Grateful May 2022 - An update, and a Modern City Hall Soiree

Outside of 2022 and pre-pandemic, a busy month for us would be 5-6 events, because we are a boutique agency and are limited to our schedules & staffing availability.  We had a total of 12 events not including bridal consultations in May, and I’m so grateful everything went well. I am also tremendously appreciative for all of our May clients and vendors who were extra understanding and accommodating about my international move to Tokyo which took me mostly away from my office for about 1.5 weeks; thank you for everyone’s help to make sure to confirm all the details towards beginning of May!

We were originally supposed to move to Tokyo end of April, and I had actually planned everything around it so that I can be available in May for the necessary coordinations, but alas, due to COVID-19, the internal conference for my husband’s company got re-scheduled yet again to May…!  *change plane tickets and all cat arrangements and update clients and vendors*  I will spare you the drama and details how USPS and USDA had failed us with our cat paperwork and caused me to leave 3 days later than planned…! Moving during the pandemic was a lot harder than I could have anticipated!  And there was nothing I could do, as I’ve done everything in order since June of 2021 for my cats for this move!  It was a lesson in compassion for me: to have compassion for myself, and compassion for things I cannot control, and compassion for my vet office, USPS and USDA staff who are working extra hard due to the pandemic understaffing.  

Having our wedding events go well, was what kept me from having a full meltdown because  at least some things are going well, just as planned! I am also taking a pause to celebrate my first full month as an official artist agent as most events in April and all events in May, were styled by the artists I represent and our lovely associates who were available to help us accomodate the larger bridal parties!  This is a long time coming as I’ve been represented by various artist agency for ad/commercial/events work in SF & LA, and years ago one of them half-jokingly suggested that if I ever decide to change courses, I would be suited as an artist agent. At the time I was like “haha!” no I want to do hair & makeup though!? It was 2013/2014 when other artists have approached me about ‘dovetailing’ for Skyla Arts, and commented that I’d be good at this. I hesitantly started representing 2 artists on my team, Camille being one of them, and this has allowed me to keep a ‘part-time’ job while living in Tokyo!

I am very behind in collecting and posting images (still collecting images from 2021!) but when Sarah of Sarah Eichstedt Photography kindly DM’ed the sneak peek gallery, I couldn’t help but feel the joy (and happy tears!) of this event from our lovely couple, M & S, who had an intimate City Hall wedding with their closest family and friends.  They had booked us & Camille back in 2021, and so to see it all come together so beautifully with this modern and bright floral color scheme, perfect for a May/Spring wedding as well as contrasting against the greys of One Market where their lunch reception was held on a separate date, I feel compelled to share a few of my favorites.  I absolutely love M’s lipstick color that complements the modern color scheme. I loved the veil details as well as the back shot of the bride & groom’s first dance, so you can see Camille’s gorgeous textured romantic, but timeless up-do!  

Sending our lead artist Camille a special shoutout for doing makeup, hair and men’s grooming with 3:30am and 5:30am call time for both days, for turning out beautiful and flawless work before the sun rose, which is no easy feat!  

M & S was so kind to send me the full vendor list as I always want to make sure to include everyone :) M had only the kindest things to say to us, and as usual, I’m just grateful we get to work with wonderful clients!  Wishing everyone a fantastic week ahead and a great start to June!! - Liz in Tokyo time, 05/31/22

Coordination: Chloe Alise Events

Photography: Sarah Eichstedt Photography 

Hair & Makeup: Camille Monique of Skyla Arts (<3) 

Venue: SF City Hall & One Market SF

Florals: Poppy’s Petalworks

Music: Sutherland Entertainment

Rentals: Standard Event Rentals

Staionery: KK Graphics

Illustrations: Felicia Ma

Cakes: Revelry Cakes & Wholesome Bakery 

Dress: Glamour Closet