011, but at the time there were an over saturation of stylized shoots! The photos were shot on film and are as is without alteration.  Nearly 2 years later, I am excited to share a few of the images here on my blog.  All of our vendors and the models worked hard and we are really proud of our work.  Watch the video now! :) :) :)I also wanted to thank my friend Patty for agreeing to join!  What had happen was the original ‘maid of honor’ we casted had to cancel because she had to go in to work that day.  Patty & I went to grade school together in Bangkok, Thailand…we were supposed to hang out but I got the dates mixed up!!  And then I begged and begged Patty!  lol this is her acting & modeling debut!

Here is the description of our project:

Christine & I drew our inspiration from the heart of California and its Spanish heritage. By juxtaposing a beautiful historic venue with modern elements, we salute old world
Spanish charm but present it with a modern twist!
Allied Arts Guild, a cooperative of artists, has been an inspiring sanctuary for artists and craftsmen since 1929. Originally owned by a Spanish King in 1700s, it was designed in the classic Spanish Colonial Style with tile work broughtby art lovers. The location is picture perfect with its exquisite over from Spain and Morocco and purchased Spanish-style gardens, making it a dream destination wedding venue. The Spanish architectural details of the red-roof tiles, archways, courtyards, and wrought iron reflect the beauty and history of California.
Our color palette of soft peaches, yellows & ivory was inspired by the warm California sunset as well as the hues of the venue’s Spanish tiles. Indelisa Montoro from Royal Bloom designed the romantic yet modern floral designs. Also found in her charming boutique, located in the Allied Arts Guild, is the chandelier, vintage utensils and plates, as well as couture wedding favors like the bird nest our ring bearer is holding in his palm!
The groom and ring bearer wear custom fitted tuxedos provided by Eli Thomas. The lines and ruffles of the bride’s organza ball gown {“Chelsea from David Tutera by Faviana 2011”} echoe the motif of the Spanish tiles. Complementing the gown is a hand-made hair accessory by Bonnie Harper from One World Designs Bridal. Jewelry featuring an elegant organza & cotton flower on top of ivory feathers with a pearl accent in the center; it is placed carefully on top of the modern, side-parted low. The bridesmaid and mother of the bride wear Simone Carvalli – all gowns chignon on the bride by makeup & hair artist Elizabeth Chang from Skyla Arts, and the unique floor-length Sara Gabriel “Rachael” Veil are provided by BoLee Bridal Couture. Also showcased on the bride, is Yael Design’s bridal “Novelique” collection that is opulent and stylish –featuring a beautifully crafted diamond engagement ring. Jewelry worn on thebridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride is from Yael’s “Lyra Collection” containing colorful diamonds, rubies, and sapphires.
Staying true to our Spanish/California inspiration, Tim Prestoza from Low Tek & Elizabeth
chose “Mi Corazon” (My Heart/Love) as the background music of our video, and the style of the digital videography –mixing the old and the modern – replicates vintage Super 8 mm film but is done instead (remove instead) digitally.
It was a surprisingly warm day for June, but despite the heat, all the vendors and models pulled out all the stops to create these images & video! We hope you enjoyed the photos and thevideo as much as we do!
Star Vendor List:

Venue: Allied Arts Guild {Menlo Park, California – contact: Tiana Wong}
Makeup and Hair : Elizabeth Chang @ Skyla Arts {assisted by Erika T}
Photographer: Christine Le @Magnolia Photography {assisted by Erik L}
Videographer: Lowtek Studios {Tim & John}
Jewelry: Yael Designs
Hair Accessory: One World Designs Bridal
Bridal Gowns:  BoLee Bridal Couture, designer – David Tutera
Tuxedos: Eli Thomas
Flowers: Royal Bloom Boutique
Stationary: Inviting Ideas

Bride: Jana Molder
Maid of Honor: Patty Wu
Groom: Kelly Murphy
Best Man: Shane Swenson
Mother of the Bride: Astrid Tromp
Father of the Bride: Al Valdes
Flower Girl and Ring Bearer: Kelsey & Travis@ JE SF

Photography: Laura Tillinghast
Photography Assistant: Rebecca Herem
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang (me!)
Model: Hannah + Jana @ Stars Model Management

I’ve been meaning to try Zumba for a while, more so after these two assignments for Z-Life Magazine!  Coincidentally, I received these photos today, and I also received my Zumba Fitness Xbox game in the mail!!  Now that my husband and I FINALLY installed curtains, I won’t have to feel self conscious about my neighbors looking in while I attempt to work out a sweat in my living room! ;)
I was very very excited to get an opportunity for a tear sheet that features “beauty” work and we got to do 2 different features (one for the serum, the other for the hair chalking technique!!!)  I was pleased to see that it was also the first story in the issue!!! yay! I look forward to work with this magazine again and of course, trying Zumba!  For the serum shot, my left hand is in the shot (lol! my first shoot as a ‘hand model’! lol!!!) and Rebecca was holding the serum droplet!!  It was a lot harder than it looked but we were able to get the shot under Laura’s expert guidance!!  Laura did an amazing job with…everything!!! Planning the shoots, casting the PERFECT models, and then – the beautiful product shots!!! Bravo bravo!! I can’t feel more proud of the spread!!! Not shown here, but there was a product shot that featured a REAL LIVE SNAKE!!!  Click to see it! I think that is pretty rad!  :) :) :)

On the personal note….

I’m heading to LA next week for a job, and the job continues the following week here in the Bay – and  after the job completes, I head to NYC for a destination wedding!  I don’t know…my goal of catching up with blogging doesn’t seem to be a realistic one…! You may also notice that I seem to prefer to blog the commercial/print work that I do, versus the 37+ weddings I haven’t gotten around to!!! I hope you don’t think that I prefer one type of work over the other because of this!!! The truth is, blogging about my lovely brides and their handsome grooms requires more time commitment, and also I am still collecting the photos from spring/summer weddings. My beloved iMac is also reaching the end of its rope….! And I’m having trouble updating my gallery on my bridal page…which brings me to… my new bridal website that will launch Spring of 2013!  I will begin working with a webdesigner/developer this coming month!  It’s very exciting but wow…I was thinking Nov/Dec will be a nice down time for me, but it didn’t end up happening that way.  I hope I don’t sound like one of those people who goes “I am just SO busy…SO busy” and it gets annoying.  You know the type!!!  :P  But I have to say my plate is quite full, and I feel very blessed to be busy (even though I do whine about it when it gets a little overwhelming!!), working in an industry that I love.  In the meantime, if you would like to see sneak peaks of bridal photos, please like & follow the Skyla Arts Facebook Page.  I also have a Commercial Facebook Page, Elizabeth Chang | Makeup & Hair, dedicated to sharing commercial/print/photoshoot work.  Lastly, I’m active on Instagram and post behind the scenes snapshots and of course…my cat Skyla, and occasionally the food I’m eating :)
Yesterday I did a bridal preview/consultation with a lovely bride-to-be, and she asked how many weddings I did/am doing this year, and I said: “I think it’s 40 or 41″ and she thought that was a lot!  Definitely a lot more than last year!  But I know of colleagues that do 60+, or 100+! I had a conversation with them about it…I ask them…”How do you manage??!!”  Next year I will feel so lucky & honored if 40 brides choose me for their big day! I’m just hoping that next year will be even better than this year!  And by that I don’t mean I hope to get more than 40 brides! :P Truly truly…to my clients who hired me, if I haven’t said it enough, THANK YOU! Yes yes…This is a belated Thanksgiving post! :P :P
Until next time!!! *smiles*

I just wanted to post this bec
Earlier this spring, I worked on a look book for a quality clothing company Tart Collections but I haven’t seen the images from there…until now!!!  This is a page in the September issue of Harper’s Bazaar!!!!  Look for the Gwen Stefani Cover! :) I know it’s not the same as having an editorial in there, but…it’s still pretty exciting for me…! To see it in Harper’s Bazaar! Crazy!!!  I subscribe to 3 magazines in the U.S.: W, Marie Claire & Harper’s Bazaar!  Anyway…I am just so thrilled to see an image from that day, and to see it in print = even better!  The beautiful model, Larisa, is just…super gorgeous, and beautiful inside & out!! She doesn’t really need any photoshop/photo editing! :P She exercises regularly, and has a passion for cooking! You can check out her blog, Model Eats to learn some unique recipes & get health/beauty tips!

Also currently found on the newsstands, is the Fall 2012 issue of The Knot!  Sorry you have to bear with my terrible iPhone photo shots of the magazines….!  But…for quality images, you can find them at your local newsstand! :D

I worked on the cover+cover story under the Key Artist, Erin Skipley!  I was really excited to assist Erin – I just had a great feeling about her, and without knowing anyone else who also knows her, contacted her via facebook messaging around February of this year, and then ran into her at The Makeup Show in LA!  I then walked over to introduce myself, and because Erin works in Seattle/LA, I knew it will be a long shot to assist her, but when this opportunity came up, I dropped everything and flew to LA for the day!!! It was a long and tough day! (GORGEOUS wedding dress after wedding dress after wedding dress) but I loved every minute of it! ! ! ! ! I was very proud to be Erin’s assistant and it was very exciting to meet Elizabeth Messina and all the lovely vendors, AND to be at Smashbox studios! (more Behind The Scenes coming soon!)

If you didn’t know my aesthetic already… I looove this type of look! Very bohemian, romantic…and FILM.  I was gushing the whole day!
Here are the list of the participating awesome vendors {I obtained them from Erin’s blog!}
Photography: Elizabeth Messina
Makeup & Hair: Erin Skipley {assisted by Elizabeth Chang – me! me!}

Floral Design: Kathleen Hyppolite | Kat Flower
Stylist: Catherine Sheppard | The Life Styled
Decor/Furniture: Jeni Maus | Found Rentals

I apologize for these crappy iPhone photos and not a proper scan, but…it will do for now!  I still remember my first publication and how I felt – this one felt almost like the first one!  It is my first national magazine that you can get in any store!  As I arrived to do Chelsie’s makeup & hair, she said to me: “Yay! I’m your FIRST!” (First national publication) And I was like: “Yes! I am so excited!”  :)  
The magazine is out today (April 17th), and as I rushed to my nearest Safeway, and opened the magazine in anticipation, I definitely had to hold back on my happy tears.  lol!  
Chelsie’s story is really inspiring…! You can check it out in the magazine! :) We were shooting at the accident site, so Ivy (Christa’s studio manager) and I had to make sure to spot the on-coming traffic!  It was quite an adventurous/action-packed morning near Monterey, CA! I was so inspired by Chelsie’s strength and her positive energy.  It was also a great pleasure to work with Christa!!!  
I feel very grateful for this opportunity! :) :) :) 
Hair & Makeup: Elizabeth Chang for MAKE UP FOR EVER