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Berman_Meyer_This_Love_of_Yours_Photography_ThisLoveofYoursSloaneandRobWedding077I am thrilled to share that Sloan & Rob’s wedding at the Charles Krug Winery in St. Helena was published on The Knot Northern California Real Weddings yesterday!  Click through to see the full feature!  I have so much to say about this beautiful couple and wedding – which is why this blog post is just a ‘teaser’ at this point!  I’ve done my best to tag all of the vendors on instagram and facebook, but for now I’m tagging a few vendors in the post that are related to the 4 teaser images I’m posting here that I am really loving!

I selected the photos to continue our discussion about the FAQ that I get about makeup for wedding day is “Will it show up on photos?” – from my previous blog post with the red carpet makeup & hair for Carice van Houten.  During the consultation with Sloan, we did a natural look, but later on Sloan’s feedback for me was she would like it more natural with less eyeshadow and blush. I fully supported it, because I knew that it will go well with the overall look of the wedding, and I had full confidence that it will still show up in the photos!  Even in the really soft/rainy light, you can still see the blush, eyeshadow and contour.  If you want a really natural and subtle look, it’s important to consider the weather factor and the photographer’s shooting style.  It will look very subtle in certain lighting situations, but I have to say that I am a huge supporter that brides and bridal party members should go with the look that makes you look and feel most comfortable!   Contrasting with a red carpet event and the lighting used, this event is outdoors and shot in Natural Light. With flash/strobes, this subtle makeup may make the client appear more ‘flat’ and ‘washed out.’  Lighting/style is something we need to keep in mind, but at the same time, going natural vs. more smokey/glamorous  is ultimately a personal preference, and we as artist can help you adjust it for the lighting on our end, but ultimately we’re all for it if you love it!!!

It was the first time in a LONG time California experienced any rain, and while it was a Plan B for the event, Sloan kept positive and said: “Hey, we’ll be the couple that broke the drought in California” :) And I was telling her in Chinese culture, we have a saying “遇水則發” meaning if it rains on your big event, it means you will be extra lucky/wealthy/good fortune will shine on you!  Major props to Erika & Michael of This Love of Yours for working with the rain and documenting this beautiful event!  I also loved working with Sharon from Napa Valley Custom Events and I’m in love with the florals from Fleurs de France!

To end this quick teaser post, I did want to mention that starting tomorrow April 19th-April 27th, I will be out of office working in Los Angeles + then returning for wedding events Friday-Sunday!   All emails, inquiries and phone calls will be returned during the week of April 28th.  We’re very excited – Team Skyla Arts have 5 events this coming weekend, and we can’t wait to work with our brides!

Usually if I’m working on set or weddings I don’t put up the out-of-office responders as I still try to get back to everyone as soon as possible and squeeze in some office time during the evenings, but since I’ll be commuting/out-of-town, it is harder to respond via mobile devices!  Last announcement…! I have been getting phone inquiries about Prom & special events anywhere from 12-48 hours before the event and I have to share here that it’s almost mission impossible! Not only because the dates frequently coincide with weddings that are pre-booked 6 months+, but most importantly, I would have to return your phone call during regular hours (ie: When I return home from set at 6:00-7:00pm, I don’t feel it’s an appropriate time to phone back and would have to wait to the next day if I am not working).  Furthermore, if I were to try to send you a referral to a trusted colleague or connect you with one of my associate stylists, I would still need time to arrange that: find out if they are available, send a referral or arrange my stylist to service you, handle payment and invoicing.  It would be difficult to do that with 12-48 hour notice!  I’m sorry I cannot help you this time, but we hope you can keep us in mind for the future with a little advanced notice! Have a great week ahead and until next time!!!






Happy 2015 folks!  Can’t believe it’s 2015 already!  I wanted to start with a “2014 highlights” post and outline a few memorable events, but when Today’s Bride arrived at my door step, there’s no way to not start the new year with this beautiful shoot!  I am going to ask for the high-res photos of the other spread, and share it when I receive it! :)  Just as a note, I will add the PDF of the spread later – but for now, you can check these out – and check out the spreads inside the latest copy of Today’s Bride SF!!!

For this one, having worked with Sandra Fazzino on the last Today’s Bride editorial, when Sandra contacted me for this project, I was jumping to say yes before knowing any other details!   This photo shoot was one of the biggest highlights of 2014 for me. I am so grateful to be on a dream team with folks who are so open and supportive of each other, which creates a safe and sacred creative space for us to do our best work!  On the personal level, I took some risks/exited my comfort zone for the hair and makeup, and it paid off and it was only possible thanks to y’all :)  When we had our dress fittings + meetings, what inspired me is when Sandra said we should be Bold and Audacious (paraphrased here) and those words propelled me to do something more editorial.  Lupita Nyong’o was on the pinboards for our editorial inspiration, and I was very excited. The center part for the hair was a trend I noticed in Spring/Summer 2015, and I was personally into the braided centered chignons.  I wanted to keep the makeup pretty soft.  When I was packing for this gig, I realized the hair extensions I had may not be the right shade….so just in case, I rushed to the store and bought another set, and it turns out the ones I bought was actually the better match!  I’m glad I trusted my gut for that one, as it would have been a little difficult to remedy that problem on the hills of Calistoga! :)

This was the perfect project to end 2014, and to start 2015 inspired and excited! I was lucky that Treja was available to assist me on this shoot, helping me with the body makeup + men’s grooming while I worked on Vee’s hair & makeup.  Treja is actually one of Skyla Arts Lead Hair & Makeup artists, booking for 2015!  (More on that later as well!) The gorgeous Rosa Clará gown is styled by Chantal & Saida from Nouvelle Vogue, but because of the potential transfer of body makeup, we were using alcohol based.  Often for editorials we are racing with the clock, and it can feel like 2 women doing a 4-person job, but we did it! :) Venita, or Vee, was very patient with us while we worked on her!  And survived the chilly weather like a champ!

The details + styling was gorgeous! But you can enjoy those shots on Sandra’s blog and see more details in Today’s Bride!!

I hope you enjoy the photos! And I hope your 2015 is off to a Bold and Audacious start!

vee2   vee7  vee8






Dress/Accessories :  Nouvelle Vogue {Rosa Clara}
Floral Designer :  Soulflower
Stationary :  Paper Monkey Press
Stationary (Design) :  Lisa Solomon
Desserts :  Crisp Bakeshop
Rentals (Chairs) :  Blueprint Studios
Jewelry :  Ben Shemano
Gifts/Candle Holders :  GlassyBaby


Happy Halloween everyone!  This year I am working, so regrettably I don’t have any Halloween parties to go to :P  Halloween is a special holiday because it’s also my first nephew’s birthday!  I thought that was cool, but I’m wondering when he will get tired about halloween themed birthday parties! He’s such a cool kid!  Anyway…!  I don’t know about you, but if I were to dress up for Halloween, I want to look PRETTY while still fitting the theme and the spirit of the holiday.  I also don’t want to have any costumes that might be offensive, or targeting and making fun of someone’s identity… whether it be their ethnicity, nationality, race, sexual orientation, gender, religious belief, political belief, or their weight.

Last Fall, I saw a submission call for a magazine I liked, but the deadline was the following week.  I immediately thought about my long-time collaborator & beauty photographer extraordinaire Laura Tillinghast, and we whipped this story up within days and scrambled to get it together.  Major props to Laura for also styling & accessorizing the shoot!! Our editorial was picked up by Ellements Magazine and published in the November Beauty issue of Elléments Magazine!  This remains one of my favorite beauty editorials!  Laura & I both love our vampire stories, supernatural romance, dark beauty.  My idea was to present her as the Queen of the Vampires or a succubus (Elléments decided on the title, Dark Queen, which is also very appropriate).  I incorporated a few elements from the runways, including the ombré lip and the silver highlight on the cupid’s bow. It didn’t show up as strongly on the film with the beauty lighting as I would have liked, but I love it anyways!   I wanted to create a look that appears like she JUST FED on you! Eating Men for a Snack, that type of thing.  I also loved the fact that Micah was only 14 at the time of the shoot.  The character is that she became a the Queen and she is forever 14, beautiful, and deadly!  We did 4 looks, with subtle changes with the lips and eyes, but for one of them she’s wearing that sexy eye mask thing!  It’s all good – because the story flows together.  I couldn’t have done it with out the help of my talented stylist Teresa, who was my 2nd/ assistant for the day.  We had a lot to do in a short amount of time – hair/makeup/nails~ changing the looks, hair extensions, blowing the fan, helping with the fog machine.  It was all hands on deck!

Holding the glossy pages in my hand (I know I’ve mentioned this before) was suuuch a natural high.  :P  Sorry to sound like such an addict – but admittedly, I love seeing my work in Print – something about holding it in my hand and looking at it, it prevents me to overly scrutinize any little flaws it may have or what I could have done better, and it helps me enjoy the moment!

If you own something like the MUFE Flash Palette, or a similar product from Theater Makeup Brands (Ben Nye, Kroyolan) you can recreate this look at home.  I had custom blended all of the lip colors with the Flash Palette.  The highlighting I did in the inner corners, bridge of the nose, and the cupids’ bow of the lip can be done using the shimmer colors (silver and gold) for a more dramatic effect, or you can use your favorite highlighter of choice.  I think you should just have fun with it!!

Here is a photo for laughs!  I am on the left (COUGH COUGH~ almost a decade ago ~ Cough cough!!! lol) as a vampire preying on my friend Phoebe the witch on Halloween!!  That was a good day~~~! I also did vampire makeup on my roommate Kirin~ Fake blood fangs and all!

liz and phoebe

LOL!  I dug this photo out from my facebook gallery long long ago.  How’s that for a throwback :P  Happy Halloween + please enjoy one of my favorite beauty editorials to date!

highres102highres3-4_MG_1435 _MG_1492

Makeup & Hair :  Liz / Elizabeth Chang
Makeup & Hair Assistant :  Teresa Reynolds
Photography :  Laura Tillinghast
Photography Assistant :  Rebecca Herem
Elléments Magazine :  Elléments Magazine

cweddings_cover   pg1-2 pg2-3   pg4-5

refinery29 cfashiononline

Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone!

There is nothing quite like the THRILL of seeing your work in print.  Let me tell you!  Something about the glossy pages, the smell of a magazine, and holding it in your hand…!  Knowing that it is YOUR work on the page!  Usually after an event, I come home and I can privately share the joy of being a part of a couple’s important day, and I would wait until their wedding photos come out to experience the rest of the day vicariously through the lens and camera of the photographer & videographer.  Maybe it’s the digitalization of almost everything – but when a magazine comes out, along with the photos and video, it helps to reify the event.  This beautiful 6-page spread is featured in C Weddings Fall 2014 came out end of July (if I recall correctly!)!

Anyway….Back to the main feature, Christina & Evan!  September is my favorite time of the year, and as we’re rolling into the Fall 2014 season, I thought it’d be a great time to share this beautiful fall wedding!  A brief introduction to this talented & creative couple: Evan is the co-founder of Pinterest, and is the company’s Chief Creative Office, and Christina is the head of digital global business marketing at Facebook.  You can read more by clicking through the magazine spread!   Of course, while writing this I had to re-watch their wedding video by Ed from Belvedere Stories, and the part where the vow comes around always makes me teary.  It’s super touching!  :) I loved the way they had edited the video – and how nice to include the dress fitting at Amy Kuschel’s + their trip to Pescadero in the scenes!

Christina’s PERFECT double french twist was done by her regular stylist at Revamp Salon!  Christina brought me a few makeup inspiration photos, and requested a natural look but with a ‘graphic eye’ and so our focus was the winged liner.  Don’t laugh at my squinty face below!!  I was making sure to get that perfect symmetry! I always squint 1 eye and measure.  :P  I loved having my teammate Treja with me!  When we arrived to the city, it was pouring!  The rain had delayed the bridal party, but miraculously, Treja & I caught up on the time and completed all the services right on schedule!   I loved the hair Treja did for the sister of the bride, a half-up with a french-twist to kind of complement Christina’s hair-do.  I then followed Christina to the Swedenborgian Church for touch-ups & was delighted to discover that the clouds have parted!  I love it when that happens!  Smiles all around!

Enjoy the beautiful wedding film by Belvedere Stories!  There’s about 2 seconds where you see me apply Christina’s blush :) with my favorite Hakuhodo brush :P :P :P Enjoy the photos by Ben Blood!  The images shared here were published in C Magazine online, and Refiner29 with permission from the couple.  The publications have more of the lovely decor reflecting their taste, but the photos I selected below were chosen as it showcases the makeup and beauty aspect :)

021_benblood_0991   028_benblood_1030  015_benblood_0976  092_benblood_1296   096_benblood_1302  109_benblood_1359  125_benblood_1408  196_benblood_1709  228_benblood_1772  230_benblood_1840  311_benblood_2160  332_benblood_2254  christina-evan-sharp-29  christina-evan-sharp-31  Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 10.19.09 AM  064_benblood_1003

Photographer :  Ben Blood Photography
Videographer :  Belvedere Stories
Bridal Makeup & Bridal Party Makeup & Hair :  Liz & Treja of Skyla Arts
Bridal Hair :  Revamp Salon
Wedding Dress :  Amy Kuschel
Stationary :  Jessica Hische
Floral Design :  Cherries
Guestbook Photographer :  Steve Maller
Publication (print & web) :  C Weddings Fall 2014
Publication (web) :  Refinery29

Screen Shot 2014-08-22 at 11.11.40 AM

Check out their wedding video by ZoMei Film Stories

Must I wait for all of my client’s one-year anniversary to finally blog about their beautiful wedding?  I figured I’m so close to it, I may as well post it and wish them HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!  I think this wedding is a perfect way to round-up the summer wedding season of 2014!  I am so ready for Fall myself – I love summer weddings! The colors, the energy!  But – it can be HOT!  OK – now I sound like your typical spoiled California-dweller.  I am admittedly spoiled by the temperate climes of Costa Rica & Guatemala of my youth, and prefer a nice 75-85F , or 25C :) :) :) This is why I live in NorCal!

This gorgeous wedding was featured on Weddingchicks earlier this spring! Meet Molly & Patrick from Chicago!  They decided to have a destination wedding in Beltane Ranch, and did most of their wedding planning remotely.  I did not get to meet them until the day before the wedding when we did our consultation appointment!  Molly & Patrick were an absolute pleasure to work with – Molly is a beauty, inside & out!  I also enjoyed meeting Molly’s family + styling her sister & cousin’s hair for the big day!  We also had some great stimulating conversations and I thoroughly enjoyed my time!  With Kaella from  Kaella Lynn Events designing/planning & Keana from onelove photography as the photographer, I had no doubt we would get some stunning images!  I think it’s appropriate to say, pretty as a peach! :D

Molly went for a classic look with a little glam around the eyes!  It was conversations with Molly that inspired my hair extension tutorial :) (Thank you Molly!!) All brides are allowed to have 2 secrets in the hair & makeup department: hair extensions & faux lashes.  Shhh! No one else has to know!  Depending on the style, sometimes I opt to not put all of the tracks in for the natural look.  It always depends!  I used to be hesitant about recommending hair extensions because it’s an extra cost (I direct the client to find the right hair extension retailers), but also, I never want to make clients feel bad about their own hair or worried about not having enough hair or worst, that they have ‘challenging hair.’ Probably the latter concerned me the most, as that goes against my personal philosophy about beauty!  I had to shift my perspective, and embrace that in this modern day & age, we live in the Pinterest and social media world.  With all these beautiful inspiration photos, celebrity-dos, and DIY videos, most people understand that hair extensions are fairly commonly used to achieve those looks!  I choose to approach it in a practical way – if that is a look you really want, it can be easily achieved with the assistance of hair extensions.  Fortunately majority of the time, my clients already know they want more volume and more hair, and take the initiative to ask me where to get the extensions! :)

All righty – I will be wishing everyone a fabulous conclusion to an awesome summer!  I hope you enjoy these images, and don’t forget to check out more photos on Weddingchicks!  Now that summer is wrapping up, I’m feeling pretty excited about Fall and Fall weddings!  Bring it on September!

1 4 MP_271 3 MP_120   MP_196  6 7     5

MP_849  2 8

Wedding Planner & Designer :  Kaella Lynn Events
Venue :  Beltane Ranch
Makeup & Hair :  Liz of Skyla Arts
Wedding Gown :  Rosa Clará
Bridesmaids Dresses :  Ann Taylor
Shoes :  Prada
Floral Design :  Daisy Rose Floral Design
Stationary :  Lucky Penny Paperie
Videography :  Zomei Film Stories
Prop & Furniture Rentals :  One True Love Vintage Rentals
Linens :  La Tavola publication

Given the heat wave lately, I thought it was a great opportunity to share a beautiful wedding that happened in record heat!  :)  I was so thrilled when Wayling, the beautiful mother of the bride and the general of the wedding planning process, emailed me that Angela & Jacob’s wedding has been published by the new online edition featuring Real Weddings!  Click here to check out their write-up and to see more photos captured by Annie Tao from the event!  We got ready at a cool air-conditioned hotel about 20 minutes away from the venue.  I started early with the sister of the bride and Wayling (MOB) and then got to work on the beautiful Angela.  We knew it was going to be a warm June day, and after relaying the touch-up instructions again, Angela assured me that fortunately she does not sweat much in general.  After I made sure Angela was happy with her look, I packed my kit so I’m not in their way, and walked out to the parking lot – and…the heat that hit me made me think: Oh Boy!!!  I hope it’s going to be OK!  And then I go home and discovered that at 110 F, it was, at the time, the hottest recorded day in Livermore!!   Of course I was feeling worried!  I tell all of my brides the same (I would say…irrefutable truth about cosmetic ingredients!) that makeup is waterproof, but not oil-proof or smudge proof.  If you think about the properties and take any oil or cleansing oil, pretty much everything gets dissolved.  Heat tends to stimulate both the sweat (sudoriferous) and oil (sebaceous) glands.  The most mattifying primers can help the longevity, but natural elements are always a concern!  The same with hair – with more sweat/humidity and contact to the skin (on your neck and back!) the more likely it is to lose the curl despite hair products.

When I saw the photos shared by Annie, I thought: It’s a miracle!  A combination of genetic advantage, and good products! :)  Be sure to check out the post on and Annie’s Blog to see all the lovely DIY details made by Wayling and her aunt, who had a lot of fun (and some stress!) putting it all together!  During the consultation appointment, I saw Wayling & Angela’s pinterest boards, and knew they were prepared for a thoughtful & elegant affair!  Below are my favorite picks – of course they feature more the hair & makeup because I’m the hair & makeup person!  :) You can watch the lovely highlight video by De Novo Films as well to see their event.

jacob + angela // highlight edit from de novo studio on Vimeo.












Ceremony & Reception :  Martinelli Event Center
Chinese Cheongsam Dress :  Ling Ling Chinese Dresses
Reception Dress :  Sue Wong
Ceremony Shoes :  Jimmy Choo
Makeup & Hair :  Liz at Skyla Arts
Bridesmaid's Dresses :  Amsale
Groom's Tuxedo :  Hugo Boss
Groomsmen's Tuxedo :  Vera Wang at ridal Galleria
Floral's & Rentals :  Delford West Flowers
Reception Music :  Amos Productions
Catering :  Garre Winery
Favors :  Sugarie
Videography :  De Novo Studio
Photography :  Annie Tao Photography


Happy spring time!  Although here in the South Bay area it is feeling like summer!  I am thrilled to share a bridal editorial I worked on that I did makeup for that was featured in Today’s Bride Magazine!  Given the timeline, I thought it would be best if hair & makeup is separate and brought on my colleague Elisa Bunnell at Ws Salon to work on it together!  We also styled the ‘groom’ – it’s always a good idea to give the groom a light touch-up to match the bride’s polished look.  It was a great day at the gorgeous Kohl Mansion, and the perfect location for a 20s/Downton Abbey-inspired shoot.  The two gowns featured, Azalea & Eden from Jenny Packham, were selected & styled by Chantel & Saida at Nouvelle Vogue.  I ended up doing 2 lip colors to go with the different scenes – I loved how the mauve lip color and the unique ring color was showcased  in the closeups!

The spread featured the beautiful details, but here are a few more of my favorites from the shoot!  The last photo, we begged Sandra to take, because it really brought the Downton Abbey wedding scene, when Mary walked down the stairwell!  ;) It was a huge pleasure to work with all-star vendors & I hope you enjoyed temporarily entering a 20s-inspired inspiration shoot!

View More:

View More:

View More:




View More:


Magazine :  Today's Bride SF
Venue :  Kohl Mansion
Florals & Event Design :  Mandy Scott Events
Makeup :  Skyla Arts
Men's Accessory :  Gene Hiller
Stationary :  Little Miss Press
Jewelry :  Dilek Sezen
Rentals :  Hartmann Studios
Models :  Exalt Agency

style me pretty
What what! Another blog post just a week apart?!  I am trying to push through – I tell myself: “One blog at a time!!!” I’m skipping around the order…last September, Natalie & David’s feature and Meg & Michael’s on Style Me Pretty were 8 days apart, so after posting Natalie & David’s photos, the logical choice was to share Meg & Michaels’ elegant fall wedding in Napa Valley!  :) This beautiful couple lives in Texas, and I did not get to meet her until the day before her wedding!  We did her consultation right before her rehearsal dinner, and the next day, I also got to also glam up her family/bridal party.  They were such a joy to work with!  I love the style…  Simple, elegant, and an understated glamour element.  Meg wanted to keep the hair very loose, and what got me pretty excited is because it’s rare for me when the bride comes to me and says: “I want to try a red lip” and I go: “YES!!!” (inside, quietly of course!)

Red is a more high maintenance color, but if it works with your skin & hair coloring, the style of your dress and your styling choices for your wedding – that subtle pop can make all the difference!  When you go with one element (red lip) that is strong, it’s great to keep the hair simple.  I mixed a matte red lip color with another with more moisture to create a custom blend blue-red for Meg.  This dress seemed like it was made for Meg!  Not a thing out of place!

I forgot who I was having this conversation with – (Sorry!! My memory is just not as it used to be!!!) and we were discussing how – if you are noticing the hair & makeup in a photograph upon first glance, that may not be the best thing, because the goal is for the viewer to like everything about the photograph, and everything working together synergistically ! Nothing stands out, but everything is working together!  Go team! :) :) And props to Keana and the onelove photography  for capturing a beautiful event!

















Photography :  onelove photography
Floral Design :  Fleurs de France
Catering & Cake :  Oak Avenue Catering
Makeup & Hair :  Skyla Arts {Liz}

Natalie Hui & David Ma
When it’s been a while (since blogging, that is!) I feel like I need to ease into it with a gorgeous post-wedding photo shoot!  Natalie & David’s gorgeous wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty last September {Click through for more photos there!} and I featured the photos from the ceremony in my post in January before I left for a my Japan trip! I’m going to try something different today – I’m going to keep my text short and sweet!  (Is that even possible?! haha)

This gorgeous post-wedding photo shoot was done the day after their big day, and they drove up the coast from Half-Moon Bay for these enchanting images with the redwoods!  I love Natalie’s energy in all of these photos! The hair-swooshing – I mean, what a dream! :) My sister saw these photos and told me that Natalie must be an expert at posing because in every photo she looks stunning, really workin’ her dress, the hair I did, and the makeup Kamen did!  The big day is complete, the pressure is off! What better way to celebrate than frolic in the redwoods (like sleeping beauty!) and dance & laugh on the beach?  Seeing these photos, I feel really grateful to call Northern California my home. It seems to be filled with an infinite amount of beautiful nooks and crannies.  Just a few minutes away where I live is where I scouted the scenes to do the last editorial I shot (cough cough…almost 3 years ago)! I digress…! Weddings & other jobs always help me learn about new places and if I don’t always get to go, I can see the beauty vicariously through my client’s gorgeous photos!

Until next time…! Enjoy!

Natalie Hui & David Ma





Natalie Hui & David Ma

Natalie Hui & David Ma

Venue :  Muir Woods
Hair for the Bride :  Elizabeth Chang, Skyla Arts
Makeup for the Bride :  Kamen Leung (Hong Kong)


Argentina + Brazil was a dream trip indeed…! I can’t wait to tell you more about it – but right now I am eager to share with you this Cover + Cover story of Magnolia Rouge, Issue 4!!!  Yay!!!! So excited!!!!  We worked on this in the Spring time, so it was a long wait for its release, but I cannot be more thrilled!!!!! (exclamation points x 1000!)  While I have no experience or desire to explore the effects of drugs, I can only imagine that there is no other HIGH you can feel that compares to how I feel when I see my work in Print! It’s exhilarating – you are excited, you are proud, you are humbled by it, you are happy!

We had 2 hair looks that we discussed, but after setting Fallon’s hair, and taking out my Japanese hot rollers, I just thought it looked so pretty down!  Fallon, who is our beautiful model, also is the floral designer, was giving me a Lana Del Rey vibe!  I am in love with the garden images as well; the second to last one in the spread where she is sitting kind of in the greenery; the touch of warmth from her lips to her tattoo, I just love it.  The other thing I absolutely love is their piercings and Fallon’s tattoos.  And I want to give Jen props for the amazing styling choices – from the rentals, to the wardrobe, to the location scouting – I really loved Jen’s vision for the shoot, and when I arrived, I felt very comfortable going for it and executing and sharing my portion of this equation with the hair + makeup!  I really love Plums for the fall – not only for the lips, but on the eyes as well.  Purple can be a great neutral color that goes with many colors in a wedding – it could be Warm or Cool, and it’s a great subtle accent.  I especially love it in the Fall, because it tends to complement the foliage and provide contrast!

I really love the layout that Magnolia Rouge put together here!  I have a few more faves from the set that I want to share when I finally put it in a gallery actually!  I have lots of photos to share – but I am taking things one day at a time, trying to do everything/run a business, and lead a balanced lifestyle.  I’ve been putting off a lot of things – like going to the optometrist (making an appointment ASAP!), starting a 401K account (meeting with the reps tomorrow finally to discuss a plan that works), and joining a gym with my husband (my husband and I are signing up for it TONIGHT!)!  These seemingly mundane and uncomplicated things somehow become like…teeth pulling or something!   I’m trying to check those things off one at a time, and be more like a ‘normal’ person and not a workaholic. My friend/colleague from College (Yes! they are colleagues if you work together on a paid job! I would argue that those are ‘real’ jobs and not just a college job!!) told me that back in the day, I was so adamant about dividing WORK life and PERSONAL life – so much that I make sure to become a hermit during those hours, even if I wanted to connect with other people, because that will magically turn into work sometimes!  She asked me how I am handling having little to no clear boundaries as to when is work, and when is personal time!  The truth is – I am still learning to set boundaries for myself as a business owner.  While in Argentina/Brazil, I was proud to only write 3 emails!  :) The limited Wi-Fi access definitely helped, but it was a big step for me, to let go for almost 2 weeks and not be glued to my phone/email/social media the whole time.  My friend Rona, who was traveling with me, told me that I need to learn to respect my own time off – if I don’t respect my own time off, I am teaching other people not to respect my time!

All in all, since this issue is the Romance issue, and actually, watching this couple interact, pose, and cuddle, I was thinking about Romance while on set, and thinking how my husband and I can incorporate more time together, more romance together!  The conclusion for that is To Be Determined (I can update you on that…!) – but the truth is my husband and I almost live parallel lives, and we can go days without seeing each other, and neither of us are on a business trip!

For now, I hope you can find some inspiration + romance from these beautiful images by Jen Huang! If the kissing in the air, and swept up pose by a beautiful, private beach, during sunset – doesn’t inspire the ‘romantic’ in you, I would love to know what does! ;) All star vendor list listed as usual, on the bottom of the blog! <3  Until next time!! (Hopefully sooner rather than later!)

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 6.35.44 AM
Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 6.36.04 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 6.36.26 AM

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 6.36.51 AM

Photography :  Jen Huang
Floral Design :  Fleurs de Fallon
Tabletop Rentals :  Borrowed Blu
Makeup & Hair :  Skyla Arts {Liz}
Invitations :  Paloma's Nest
Calligraphy :  Jen Huang
Film Processing :  Richard Photo Lab