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  1. New Look, Same Skyla Arts!

    05 Feb 2021

    Makeup/Hair by Liz, Photo Kevin Chin Photography Planning Jutta Lammerts On my team: Tiffany! If you’re reading this, congratulations - you survived 2020 and January of 2021!  A global pandemic of this magnitude that shut down the economy is no small matter, and it has hit the hospitality business (that…

  2. Bon Voyage, Angela!

    28 Oct 2020

    Bon Voyage, Angela!  My team at Skyla Arts that I’ve built over the years is my pride and joy. They gave me the opportunity to be their mentor, trusted me to serve as their ‘agent’ to book them their ideal bridal and special occasion clients, and they also taught me…

  3. Love in the Time of Corona

    27 May 2020

    I am sure this is not the first time Garcia’s novel title has been adapted to our times, but I still felt it was appropriate to use for this blog post! It was hard to decide what to write first since it’s been a while, but my partner scolded me…

  4. A Month in Europe - My first time Being Out of Office for SO LONG

    27 Apr 2016

    Starting Friday April 29th-June 4th, I will be out of office and out of the country during the entire month of May.  Friday/Saturday I work on a lovely wedding on both days, and Sunday I’m flying out to Spain!  I will have no phone access and limited email access.  During…

  5. Happy Holidays & Out of Office Notice

    17 Dec 2014

    Happy Holidays!!! I’ve been delighted opening up Holiday cards from friends, vendors and clients! And moments of joy later, I am filled with panic because I haven’t gotten around to making/printing custom holiday greetings.  Even worse, I didn’t get around making custom holiday E-GREETINGS.  I start feeling guilty, incompetent, and…