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Photography: Matt Edge
Makeup, Hair + Men’s grooming: Elizabeth Chang (me!)
Styling: Matt + Allison
Models: Conrad @ Stars, Sara @ Scout
Last summer I posted the teaser for the “Behind the Scenes” from this shoot and discussed some of the Fall Trends on the runway.  Even though the photos were up on my portfolio (wink wink…I have updated my bridal website’s slideshow + commercial print portfolio) but I post more images on the blog! Enough babbling!!
We were going for a Parisian vibe, but it was shot in the beautiful windy San Francisco!
I am so pleased with this set! All of the photos were shot on film photography – the colors and richness!      To my knowledge, most film photographers do not spend a lot of time in photo shop, so I try to make the subjects look as perfect as possible for every frame. I love the film look and I am thrilled with how the hair/makeup/grooming turned out too! Woohoo!  ^.~ The middle to last part of 2012 I had a lot of men’s grooming jobs, either working on CEOs or for print work on male models ages 20-40.  I am quiet enjoying it more than before!  While men ‘take less time’ or could be thought of as ‘easier’ compared to woman, I have to say it’s definitely a balance making it look like they are not wearing any makeup at all, and their hair natural but ‘well groomed.’ It’s actually a lot of fun styling men’s hair – it kind of feels like ‘molding clay’ or something into a mini sculpture, but it’s actually hair! Fun!
Matt posted the photos on his blogs – I selected a few different ones to highlight because I’m trying to showcase my makeup/hair work but I really love how he put it together! The wonderful thing is Matt moved from LA to the SF area, and so we’ll be working together again! Very excited to work with Matt again!  Previously I had to go to LA to work with Matt, or wait for him to come up to the SF area en route to work a wedding in Napa/Sonoma!
P.S – Matt shoots beautiful weddings as well as fashion/commercial/lifestyle work {Matt Edge Wedding Photography} so if you are a bride-to-be for 2013/2014, please check his work out!


Photography: Angie Silvy
Styling: Peggi Jeung
Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Models: Cameron Lee @ Look SF & Hanna @ Scout SF

Here I go again – blogging out of order! I just settled for the fact that I will probably not be able to blog about everything I do, because there’s so much to do, and I want to be able to enjoy everything instead of viewing it as a chore or some task I must do!  I just got back from a brief week-long vacation in Kauai, HI with my husband. We have not gone anywhere together since we tied the knot – not even on our honeymoon.  Definitely a huge reward for us to save up and go somewhere! I have to say it’s really hard to go from working 60-80 hrs to less than 1 hr a week – to leave your cellphone alone and not touch it – but I think I was doing pretty ok on that! ;) ;) While away, I was just laying by the beach or the pool reading frivolous books – and I mean these historical regency romance novels! As I was organizing the latest images from my portfolio, I couldn’t help but notice that these photos from a series titled “Young Love” by photographer Angie Silvy can totally fit into a hilarious & entertaining narrative that summarizes into a romance novel.  :P So I’ll be providing these funny captions for your entertainment! Or you can ignore it and just check out the lovely photos! :)   I was thrilled to work with such an awesome team of professionals! Can’t wait to work together again some time in the future! xoxo
Here goes..the story of Lord Cameron and Miss Hanna…(LOL)

The “season” just began, and the noble/worthy “ton” who were fortunate to receive an invitation to Lord Cameron’s  month-long soiree at his Golden Gate Estate, arrives and participates in a game of croquet.     

Of course – all of the ladies wanted to capture the attention of the young & handsome, wealthy successor of the title, and of course – the most eligible bachelor, Lord Cameron! Always impeccably dressed and dashing, it’s no surprise he is always surrounded by the ladies.  However, if you notice carefully, his usual confidence always wavers subtly as his childhood playmate, the stubborn and stunning Miss Hanna, walks into the scene.

C: “Do you even know the proper position of handling a mallet? Do you need me to show you again?”

H: “I can handle it just fine! Don’t touch me!” and she thinks – how can he be a bigger pompous ass than he was last year? Despite their facade of antagonism, they soon realized they were attracted to each other…so they planned a stroll in the forest… 

And a picnic on the lawn – without a chaperone! How scandalous!!!! If anyone found out about it, Miss Hanna’s reputation will be utterly ruined, and she can only settle to be someone’s mistress!!! 

Still, the battle of wills persist, as the free-spirited Hanna never enjoyed being a proper “Lady” – but if she were to marry Lord Cameron, she would have to follow the strict social etiquette as befits her new status.  

Or… she continue to be her free-spirited self, but risk being a *gasp* spinster and a lasting shame to her family! Faced with the pressure to produce an heir, and admitting his love for Miss Hanna, on one fine afternoon, they decide to enjoy each other’s company during a picnic!

And..came to decide that they indeed loved each other, and that they shall elope…! And! create a relationship / marriage that’s reformed and will work for the two of them! 

The End~~~ :D :D :D 

*one more of beautiful Hanna!

Have a lovely week ahead! ;) ;) 

Makeup & Hair: Elizabeth Chang
Photography: Klodjana Dervishi Photographer

Congratulations to beautiful new Mommy & Daddy!!!! They recently welcomed a beautiful baby boy.   It was an absolute pleasure working with my client, K!  K found me on Yelp! and told me that she decided to go with me after seeing the maternity photos on my Skyla Arts page (under Photography&Portraits!).  I was especially honored that she chose me to do her hair and makeup after she told me that she modeled for Benefit Cosmetics/Sephora before – since doing makeup for a cosmetic campaign is one of the things I hope to do in the near future!  
I was delighted to learn that from where her father is from in Ethiopia, her darker rimmed lips (as if she was wearing lipliner) and gums would be the epitome of what a Beautiful Woman would look like!  This is why she prefers lipgloss – to show off her beauty!  I really enjoy learning about what is beautiful from different cultures – like big, round, watermelon, jiggly booty is viewed as beautiful in parts of Brazil.  I loved the whole setting, and I love their dog!! Oh what a super model dog! 
You can see a few more from this family session on Klo’s blog~! 

Models: Casey & Kai @ JE Model Management SF

Makeup & Photography & Prop Styling: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)

Photography Assistant: Erik Leung
Hair: Erika Taniguchi

Wardrobe StylingAndrea Schultz Igreja

Yayyyy! This photo shoot finally happened! We had to reschedule twice due to the rain during spring time, and finally finally it came together!  While it’s not my first time working with kids, it is my first time coming up with my own ideas, finding the locations, getting the props, shooting the photos, and putting together a team! I’ve done those tasks before, but not all at once. While there’s still room for improvement (like always!! ^^), I am very happy with the results! We were blowing bubbles towards the end, and everyone was having fun!

I want to thank Shannon @ JE for being patient with us with the rescheduling..! And of course, my team members Andrea, Erika & Erik.  Casey & Kai are adorable, and are such troopers!  May-June 2011 has definitely been the craziest … I need to organize my computer, and keep up with my blogging! I’m also super excited to share more photos from weddings/bridal clients when the photos come back! For now please enjoy super cuties Kai & Casey! :)

Model: Amber

Makeup, Hair & Photography: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)

Meet my gorgeous client Amber! She wanted some portraits done for herself, just to look back and remember how great it was to be young and beautiful! ;) She also wanted some for work, and brought along a jacket! Amber selected the “Single Natural Headshots and Portraiture Package” that includes 30min of shooting time, and one fully edited photo (including skin editing). She selected the top left photo, which also was my favorite one!!  Yay!  We managed to fit in 3 outfits in 30min!  While I was doing her makeup & hair, her friend was calling her for financial advice, and Amber patiently listened to her friends’ concern, and found the answers meticulously – I can tell that she is a person who cares a lot, and definitely very trust-worthy! So when it came to the more ‘work’ type portraits, I wanted to capture her trustworthiness :)  We had a fun and productive afternoon ~!

Model: Y.L.
Makeup, Hair & Photography: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Photography Assistant: Bochan Kim

Meet my client Y.L.!  She needed some portraits taken to use on her online presence, and she was interested in a more natural portrait.  I had a lot of fun working with Y.L.!  She was the first one to make a comment on the books on my book shelf!!! I was super excited!! :) This took place in July, and at the time I was offering a free masque treatment before makeup application as a promotion.  It was really funny because she was my first client to receive a free masque treatment, but I’m used to applying it on the client when the client is lying down (on a facial bed), so I had said: “This is my first time applying a mask like this” and she was like: “Really!?!?” I’m like: “Nonono not my first time applying a mask on another person!”  Sometimes when I’m concentrating on doing one thing – like makeup or applying a mask, I am so focused I don’t finish my sentences.  Oops!  I explained and fortunately Y.L. didn’t panic or lose faith in my abilities because I didn’t finish my sentence. lol

Below is her testimonial for me on Yelp:

“I don’t wear any makeup (I’m the kind of girl who often goes to work in the morning with my hair wet and lets it air-dry there), so when I needed to get a professional photo taken, I felt rather helpless. Liz of Skyla Arts came to the rescue.

I found her to be a consummate professional, from the initial appointment setup to how she was careful to listen to my preferences, while still proferring guidance on what she thought would work best. She has a delightful personality that set me right at ease at her home studio (she also has a friendly cat!).

She handled makeup, hair, and photography, which was wonderfully convenient for me. I went for a more natural look, and even so came out looking probably the best I’ve been. She also offers some light retouching, but frankly, if I hadn’t managed to get lipstick on my teeth (I’m graceful like that), I don’t think I would’ve needed any changes or enhancements at all because the shots came out great. I’m quite proud of the resulting photos and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Skyla Arts to anyone. I’d feel comfortable using her for other occasions as well; I definitely got the sense that she has quite a range, as you can see in her online portfolio, and it’s really just a matter of what your needs/wants are.”

Thank you again for writing such a wonderful review for me Y.L.!! Unfortunately…Yelp really sucks. What happened was, after she wrote my review, I added her as a ‘friend’ on yelp since we live close by and it would be nice to read each other’s reviews on restaurants and such!! As SOON as I added her on yelp, the review got FILTERED because clearly it’s BIASED. There’s no way to reverse the filter, and when I talked to Yelp, I also found out they make it a pain in the ass to change the order and edit our profile ON PURPOSE unless you pay $4200 a year to advertise on Yelp! The thing is – Yelp is great for most things, but they are not the kindest to vendors, especially if you do not pay $4200 a year to advertise. This is just my personal opinion! On Weddingwire, when you are listed there for free, they don’t impose such restrictions about editing your portfolio and the order of the images. If I wanted to delete, I’d have to do it ONE BY ONE.  
Anyways~ Sorry about the rant about yelp.  Yelp aside, I had a really great time working with Y.L. and also, thanks to my husband, for being a great photography assistant! <3

Client: M.P.
Makeup, Hair, Photography: Elizabeth Chang (Skyla Arts)
Second Photographer: Liliana Aranda

I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to blog about this!  In October I was contacted by my client M.P. sharing with me her interest in shooting boudoir. If you didn’t know already, October is also Breast Cancer Awareness month!  I have done boudoir photo shoots in the past as Makeup/Hair, but it was my first time wearing all 3 hats as Makeup/Hair/Photography for boudoir with my client. This is definitely one of the most meaningful projects ~ when things get hard, like yesterday, when I discovered some of my photos were posted outside my blog/website illegally without my consent with my watermarks cropped out (that’s a violation of copyright – very disrespectful), all I have to do is remember my client M.P. and the courage she displayed to me and Liliana during this photo shoot, the world is immediately a better place!  M.P. was diagnosed with breast cancer in recent months, she told me she would love to remember her body, the way she loves it, the way she appreciates it.  This is certainly where my deepest PASSION for the industry lies – loving yourself, and loving your body. 
My mother and my mother-in-law are both breast cancer survivors – there is nothing more powerful than the courage people have to overcome adversities and have a positive outlook on life – and that’s the only way to beat and conquer anything in life!!!  M.P. said she would love to inspire other women with the photos we took, and so I am so proud, and so thrilled, to share these photos with you!  :) The pink ribbon was M.P.’s idea!  Liliana and I loved working with M.P.~ she is so beautiful!  Inside and out!!!  It was truly truly inspiring!

M.P. also has a special gift for you – she made a slideshow of her Journey or how she experienced our photo session into a Narrative! These are the un-edited previews I sent to her for client viewing~ She titled it Hope is in the Love of Self.

You might have seen A & N in my portfolio under weddings. I never got a chance to discuss them previously, but they are actually my sister and brother-in-law. My sister was my first ever bridal client! (Although she paid me in Makeup instead of money! ^^) I was very touched that she chose me as her makeup artist even though I wasn’t a working artist then and I feel very honored to be selected to work with them again! (even though we are related!) My sister & brother-in-law have been tremendously encouraging and supportive throughout my career and I would always talk about photography with my brother-in-law, who is also passionate about photography! With their approval, I am sharing these images with you. Enjoy the images, and you can see a few more at the Family & Maternity gallery! :) I hope you like them!

Before and After

Simi wanted a makeup look inspired by Aishwarya Rai for her photo session. I also did her hair too – we agreed that she would do her own her but then I arrived earlier than expected (my bad! I thought it would be much further+traffic!) so I did her hair…which took much longer than I anticipated~ ^^||….Simi was stressed out from exams and was breaking out. She requested that I photo shop out her scars~ it was a time investment and a challenge. As a result I learned new techniques~ ^^v yay for me.
Before and After
Simi says:

“It was an absolute pleasure working with Liz. She is very charismatic and I felt extremely comfortable shooting with her. I had a clear idea of the types of moods and poses I wanted her to capture, and Liz found my best angles and captured everything artistically.

She is also a very skilled makeup artist, and used exclusive products purchased from Japan. She was patient and responsive to my makeup requests, and gave me better advice about my acne-prone skin than my dermatologist. She was punctual and never complained.

I love the finished products! Her touch ups and color schemes make me look like a character from a fairytale.


Simi has such gorgeous eyes~ and with her hair length, it reminded me of the gal in Boticelli’s “Birth of Venus”~! Enjoy three of my favorite from the set, and you can see a few more in my Portraits gallery!


K & J chose the package of Lifestyle Engagement/Couples with Makeup Application: $375. The location they selected was beautiful and of course, they are a beautiful couple! As we were shooting, K & J received lots of compliments! =)

K’s before and after:

Please enjoy some highlights from this shoot: