Going to the Pool! Waterproof Makeup

I often get asked if my makeup products and application is water-proof by my brides + bridal party members.  If  the under water photos in my portfolio was not enough to convince you, I hope the photo of Joy above helps with that! She went fully into the water and back up (although very very carefully), and the force of doing that did make 1 individual lash come off, but you know, I didn’t waterproof her cheeks in particular, and I am glad to know that even if you dip your head in water, the blush will stay put! :):)  I have a new favorite quote from the TV show Enlightened, “The Proof is in the Pudding!!” As long as you don’t rub your eyes, individual lashes should stay put through tears – no problem!   If it didn’t, please do let me know and we’ll get to the bottom of this!!

Every year pans out a little different – last year my last wedding was after Christmas, and this year it was Nov 1st!!  Admittedly, it’s partially due to my prebooking of 2 trips – my upcoming one to Maui (Can’t wait!), and my long-awaited trip to Taiwan & Korea to visit our parents.  The last time we made it together to our families in Asia was in 2011, so it’ll be great to see our folks!   The 2014 wedding season is over for Skyla Arts, but I am beyond excited to meet our 2015 brides starting in Dec/Jan, and continuously working on my non-bridal jobs.  :)

I will be out of office from 11/15-11/23, and I’ll be sure to get back to all emails & inquiries by 11/25!  Thank you for your understanding in advanced!  I will also be out from 12/18-12/30 for the Asia trip, but I’ll be sure to announce it!

I would like to imagine that when I go on vacation, whether it’s a StayCation in Santa Cruz, or my upcoming one to Maui, that I would look as glamorous as Joy & Kara here.  Lounging at the pool, messy hair / don’t care kind of attitude!!!  I have the messy hair/don’t care, but the reality is more like way too many cocktails, french fries, and slight sunburn! :P :P :P

I had a great time working on this shoot (talented team listed below!!!) and special shout out to Victoria Toda for being a wonderful assistant/team member that day!  <3

Photography :  Jenna Alcala Makeup & Hair :  Liz @ Skyla Arts Wardrobe Styling :  Kiersten Stevens Models :  Joy from Exalt Agency Models :  Kara from JE Talent Venue:  Castle House