Happy Holidays & Out of Office Notice

Happy Holidays!!!

I’ve been delighted opening up Holiday cards from friends, vendors and clients! And moments of joy later, I am filled with panic because I haven’t gotten around to making/printing custom holiday greetings.  Even worse, I didn’t get around making custom holiday E-GREETINGS.  I start feeling guilty, incompetent, and above all stressed out!  Not a single card written or mailed out.  I’m just praying that everyone will magically see this post, and know that I didn’t omit you, but rather I didn’t send any!  *ducks under the cover*  I am praying that this blog + warm energies I’m sending out to the universe will suffice due to my time constraints.  Apologies to all!!

Even as I write this post, I am looking at the clock, as I have not yet finished packing, and I have a client consultation this afternoon (I’m looking forward to meeting my client!), and then I am catching a midnight flight to Taipei!  In my head, I am trying not to get distracted about my last minute packing list, gifts for family, reminders, etc!  Last year my husband and I went to a brief trip to Tokyo as that’s all his scheduled allowed…I’ve never been to Japan and I was dying to go.  Which made me feel guilty because I didn’t stop by Taipei to see my family.  Nor Seoul to see his family.  I decided to do it that way instead of making 1-day pitstops (that is just too crazy…) and that would make it fairer so neither set of parents feel left out.  I haven’t been back to Taipei nor seen my dad in person since 2011 – and the last time I was in Seoul was probably 2011 yes yes…I’m just going to drown myself in the ocean of Guilt now.  :P  It’s not as easy to go across the Pacific Ocean with the time difference, and an erratic schedule being a self-employed small business owner…BUT I am excited for the trip + hope to get fat eating all my favorite foods in Taipei + Seoul.

I will be out of office from 12/17-12/30, and I’ll be sure to get back to all emails & inquiries by 1/03!

These images are from 2013, for client RedEnvelope ! But never got around to sharing it other than on my commercial/print portfolio

I had a great time working on this 2-day shoot (talented team listed below!!!) in Sonoma! Special shoutout to my friend & colleague Melissa Hoffmann for being a wonderful assistant/team member! <3  This cast was so much fun to be around.  I enjoy the deep conversations, especially this one with Delana (she is the gorgeous brunette here featured).  She is a globe-trotter, and shared that she had a Dharma teacher while in India. I don’t know why, but I had a feeling she would know the answer to this question I had on my mind.  I asked her how I can acquire more patience. She looked at me funny at first, and said she loved this question! Her answer paraphrased below:

“Patience start with oneself. The other side of patience is compassion; if you are not compassionate to yourself, you cannot be patient with others. Forgive yourself first, and then forgive others. I would say start by taking deep breaths to be patient with yourself and your body. My dharma teacher said that we can only change ourselves, and have no control over other people’s actions or the situation itself – it just ‘is.’ And having more patience means accepting that.”

I want to send a big thank you for all the wonderful vendors, creatives, clients & friends & family in my life for making 2014 so magnificent!  I am so grateful for everyone in my life :) :) :) 

So I’m gonna sign off now – and practice just that.  Slowing down, de-stressing, having compassion and patience for myself + others.  And survive the Holidays! haha!  :)

Photography :  Sheila Menezes Creative Director :  Beth Ruggiero Art Director :  Meredith Peck Makeup & Hair :  Elizabeth Chang (Liz) Stylist :  Peggi Jeung Prop Stylist :  Leigh Noe