1. Going to the Pool! Waterproof Makeup

    14 Nov 2014
    I often get asked if my makeup products and application is water-proof by my brides + bridal party members.  If  the under water photos in my portfolio was not enough to convince you, I hope the photo of Joy above helps with that! She went fully into the water and…

  2. Christina & Evan published on C Weddings (print) and Refinery29

    01 Sep 2014
    Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! There is nothing quite like the THRILL of seeing your work in print.  Let me tell you!  Something about the glossy pages, the smell of a magazine, and holding it in your hand…!  Knowing that it is YOUR work on the page!  Usually after an…

  3. Angela & Jacob - Published on

    19 May 2014
    Given the heat wave lately, I thought it was a great opportunity to share a beautiful wedding that happened in record heat!  :)  I was so thrilled when Wayling, the beautiful mother of the bride and the general of the wedding planning process, emailed me that Angela & Jacob’s wedding…